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"Oh, cheer up, Lucille!"

"Why, can I go home?"

"No. But it's your sister's wedding! You should be happy!"

"I should be happy my 18-year-old sister is getting married right out of high school?" Lucy asked with her brow raised.

"Yes, Lucille you should be happy your sister managed to find love"—Renee paused for a moment but ultimately continued—"especially in a place like Forks, Washington."

"Wow, ma you ever considered being a travel agent? You're really good at upselling the place."

Her mother gave a sigh through the phone. "Lucille please stop being difficult for once. Why can't you be more like your sister?"

Lucy gripped the steering wheel tighter and didn't respond for a few moments. Her mother was similarly quiet as she was most likely lost in thought over the golden Swan child.

Quiet, sensitive, very mature for her age. All the things Lucy wasn't.

If her mother was normal (and not so excited about her daughter marrying so young) Lucy might have thought this was a time Bella fell from grace in her mother's eyes, but obviously that wasn't the case.

Lucy took a breath and counted to ten like her therapist taught her. "I gotta go mom. I don't like driving and talking on the phone."

Renee suddenly gasped. "Oh my god! I forgot you were driving, I'm so sorry. You're right you shouldn't be talking on the phone right now. Tell Bella I love her and miss her and I love you too, Lucille, bye!"

Lucy aggressively hit end call on her phone (silently wishing it was a flip phone instead of just a touch screen she had to take her annoyance out on) and muttered, "And stop calling me Lucille, I hate that name." She was alone in her car, so no one responded. The silence lasted a moment as Lucy took a calming breath, and then she finally reached forward and turned the radio back on, letting the soothing sounds of a guitar riff lull her to a better state of calm.

It was a couple hours later when Lucy finally arrived at her destination.

Her father's house in Forks. She smiled grimly up at the house remembering coming here with her sister over the summers.

They used to come up to Forks to see their father, but it wasn't long before both she and Bella hated it.

One night, when Bella had scampered into Lucy's bed clutching onto her twin of just 4 minutes younger. Who was terrified of the loud thunder Forks always seemed to have going on as background noise. Bella had whispered to Lucy about how scary the trees looked at night and how loud the storms were.

Lucy before that night had not had many feelings on Forks either way—at the most she'd thought it was pretty boring. But after having her sister clutch onto her for the third night in a row because she was petrified that the trees were going to attack her while the thunder rolled loudly overhead—she'd started hating it.

The only person allowed to scare Bella was Lucy Swan, anyone else could get a punch in the face (a habit her father would furrow his brows in worry over and her mother would laugh off as a phase).

At 15 her guidance counselor would suggest a therapist to help her control her anger and self control—proving that her father was right as usual.

Bella was very shy when she tried to tell their mother that she didn't like Forks. Lucy was quite the opposite, butting in when Bella was stuttering her way through her request not to go back.

"Forks sucks! It's boring and stupid."

Her mother's mouth had been partially opened to ask Bella what she was trying to say, and it stayed that way for a few frozen moments as she absorbed what Lucy said.

"Lucille for god's sakes! Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to."

Lucy lifted her chin up mutinously. "But that's unfair." She paused for a moment and then added as if it would help her case. "And dumb."

Bella looked between them nervously. She was biting her lip to the point Lucy absentmindedly wondered if it might start bleeding.

Renee lifted her hands to the sky—looking for all the world like she was praying to some higher power to give her a hand. "Life's unfair, Lucille. I'm not keeping you from going to your father's just because you think it's 'boring and stupid and dumb'."

Lucy saw out of the corner of her eye as Bella shrunk into herself—dreading the thought of going back to Forks, Washington.

It was as Lucy thought over her Mother's words that a light bulb seemed to go off in her mind. "Dad is barely even there to watch us. He's always working." Lucy twisted her lips into a pout trying to look as sad and angry as possible.

Bella opened her mouth, most likely to defend her Father. Lucy stopped that action quickly however when she gave her a slight glare so she wouldn't say anything. Renee was so lost in thought that she didn't even notice the exchange.

Lucy wasn't even sure what Bella would say. It's not like she was lying—though she would have if she had to to get Bella out of Forks. Her father really did work a lot, so it mostly was just her and Bella being watched by Charlie's neighbor during the day.

Lucy had coyly suggested that her and Bella could look after themselves without an issue, but one look at the mischief in the 11 year old's eyes and he didn't even consider the possibility.

He had ignored how Bella also looked disappointed when he picked up the phone to ask his neighbor Peggy if she wouldn't mind keeping an eye on them while he had to work. She sounded delighted as she accepted (having what she called an "empty nest" ever since her two children went off to college and her husband passed) and Charlie felt relieved that she made it seem like he was the one doing her a favor.

Renee had glanced at Bella to see if she agreed with what Lucy said and one look at her face as she stared at the ground let her know Lucy wasn't lying and Bella was just too afraid to acknowledge the truth. She immediately stomped over to the phone to let Charlie know he could come to them if he would like to see the girls again – that way she at least knew he was spending time with them and not just working.

Lucy stared at her steering wheel thinking back on this time and remembered how she had gripped Bella's hand as her sister had started to tear up in guilt. She refused to feel the same as her sister was more important than if their dad got scolded by their mom.

She didn't mind staying with Peggy during weekdays and getting to see her dad on the weekends. Though she will admit she did get scared sometimes when he would stay out until the sun had just started peeking over the horizon. Peggy would go home those nights secure in the thought their Father would be home any minute as he said.

"Just finishing up these case files, Peg, should be home within the hour. No need to stay if you need to get home."

Those nights she would be relieved when Bella would climb into her bed and clutch onto her as if she could protect Bella from all the monsters in the world.

She was startled from her thoughts by a light knock on the window—as if the person wasn't quite sure if they wanted to be heard or not.

Her head whipped to the side to see her sister nervously standing there. Lucy only paused for a moment before turning the idling car off and opening the door. She had to pause and wait impatiently as Bella obediently moved back so she could fully open the car door.

She hopped out quickly, excited to see her sister after so many long months. Her mother had seen Bella when she broke her leg, but Lucy was on a school trip at the time. Her French teacher was sympathetic, but there was nothing they could so she had stayed in France with the other students. So she stayed and grumbled about stupid sisters who were clumsy and did her breathing exercises to stay calm like her therapist taught her.

And after that when Bella went to visit Jacksonville; Lucy was at the boarding school she went to full time. She preferred it to living with her mother and Phil in their honeymoon period, but it had still stung when Renee suggested it.

She remembered quickly however that she was meant to be mad at her sister — and perhaps she's also still in the phase where she likes to act like she's "too cool" for things like getting excited about seeing her older twin. Her sister watched as her happy expression melted into one of indifference and her arms came up to fold around her chest.

Bella smirked (one of the few habitual reactions she definitely picked up from Lucy) though on her it really did look like Bella was just faintly amused instead of the mean spirited smirks Lucy could sometimes have on her lips. "What? Too cool to hug your sister now?"

Lucy narrowed her eyes and ignored that she probably had a slight pout on her lips. She wasn't surprised Bella knew her thought process. Maybe it was a twin thing or maybe it was because it wasn't too long ago they were closer than ever, but that didn't mean she had to be happy about it.

Lucy stayed silent and dramatically turned her nose up. She made an immature hmph sound as she ignored Bella and walked to the trunk to take out her bag. Bella rolled her eyes, but Lucy didn't miss the slight hurt on her face at the same time.

It was for this reason alone that after she put her duffel bag across her shoulders, she walked up to Bella and hugged her.

And then promptly released her before Bella could even react. She continued her walk into the house and grumbled to herself just loud enough for Bella to hear. She made sure she added in some "Stupid older sisters." and "Dumbasses getting married at 18."

Bella rolled her eyes again—this time so hard Lucy wondered if they could somehow fall out of her head if she did it enough.

She followed Lucy into the house and into the guest room that Lucy would always stay in when in Forks. She threw her bag down on the bed and absentmindedly thought about how lucky it was there was enough rooms her and Bella didn't have to share.

Lucy pettily ignored Bella standing awkwardly in the doorway. Bella had the same number of social skills as their father. Her slight moment of brazenness was over now that she saw Lucy was going to continue to childishly ignore her.

Lucy looked up from the dresser she was just putting her laptop down on to see Bella looking back at her in the mirror connected to it. Bella was nervously biting her lip (a habit she never could grow out of) especially when confronted with uncomfortable situations.

Lucy took the moment to study her sister. She wondered what other people saw — if they could see the similarities.

She was tanned to Bella's pale. Her hair was a darker brown and didn't have the same red highlights that shone in the light as Bella's had, something she used to pout about when they were younger until Bella actually punched a boy once for saying she had "lame stupid hair" and told him her sister had the prettiest hair in the world and he was just jealous.

It was one of the few times her sister ever got so angry she turned violent, though they were also about 7 so she had about as good of impulse control as Lucy has now.

She had been taller than her sister ever since her sudden growth spurt at 12. This sudden height increase was something that caused Bella to pout instead. Lucy (always having been stronger than she looked) picked up Bella around the waist and lifted her so her head was above Lucy's. She refused to put her down until Bella had screamed "I'm short and I'm proud" so loudly that all the dogs in the neighborhood started barking. Lucy hadn't hesitated to grab Bella's hand to pull her to run. They sprinted away and giggled together trying to get away from the scene of the crime.

Her mother used to tease her about being all limbs and Bella would try to hide her giggles behind her hand, but Lucy still saw and stuck her tongue out at her. Somehow even though she was the tall and thin one her sister was the twin who tripped over thin air, so whenever Bella fell Lucy would say it was karma for laughing with their mother.

She studied her sister for only a few moments while these thoughts had flown through her head. After spotting all these differences she saw the similarities. She didn't have Grandma Swan's slightly larger lower lip as Bella did, but they did both have Grandpa Swan's nose. She could see their father in the shape of their chins and their mother in their ears. She thought they looked well enough alike in their own ways – if you knew what to looks for at least.

She's brought back to the present by Bella's awkward. "Um…"

Lucy stubbornly readjusted her laptop on the dresser as if it was a statement piece that was meant to be there as decoration and she wanted it to look just right.

Lucy heard Bella sigh behind her before she walked forward and slumped onto the bed. "Lucy, you can't be mad forever."

"You underestimate me."

This time when Bella sighed Lucy could hear the building aggravation—something Lucy was very good at bringing out in people. Bella didn't rise to Lucy's bait knowing it would only feed into what Lucy wanted. "I want you to come meet the Cullens tomorrow."

Lucy finally paused in her fiddling and turned to Bella with furrowed brows. "The who?"

Bella studied Lucy for a moment, trying to see if she was just messing with her. After she saw that Lucy was being completely serious, she said, "The Cullens, they're Edward's family."

Lucy rolled her eyes and strode over to her bag finally beginning to unpack. She stuck her tongue out, made an exaggerated 'blech' sound and said, "Pass."

Bella didn't falter, expecting Lucy to react in a similar fashion. "Don't you want to meet the man I'm marrying?"

Lucy squinted at her as if trying to look through Bella and see inside her mind. "No he's a bitch."

Bella groaned and threw her arms up in the air. "You don't even know him!"

"I can sense it. I knew it as soon as Mom said his name was Edward and when I asked 'oh so he goes by Eddie?' she said 'nope just Edward'. My bitch alarm started ringing immediately."

Bella watched as Lucy got more aggressive tearing through her bag looking for something. "If you have an alarm that goes off near bitches then how do you live with yourself?"

Lucy looked up with a glare as Bella blinked at her innocently. "With a headache."

Bella slumped back onto the bed as Lucy resumed going through her bag. "What are you even looking for?"

"Nothing," she threw her bag back down on the bed and yelled, "Fuck!"

Bella's lips thinned as she watched her and Lucy turned her head, she looked even more aggregated than she did when Bella straight up called her a bitch.

"If I promise to go with you tomorrow will you get out of my room so I can unpack in peace?"

Bella jumped up and clapped, and Lucy looked at her, startled. She'd never seen her sister do that before. Bella colored immediately—her face getting redder than a freshly picked apple. "Sorry, I think I've been spending too much time with Edward's sister, Alice."

Bella had finally stood and awkwardly chuckled, she shuffled to the door as Lucy stared at her in continued bewilderment.

Bella said, "Ok, so I'm gonna leave you alone so you can find whatever is so important." Lucy narrowed her eyes but didn't interrupt. "And we'll go over to the Cullens tomorrow afternoon. Around one ok?"

Bella had made it to the door still red in the face for god knows what reason. She looked back and gave a stilted wave, and then tripped on the door on the way out because of it. She laughed uncomfortably again as Lucy looked at her with the most deadpan expression possible.

As she finally turned the corner and left, Lucy started searching through her bag again and muttered, "Weirdo."

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