"Until then, I'll wait for you." You call after him.

A Year Later

"Couldn't we have made chocolate chip pancakes?" Clint groans.

"Now Clint, you know blueberry pancakes are Nat's favorite." You giggle as you pour some blueberry pancake batter into a frying pan on the stove in Clint and Natasha's apartment.

"Course Nat is the only person in the world who prefers blueberry pancakes over chocolate chip." Clint mumbles.

"Come on, Nat's been working really hard for months."

"Yeah well not as hard now that she finally let me be her partner again."

"You had to recover, remember?"

"Oh sure, I had to recover from what your boyfriend did to me."

You pause a moment.

"Sorry, too far?" Clint says.

You remembered how Clint was when you first met him. Jittery, shaken. He had nightmares almost every night. He would wake up calling out that he didn't want to hurt Natasha. That he wouldn't kill her.

"...No, it wasn't." You reply.

Clint is quiet for a moment.

"We've all lost things." You say.

Clint looks at you. You notice his eyes shift to your stomach briefly.

"I'm still sorry you lost your baby." Clint tells you in a quiet voice.

"Nat will be up soon." You flip the finished pancakes onto a plate.

You hated lying to Clint and Nat. You hated making them fell bad for you for no reason.

The baby had been a lie. The miscarriage, a lie.

Even so, you did feel like you had lost something...like a piece of Loki. The last piece of Loki you had left.

Clint helps you set the kitchen table.

Natasha stumbles in a few minutes later.

"What time is it?" A sleepy looking Natasha asks.

"11:00." You tell her.

"What's all this?" She asks.

"We made pancakes!" You say excitedly.

"And no, they are not chocolate chip." Clint adds sarcastically.

"Blueberry?" Natasha smiles.

"Uh huh." You nod.

"You get me, you know that?" Natasha sits down next to you. "You left your bed unmade though." She tells you.

You roll your eyes.

But you were grateful that Natasha allowed you to share a room with her, so you'd make your bed later.

"So, what's on the agenda today?" Clint asks.

"Well Fury wants us in London for a clean up by tonight." Nat tells Clint.

"Which means I'll be here alone?" You ask.

"Yeah. You'll be fine. It's only for a night." She says.

"Plus you can always call Tony and Pepper if you want company." He adds.

"Why London?" You ask even though you knew the answer.

Natasha and Clint look at each other.

"That is classi-" They both start at the same time.

"-fied!" You finish. "You guys never tell me anything." You pretend to pout.

"Only cause we'll be killed...ya know...if we do." Clint teases.

You roll your eyes.

Nat stands up.

"Clint will do dishes, then we've gotta head out."

"Wait what?" Clint asks.

Natasha smirks. "I'm going to go pack." She leaves the room.

"If you need anything, call Tony right away." Natasha hugs you before her and Clint leave.

"Got it." You nod.

"She'll be fine." Clint says.

"Yeah, I've got Netflix and ice cream." You say.

"Lucky you get to stay in." Clint sighs.

"Weren't you the one begging to get back into the field?" Natasha asks Clint.

Clint smirks.

"Come on, let's go." They both head out.

You lock the door after they leave.

"Okay laptop...let's see what's new on Netflix." You say to the empty apartment.

There's a loud knock on the door.

"And Clint forgot his phone..."

You turn and open the door again.

"You really should get Tony to attach your phone to your hand..." You look up and gasp.

There just outside the door, stood Loki. He was slightly beat up, and very tired looking.