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"Bells, what are you doing?" Jake asked and she felt his muscles flex under her. They'd been cuddled up on his little twin bed after a day of cliff diving. The storm rolling in made the water a lot choppier than they had originally anticipated and the wind had chilled her to the bone. He'd convinced her that this was the fastest way to warm up.

"Nothing," she giggled running her thumb over his nipple again. She was tucked in his arm pit and the puckered little nub was right at her eye level. She'd never touched one other than her own.

"You're touching my nipple," he said both confused and amused.

"It's weird, watch it," she said propping herself and running her finger over the other one. The color deepened as the skin puckered on the other side of his chest. She'd always liked the color of his bronze skin. It looked like dark, salted caramel.

"That's not weird, weirdo, that's what they do when they're stimulated," he chuckled and closed his eyes momentarily as his head fell back on the pillow. "Yours would do that, too, if I was allowed to do that to you," he said at the ceiling. He'd imagined it before. He'd imagined a thousand times before.

"It would not," she exclaimed. He felt the bed shift as her head jerked down to look at her own chest. Jake thought that they were entirely too comfortable with each other. Well, he liked the closeness, he hated that they weren't more…intimate.

"Yes, they would," he chuckled at her again. Growing up as a shy and only child had left Bella just a little naive.

"How do you know?" she smirked at him. She'd taken a hot shower and put on one of Jake's old t-shirts and a pair of his boxers. They were from before his growth spurt, and they were all she had on while her clothes tumbled in the dryer. The shirt was snug across her breasts—it was like, his fourth grade football t-shirt. She thought it was cute that he still had it. The cliff diving had had been a spur of the moment decision motivated by a dare and all her clothes were soaked through.

"Do you want me to demonstrate?" Jake was really hoping she'd say yes. Bella lifted her eyes to his and an incredulous smile stretched across her face.

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" she asked slapping in the middle of his chest.

"Yes, I would," Jake admitted huskily, returning her smile and sending a jolt through Bella's gut.

"Jake!" Bella shrieked sitting up next to him so she could look down on him properly.

"What? It's okay for you to look at and touch my nipples, but I can't do the same to yours?" he asked feigning shock. "That's sexist, Bells, and you know it." He poked his finger in her side and both the thought of Jake touching her nipples and the feel of his warm finger on her skin deepened the jolt of desire in her belly. She wasn't wearing a bra and they both knew it.

"Yours are just always out there!" she returned ignoring the throb that was becoming harder and harder to ignore. "If you wore a shirt once and a while, I wouldn't be so curious."

"I don't know," Jake returned, "you wear a shirt all the time and I'm still curious." His hand had found its way to her skin at her waist. His fingers stretched a quarter way around her back and his thumb pointed towards her belly button. His thumb moved back and forth feeling the smoothness of her skin and Bella suppressed a moan.

"Look," Jake smiled, "they puckered up and I didn't even have to touch them." He pointed with his free hand, not daring to remove the one already touching her without complaint. His finger hovered near the point that pushed against the thin and aging fabric. Bella's brown eyes looked into Jake's whose eyes had dilated to obsidian black.

Bella leaned forward into his touch, surprising both of them. Jake's thumb joined his forefinger, rolling the little nub, and Bella's eyes closed when his palm cupped the weight of her full breast. She now understood his reaction when she'd touched his other nipple. And, it felt good.

"Do I get to look, too?" Jake's voice was husky and full of hope. His thumb brushed across the fabric again and the friction sent a jolt from her gut directly between her legs. She wanted him to look. She wanted to feel his skin on her skin. Bella didn't say anything, but she didn't stop him when the hand at her waist left a trail of fire as he slowly joined the other hand, but under her shirt.

"Jake," she whimpered. He didn't know she meant or wanted, but he was going to seize the day. Carpe diem, he thought to himself. He moved his other hand to join the one under his old t-shirt and pushed it up as he did so. Jake could hardly believe it when she lifted her arms so he could remove the shirt entirely. He did not hesitate.

"Bells," he said as he turned in the bed and she lay back. Propped up on one elbow and leaning over her, his other hand ran up her flat belly, between her creamy pillows and over her left breast. His lips wrapped around the nipple on the right one.

"Oh, shit, Jake!" she shrieked again as his tongue soothed the puckered skin that he'd just nibbled on. She tasted as good as he'd imagined in his thousands of fantasies. He smiled into her skin because her breathing and writhing told him that she was enjoying what he was doing to her. He didn't want to leave one out so he tried out the other.

Bella didn't know what to think. She wondered how Jake knew what do to, because he seemed like an expert. She knew he hadn't done anything other than kiss Jessica Stanley during Seven Minutes in Heaven they played back in junior high. He would have told her. With his lips on her left breast, his hand was free run down her belly again. Her hands were fisted in his hair and she groaned when his thumb dipped into her belly button.

Jake pulled his mouth away with an accompanying pop, and her nipples glistened with the evidence of his suckling. She watched as his eyes took her in and his panting gave her a sense of power.

"Does it feel the same for you?" Bella asked sitting up. Jake watched as her boobs jiggled with the movement.

"What?" he asked distractedly, his eyes never leaving their prize. How could he ever take his eyes off Bella Swan's milky-white mounds?

"When someone sucks on your nipple?" she pushed him back and lowered her lips to the dark brown nip and tried to copy what Jake had done to her. When she moved to the other side she sat up and climbed on top of him, straddling his torso. Jake's eyes rolled back in his head as he grunted his pleasure. Not only did he just suck on Bella Swan's tits, she was now straddling him to return the favor. And she was half naked! His hands ran up her back and back down to settle on her hips. He was about to pull her body down to sit on his hardon when Billy's gruff voice called from the living room.

"Jacob! Dryer's done!" They both stopped in their tracks.

"Fuck!" Jacob grunted.

Bella looked up at him through the cascades of hair that had fallen over her shoulders during her ministrations. She sat back up and her hair hid her breasts much to Jake's disappointment. She looks like Lady-fucking-Godiva, Jacob thought to himself. Bella felt him shift and his boner poked her left butt cheek.

"Guess it does feel the same," Bella whispered leaning down for her shirt and wiggling against him a little. She'd heard the girls a school giggle at their boyfriends when they had similar experiences. They looked at it as something the boys should be embarrassed about. Bella didn't understand that. She was kind of proud she'd made this massive hunk of man underneath her hard as a rock.

"Okay, dad! Thanks!" Jake bellowed to his father so he didn't get suspicious. "You're going to cover those up?" he whined, taking one more opportunity to cop a feel before Bella pulled the shirt down over her head.

"Yes," she giggled and slapped his hands away. "Experiment's over." It did not escape Jacob's attention that she was breathing just as heavily as he was.

"So, I made you feel that good?" Jake winked at her, his thumb caressing some skin at her waist that was still exposed. The throbbing between Bella's legs had only intensified. But she knew that if she didn't stop right then, Billy hear what they were up to.

"Yes," she whispered. "And now I have to go make Charlie some dinner." She moved back again to feel Jake's erection poke her in the rear. It made her want to drag her throbbing parts across it. But she could feel how wet she was and was a little embarrassed.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" he whispered in response to her plans to just get up and leave. He was going to have blueballs for a week. He had felt her rub against his dick and knew she liked it. "On one condition," he said holding her in place with his hands still on her hips.

"What's that?" she said, not really wanting to get up.

"We experiment again. There are some things I'm curious about." Jake's thumbs moved below the waistband of his boxers that she was wearing. She scooted back again and the feeling of his dick on her ass again convinced her that he would be necessary for further studies.

"Deal," she agreed with a smirk trying to ignore the millions of butterflies swirling in her gut.

"We should seal this agreement," Jake said repressing the urge to buck his hips into her.

"How should we do that?" she asked, though she knew what he wanted. She inched closer to him. Jake's abs bunched as he sat up and met her lips with his. He didn't wait for permission to plunge his tongue in and she didn't refuse him. This was so much better than her round of Seven Minutes in the closet with Mike Newton. And Jake took his time to seal the deal properly. Bella was impressed with his lingual kills.

"Fine," she finally said as their lips smacked at parting.

"Fine," he agreed. One more smacking peck and she was up and in the laundry room pulling her hot clothes out of the dryer.

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