I walk into the dim-lit institute, with Jace's gift in my hand. I look around for Church, "Church?" I say, half whispering. I see something move in front of me. I smile, seeing the cat. I crouch down, "Where's Jace?" I say. Church stays still, "Church? Where's Ja-"

"I'm right here." I hear a familiar voice say- Jace's voice.

"Jace?" I say, clarifying that it is him. I see him step out into the more lit part of the corridor.

"Yes? I didn't think you would come." He says, I see him flash a white smile. I smile back.

"Of course I would come, Jace. Your my best friend. And it's your birthday." I say, "Though, I am sorry that I am late..." I watch as he shakes his head and he hugs me. I hand him his gift, "For you," I say. He smiles again, opening it. I see him grin.

"A Shadow Hunter Codex?" He asks, "Clary- thanks." I nod, smiling. He looks down at me, "I wanted to show you something."

"Jace" A voice yells before I can reply. I notice it right away. Isabelle.

"Yes Isabelle?" Jace says, turning around.

"Did you want the soup I made?" Jace's eyes go wide.

"I'm not hungry, actually." He says, "Come on, Clary." He pulls me along the corridor and up the stairs- towards the library. I stumble on a step, but he catches me and keeps walking, "It's in the library." He says, his hand still holding mine. I fall into a step next to him.

Jace pulls me into the library and shuts the door behind him, "Okay, now what did you want to show me?" I ask. He walks down the stairs and brings me with him.

"I was looking in The Grey Book, and I looked up the runes you have been drawing," He says, "And they aren't even close to the ones in the book. Your power is getting stronger. I'm sure the runes you are drawing, never actually existed. You have a powerful gift, Clary." He finishes. I nod, "You know how you said that now, when you draw runes, you are starting to see what they can do? Like a preview?"

"Yes," I say, "Is that what you wanted to tell me? That my power is getting stronger?" I shift my weight to the other foot, and watch as he pulls the Grey Book out. The book isn't covered with dust as it normally would be, so I assume he had been looking in it?

"No, Clary. That's not the reason. I wanted to tell you that your gift is powerful, but also, I would really like it if you would join us, and explore your gift further," He says, "I want to know if you would consider becoming a real Shadow Hunter."

I know that this start is horrible, though my laptop is about to die. Ill see you in the next chapter.