As Regina opened her front door, she saw the tears in her girlfriend's eyes. "Emma?" She asked, her tone worried and sad. The blonde just walked past her, up the stairs and locked herself in the brunette's guest bedroom. Regina knocked softly. "Emma, darling? Please, talk to me? Please, let me in?" The blonde didn't respond, although sobbing was heard through the door. Regina guessed who would have something to do with this. Her face turned red from the anger, while she grabbed her phone and dialed a number she usually tried to avoid.

"Hello?" Came the answer from the other end of the line. "Snow!" Regina snarled. "What did you do?" There was a pause, before Snow answered. "What do you mean?" She asked oblivious to what had just happened at the mansion. "I mean, what did you do to Emma? She was happy when she left to go to your house and when she came back she was crying and locked herself in the guest bedroom." Another pause. "Well, I don't know. When she got here, I told her she was going to have a baby brother or sister. Next thing I know, she left." Regina rolled her eyes, clearly understanding why her girlfriend had acted that way. "Idiot!" She snarled and hung up the phone.

After putting away her phone, Regina transported herself into the room Emma was in. "Darling?" She whispered, walking slowly towards the bed and sitting next to the blonde. "Your parents are idiots, Emma." She said trying to sooth the blonde. It didn't work. "They don't want me! just like everyone else, they're going to replace me." Emma sobbed. "That's not true!" Regina said, but even she didn't know that for sure. "Emma, they love you." Emma shook her head. "You are the only one that remembered today was my birthday." Emma said, her voice small, broken and sad. "Henry remembered too! And I'm sure Ruby did also." Emma nodded.

"Darling, you're not alone anymore. Even if you're parents are idiots and don't realize what they're losing, you still have your family; Henry, me and our baby!" The blonde looked at her frowning. Regina smiled. "I found out a couple of days ago, but I thought it'd be a great birthday present! Emma, I'm pregnant." Both smiled brightly. "Really?" Regina nodded. "Our baby is going to be so loved." Emma said determined. "Just like Henry." Regina agreed, making Emma smile and nod. "Yeah, just like Henry!"