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One Week Later

Bree Pov

The Cullens were staying.

Even with the threat of the Volturi, they remained in denial. They thought their mundane gifts would actually offer something on the battlefield. I'm not going to argue though, if they want to put themselves at risk because of their ignorance so be it.

I thought it was stupid.

These vampires were in a cult of their own, acting like some type of family. What the absolute fuck? I doubted we even had the time to properly train them.

Apparently the God of War, preferably wants to be known as just Jasper, has been involved with the Cullen clan for some time now. Who would of thought? The God of War had become a family man.

Peter told me that he stayed with them for awhile before finding him and his mate Charlotte again, his actual Whitlock coven.

The Cullens and Jasper had formed some sort of bond during the time they were together. Jasper learned the way of animal drinking (completely disgusting by the way, but it explained the golden eyes) that helped him cope with his power when he ate from humans. Once he left Bella, she could no longer block out the emotions of his victims for him, he'd have to feel all his pain and fear. It drove him mad because he was used to depending on it.

Since leaving the Cullens he went back to drinking humans once he figured out how to gain more control over his abilities.

Jasper felt he owed them something so he let them associate him with being their son and in return Jasper had gained more knowledge and control about his gift.

It was strange, I was to Bella what the Cullens were to Jasper. Someone who drew them from that dark abyss that they were in after being without the other.

"Carlisle, you need to rethink this, I agreed to help but this is ridiculous! They want to block out my power, I've never fought without it!" Edward screamed at his "Father".

Right now we were beginning our first day of training. It was my idea to take away the powers of Alice and Edward. Alice must have seen this already for she was annoyed but silent on the issue, but my God Edward was being such a little bitch about it, was he really this dependent on his gifts?

"Yes really," Bella sneared at him looking agitated. "My captain suggested it to me and I felt that she was right. We don't know who the Volturi have on their team, you need to be prepared for anything. If someone on their side can block your gift and was properly trained on how to fight then, you'd be dead." She snapped her fingers to show how fast he's be taken out. "You need to learn to fight without being so dependent on your ability to read minds." Bella said firmly. I could tell she was itching to knock the shit out of this kid, I know I was.

"Mistress is right Edward." Carlisle said stepping over to give Edward's shoulder a tight squeeze of encouragement.

Jeez, was he that nervous? I wasn't going to kill him. He'd be training with me since we both were able to read minds, Bella felt I'd be able to understand him a bit better. Which was wrong, I didn't even know how to read minds until years after I learned to fight, and I still don't like using it when I'm fighting, it's annoying to have that constant buzzing of others thoughts in your mind.

Edward gave Carlisle a tight smile and slowly turned to face me in the center of the clearing.

"Why'd you block me out already, we haven't started yet." He questioned taking tentative steps toward me.

"I didn't want to shock you with the sudden silence." Bella said before moving on to the other Cullens leaving Edward and I alone.


Goddess of War Pov

I was apprehensive about the Cullen coven but Major convinced me that they really wanted to be apart of it for him, and since they refused to leave, I let decided what the hell! The more the merrier. It's not my decision if they wanted to sign their death certificate when they had the opportune chance to leave.

The newborns were being watched by Maria and I took the Cullens, Peter, Charlotte, Bree, Ang and Ben out in the clearing to start training.

Peter would be training Emmet, Charlotte would be training Rosalie, Ben with Carlisle, Ang with Esme, Alice with Major, and Edward with Bree. I decided to take a seat out to observe everyone and mediate if necessary.

The trainers were on one side behind me, with the exception of Major who stood by my side, and the trainees were in front of me.

"Please be aware that just because you are in Major's good gracious, does not mean that you are in mine. I will not take an easy on you. You will learn how to fight for the kill at all times, The Volturi are trying to kill you, that is their end goal. You will have to choose, to kill or be killed... If you are second guessing your decision to fight with us...oh well."

I smiled sweetly at the scared faces in front of me and turned to face my mate.

"By the time we're through with you, you still won't be at our level but you'll be either more advanced than the Volturi or at least equal level with them which is all that matters. We'll show you how we fight, which is a high level and then we'll move in we'll move into the basics with y'all. Take notes." Major stated addressing the cullens. Then he turned towards me, "Ready to give 'em a show, Darlin'?" Major asked me.

There was a little twinkle in his eye. I knew he'd be excited to spar with me. It'd bring back a sense of nostalgia, when we'd trained with each other at the start of the wars, training always led to sex.

"Always Major" I purred and walked a few yards away from him.

I could see his eyes darken immediately with lust.

I heard Peter and Char snicker, they were used to our antics, having dealt with us like this in the Wars before.

"Go!" Bree yelled excited, she had never seen the Major and I fight before.

I stood still, waiting for him to lunge at me first.

I backflipped in the air when he was inches from me, grabbing his shoulder to take him with me. I sent him flying toward the ground and landed gracefully beside him.

"Always doing the predictable Major." I tisked at him laughing.

He growled before yanking me down next to him. Before he had a chance to get on top of me, I pushed on my elbows to jump onto him. I straddled his hips and held his arms above his head with both of mine.

"Wow..." I taunted at him. Nuzzling my nose in his neck, "In all my years I never imagined that when I'd reconnect with my mate he'd be so, sedated. Once upon a time...you'd always be the one on top." I sneered at him.

His eyes flashed and I knew I had him.

"My sweet and dangerous mate, it seems as if you have grown weaker." I continued to taunt him brushing my lips down his chest.

"You are about to enter a very dangerous game with me princess, do not test me," He warned through his clenched jaw, he was eerily still. I knew anything I did would push him over the edge at this point, which was fine with me. I wanted my Major back.

"Is that a threat baby, or a promise?" And with that he swiftly kicked me off of him. I landed with a hard thud, yards away from where he now stalked towards me.

Hello Major...

Bree Pov




I'm a total war geek, I've dreamt of this.

God of War vs. Goddess of War.

People would die just to witness this, or at least I would.

The Cullens had no idea what they were getting themselves into, I don't even think they could grasp what was happening right in front of them.

"How could mates fight like this with each other?" Carlisle asked in astonishment.

"Normal mates couldn't but once you've seen what these two have, been through what they have or fought to save each other like they have."

There's no such thing as normal for them.

They trained together in the wars. Before they even accepted being each other's mate they literally tore each other apart.

I wish I would have been there to see it. Only Peter and Charlotte are aware of the greater details of the old wars and I knew very little based on the bits and pieces Bella has told me.

They were going at it like monsters right now, to the naked eye it looked like they were deliberately trying to hurt each other, but I could easily see that neither of them were using their maximum capabilities on the other, their hits were lacking all the strength they each possessed.

"How are they able to be so fluid in their movements? It's like one predicts the others move. I've never seen anything like it." Muscle man asked.

"When fighting, it's all about split second decisions to keep the others on their toes. Every move your opponent makes you have to be hyper aware of." I answered his question, not speaking directly to him. I was still mesmerized by the fight taking place.

"Will we be able to move like that?"

"No, you are all "established vampires", so to speak. You weren't born into this world having to defend yourself immediately, the feeling to do so now won't resonate in your system as it has in ours." Peter answered his question in utter boredom as he watched Jasper and Bella. I wondered how much of this he was used to seeing.

"Going back to the split second decisions that Bree had talked about is why we want those of you with powers to learn to fight without them. Especially because their mental, it won't do anything but slow you down trying to decipher what's going to happen next based on your ability to see the future or read your opponent's minds." Charlotte said looking at Edward and Alice.

When we heard a scream we all turned our attention back to Jasper and Bella.

Jasper had Bella by the neck and was pumping venom into her shoulder, Holy shit!

"You've learned not to tempt me a long time ago, my love. Will I have to make this an everyday thing?" Jasper sneered at her.

"No Major." Bella replied glaring at him. She was rubbing soothing circles with her fingers where he had bitten her on the shoulder.

If you knew her well enough you could tell she wasn't the least bit sorry and that she had let him bite her. There was that malicious smirk on her lips that told me she had gotten exactly what she wanted.