10 – Different

"It's fine", Callie lied. "It could be better, but it's fine."

Arizona smiled tiredly. Callie arranged her pillow and her blanket for a while. She could feel the tears form in the corner of her eyes. She hated seeing her wife like this. In pain. Hurt. Callie knew she'd done everything she could with Arizona's leg. All she could do now was wait, monitor it and wish for a miracle.

Callie heard a slight knock and looked up to see a familiar face through the window. Even though the reminder of the young woman who had so recently died cut through her body, she smiled a little.

"Arizona", she said and looked down at her pale wife. "You have a visitor."

She opened the door to let him in and stepped outside before closing it to give the two friends some privacy.

Arizona slowly turned her head towards the door.

"Hi Ari", the visitor said.

"Hi Bill", Arizona whispered.

Bill Weasley stepped further into the room. He quietly sat down in the chair next to the bed. Neither of them spoke.

"You weren't even in the war", Bill finally said.

Arizona closed her eyes painfully.

"No", she said. "No, I wasn't. And still, here I am."

"Because one of the metal-deathtraps fell down from the sky", Bill said harshly and rose to his feet.

"Bill…" Arizona said to stop him from going further.

"Here you are with a leg all messed up, even though the hurt and injuries should and has happened over the sea."


"You were out there, bleeding, all alone in the woods for days while I thanked every God possible that you were not in Britain."

"Bill", Arizona whispered. "I'm okay, I'll be fine. It could have been much worse: I could have died…"

"You don't think I know that?!"

"But I didn't! I survived! And Callie will fix my leg and everything will go back to normal."

Bill slumped back down on the chair.

"Who are you trying to convince?" he asked. "Me or you?"

Arizona looked down on her hands and didn't answer.

"Because that's not true, Ari", Bill continued. "Everything will be different. For you, for me, for everybody. Tonks is dead."

Arizona flinched. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Tonks is dead and so is Fred", Bill swallowed hard as he choked out his brother's name. "Remus is dead and Teddy will forever be an orphan. There is nothing we can do about that. Everything will be different from now on."

Arizona was sobbing.

"My daughter's father might die", she said. "I resented him for so long and now he might die."

Bill sat quiet. Then he reached and grabbed her hand. Holding it tightly he allowed her to cry. And after a minute he joined in.

Callie had to cut off Arizona's leg.

Arizona became depressed. Every time any sort of light appeared she was reminded of her cut-off leg and of Tonks and her dying childhood friend, Nick. The grief choked her. Made her angry. And yet, Callie was forever patient with her.

Arizona wanted to thank her, but she couldn't. Just couldn't. Callie had cut off her leg, even though she had promised not to. She couldn't forgive her.

As the months went by, Arizona gradually had to learn to live without her leg. Slow and steady. It took a long time before she stopped snapping at Callie and a long time to be able to care for Sofia. It took a really long time before she felt even remotely comfortable. Before she felt like herself.

The road was long and bumpy, but things got better. The light and the colors started coming back. Arizona learnt to walk again, which improved her general mood a great deal. And then, a late Tuesday night, she sat in bed, looking at her sleeping wife. And she realized.

"I forgive you", she whispered out in the quiet room. "I forgive you and I love you."

Callie never knew when or how hard it was for Arizona to forgive her. But Arizona did. That moment was never erased from her memories.

Arizona stood in front of the door silently. She was gathering all her courage to do this one little task. Knock on the door. Knock on the door. Slowly her fist raised and was brought down on the cold wood. One. Two. Three.

The door opened and revealed a woman. A woman Arizona recognized with a stab to her heart. Andromeda looked like herself, an older and more worn version but still herself. But it seemed like all the little features Tonks had inherited stood out, screaming at Arizona to remember her lost friend.

"Arizona?" Andromeda's surprised voice reached her ears.

It took Arizona everything she had not to fall apart right there and then. She pulled herself together and tried a smile. I didn't work, but it was a good attempt.

"Hello Andromeda", she said.

They stood, staring at each other for a moment, before Andromeda stepped aside and gestured Arizona in to the house.

"Grandma?" a little voice said.

And there he stood. Three years old with Remus' calm eyes and Tonks' bright hair.

"Teddy, come here", his grandmother said and reached out for him. He ran up to her and she picked him up.

"Teddy, this is Arizona", she told him and then bent to whisper in his ear. "Say hi."

"Hi", the little boy said shyly.

"Hi, Teddy", Arizona breathed.

"Arizona was a very good friend of your mom's", Andromeda told him.

Teddy looked at Arizona curiously and Arizona felt the need to confirm Andromeda's statement, so she nodded.

"I'm very happy to meet you, Teddy", she said.

Teddy gave her the briefest of smiles before he lost interest, like any three-year-old would. He started wriggling out of his grandmother's arms so she let him down on the floor. He was gone with the wind, running on his short legs. Left remaining stood Arizona and Andromeda, both looking after him.

Why had she waited this long to come to Britain?

"I'm three years too late", Arizona whispered and couldn't help a few tears from falling.

Andromeda gave her a kind smile.

"You're here now. And she would've appreciated it."

Arizona nodded absently. If there was one thing Tonks had thought her, it was that friends were always there for each other.

Tonks had been the person Arizona had trusted the most, especially after her brother died.

Tonks had been the person she told her deepest secrets too.

The person she cried with.

The person she laughed with.

She had been the best friend Arizona could've ever imagined.

And though she's gone, she's still loved dearly and greatly.

Arizona's eyes travelled over to a framed picture on the windowsill. It was of her and Charlie and Tonks, laughing together on the grounds of Hogwarts. Arizona had to smile.

Even though she wasn't really a witch anymore, even though she decided to put magic behind her, to put Hogwarts behind her, she never ever wanted nor would put the friends she'd made there behind her.

Because they were the best she's ever had.

Not many people were very interested in this story, and I get it! It's a bit of a strange crossover. But I love it either way and I'm so glad I finished it!

Anyway, I do hope you who did read this enjoyed it as much as I did.