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When they entered the pub, Megan was hit by how quaint an atmosphere it held. The band was kept close to the audience, a dancefloor set up to one side and bar off on the other. The lights above the band area were the only bright ones, the rest of the space lit by small, low yellow lighting. They decided on a booth near the back.

Alan asked for her drink of choice and, although she really didn't believe she needed anything to further her euphoric feelings, she ordered her usual. While she sat and waited for him to return, she thought about their time together in the cab. That had been…intense. The thought of his fingers inside of her made her shiver, and the sound of the music carried her away to places where they could explore each other more perfectly.

What would Alan taste like? Would he like it if I did? Stewart always liked that. It was one of the few things he never complained about. Maybe later tonight I should try to repay the favor?

Alan's return brought her out of her thoughts, and she gave him a smile as she took her first sip. The alcohol held a pleasant burn all the way down and it warmed her bloodstream.

Sitting across from each other in the booth, Alan watched her for a moment in silence before taking her hand in his. She had the tiniest hands, but he knew the strength they held. He had felt that when she had cupped him in the taxi. He gave her palm a kiss before kissing each of her fingertips. She was such a mystery to him.

How can she not have a boyfriend, or at least a very close male that takes care of her needs? She's much too desirable to be alone. I wonder what happened between her and her ex? It might be better to wait and see if she offers to say rather than asking.

"So how did the scene with Caitlin go?"

He had been lost in his own head and hadn't spoken since he had returned with their drinks, and she hoped to draw him back to her.

Is he already regretting what happened in the cab? He doesn't seem to be upset, but how would I know? I barely know him.

The grimace he gave her in reply told her how he felt the day had gone, but she sat quietly and listened to his dull tone. Even though he seemed unhappy speaking about it, Megan couldn't help getting lost in his voice. There was something about the way he rolled words off his tongue that was so seductive to her.

"It was uncomfortable, to say the least. She either has no idea how professional people are supposed to kiss, or she simply doesn't care. They had to keep reshooting that part because…well, because she wouldn't stop with her tongue and I was too visibly tense. Then when I had to…. You know what? Let's just say it was a bad day and leave it at that."

Alan took a long drink while Megan considered how to respond. He had been so sweet before.

Why did you think that would be a good thing to bring up? All of the subjects in the world and you decide on one that would best spoil the mood.

Chewing her bottom lip in aggravation at herself she tried to think of some way to make him feel better.

"Those scenes can be awkward. We've all been there with aggressive coworkers. I'm sure tomorrow everything will be better."

Maybe there is a way for you to make it up to him?

Slipping her foot from her shoe, she let it brush up his jean covered leg slowly.

"Megan, I…if you needed a foot massage you could have just asked."

Alan's mind now only thinking of the goddess whose foot was slithering up his leg, tensed up for a whole different reason. He hadn't even calmed down from the cab ride yet, and it didn't seem she was going to let him either. He groaned when she gave him what had to be the sexiest smile he'd ever seen as she took a long sip of her drink again. When she fluttered her eyelashes at him he wanted nothing more than to pull her to him in the side of the booth, and make her sit on his lap and fix the problem she'd created.

She's so petite. I bet she'd scream if I…

When she brushed against his throbbing member he grabbed her ankle and thrusted against the arch of her foot.

"I thought I would be the one giving the massage, Alan. Besides you do deserve a reward for your help in the cab ride over."

Holy fuck! She's going to drive me insane. Be a fucking gentleman. Don't be a dick!

She gave him an innocent smile before leaning forward to give him a glimpse down her shirt.

How in the hell am I supposed to do that when she's…doing that to me?

Megan was moving her toes in circles across his bulge, creating friction in his entire lower half. His hand held her ankle but did nothing to detain her movements on him.

"You do seem to be making good use of your foot, Megan. Are your hands that talented as well?"

The blackness of his stare was unnerving and arousing all at the same time. Megan was glad that the table was between them. If it wasn't, she had a feeling she'd be splayed on her back for him at this very moment. She wasn't sure if she was ready to go there with him tonight.

What would he think of you after? What does he think now?

She needed another drink. Downing what was left in her glass, she raised her hand to a waitress when she came near and ordered another for herself and Alan. Glancing back across the table at the man she had in her power she raised an eyebrow to him and finally answered his question.

"I have many skills if I'm persuaded that using them will be worth my time. I'm very careful."

I have to be careful. Please understand.

She hoped she could convey her point without getting too heavily into a conversation with him. He didn't need to know why she was so careful.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Megan. That is the last thing that I would ever want to do."

The words were out of his mouth before he even registered that he was speaking. It was like a reflex, and he was being honest. He hoped she would give him a chance.

Her foot stilled against him; she hadn't been expecting such a quick response. He looked too truthful and open to her. She didn't want to be lied to again.

How can you be so fearless? Haven't you ever been burned? Or are you always the one doing the burning?

"I don't believe anyone sets out to hurt another person in the beginning, Alan, but something always happens to-"

When he dropped her foot and started sliding around to sit beside her, Megan thought to grab her shoes and sprint away from him. She didn't know what he was going to do, but the way he was looking at her scared her to silence.

Don't be such a coward, Megan! You know what you've been through. He doesn't even know a small bit of your past. Why are you letting him get close to you again? You need space to think clearly.

Her eyes locked onto his as he finally slid beside her and took her hand in his. She worried he could read what was in her eyes so she didn't look at his face, instead settling on their intertwined hands. Although her mind was screaming at her to shut him out completely, she couldn't help feeling comforted just by ddhis simple action.

Why can't I ever let myself be completely happy? He doesn't seem to want to hurt me, but what if I'm the cause? Maybe I'm just not stable enough for anything long term?


Alan was baffled at her words. He understood that she had probably been through a lot, but she seemed so sure that everyone would hurt her. It saddened him that this seemingly strong, beautiful woman was so broken, and he doubted she ever shared that part of herself with anyone. It was most likely the alcohol that had loosened her tongue, and he didn't expect he would hear any more on the subject tonight, but he wanted to try to reassure her in some way.

Gently catching her chin, he brought her eyes up to his.

"If I ever hurt you, you have my permission to never speak to me again."

Megan was about to respond when the waitress came back with their drinks. Letting her chin drop when she pulled away, Alan drowned his disappointment by trying to find the answer at the bottom of his glass. She took a sip of her own as she watched him out of the corner of her eye. She needed a distraction from the current mood that had brought a damper on their evening.


Her knee rested against his as she turned to look at him better. His eyes popped to hers as he set his glass down and waited for her to continue.

"Alan…if you ever hurt me I'll hold you…"

Her hand squeezed up his inner thigh as she let her words linger before continuing

"…to that statement."

"I would expect nothing else, Megan."

As the hand on his thigh continued upward, Megan's lips started placing tentative kisses on his neck, below his ear.


Alan's eyes closed when Megan's hand finally reached its destination and cupped him through his jeans, her tongue matching the moment by giving his neck a lick.

"You can hold me…to my word any time."

Her chuckle in his ear as she nipped him caused his words to come out more of a growl than coherent.

"Oh I plan on it, Alan."

His arm encircled her waist as he pulled her tighter against him. Her free hand wound around his neck and her lips became more insistent on his neck. His hand wound through her hair and her hand squeezed him tighter before she moved it up under his shirt. She stroked the line of hair that lead to the button on his jeans.

"Mmm, Megan, I don't know if that's such a good idea here."

Her moan in his ear ceased all further protests.

God, she's such a minx!

"But I want a taste of you too, Alan, just like you tasted me."

The pout she gave him when she pulled herself up to kiss his lips made him pull her onto his lap in the booth. He was fervent and wanting as he remembered the taste of her essence on his tongue. His hands were squeezing her ass as tight as he could as he centered her over himself. The thought that only a flimsy couple of layers kept him from being buried deeply within her was driving him crazy. He needed to calm himself down, but having her so close was more intoxicating to him than the alcohol in his system. When her mouth pulled back from his, he immediately made fast work of her neck before his nose traced across her clavicle to center at the dip between her breasts. When his tongue gave the valley between them a lick she gasped and tried to pull back.

"You're…oh God, you're right. Here isn't the place for this…mmm…come dance with me."

Dancing? Alan barely heard her over the rushing of blood in his ear, but she couldn't mean actual dancing, could she? When she moved off of his lap he couldn't help but groan at the loss of her. Obediently taking the hand that she presented him, he followed her out only the floor. The current song was upbeat and happy, and the tone of the woman's voice was sweet, but Alan was befuddled when instead of stopping on the floor Megan led him to the hall that was across the floor and by the bathrooms. The hallway was dark, and she pulled him into the darkest corner of it.

"I thought you wanted to dance?"

Her low laugh and the fact that her hands were now fervently grasping the button on his jeans disarmed him. Suddenly those soft, warm fingers of hers were reaching in for him. He was hard as steel, and as hot as a poker left in the fire too long. Megan gave him a single stroke when she pulled him out before she closed her fingers around his tip. He could see her smile even in the dark as he thrust against her.

"I want a taste of you more. Do you know how wet it makes me to think about having these lips around you?"

They both had the insane sensation of being teenagers again. Neither had been this completely reckless for a very long time, but they seemed to be each other's spark.

His hands pressed her back into the wall as she continued to stroke him. His moans were caught on her sensitive flesh of her neck, causing her to shiver against him. She was trying to slide down him to get on her knees, but he wasn't letting go of her.

"Alan…I can't taste you like this."

His growl at her ear caused her hand to grip him tighter as she moved her own body against his as well.

"I never let a lady do all the work first. Once I've tasted you with these lips then if you are still so…thirsty, you can reciprocate."

"But, Alan, I just want a tiny taste. I'll be quick…promise."

The sound of her begging almost had him forgetting his manners, but he glued his mouth firmly against hers to stop her travels south. The feeling of her hand wrapped around him would be enough tonight, even though he would have loved to have taken her up on her offer. His hands went under her shirt to play with her breasts. Her nipples were firm against his palms as he gave her a squeeze. Her other hand found its way to give his sac a good stroking with her fingers.

He could imagine how hot and wet she was at this moment as he remembered how tight she had been just around his fingers. He bet that she'd scratch her nails down his back as his thrusts became harder and deeper inside of her. She'd surely scream as he took her with his nails digging into her ass. Her body would tighten around him as he filled her with his own special gift.

His teeth bit down onto her lip as he came in her hand. Her stroking didn't cease until the quivers of him against her stopped. Only then did she bring her palm up to him to let him see her prize before she gave it a lick with a moan. She cleaned her hand before bringing his lips back to hers for another long kiss as she thanked him for her taste. They just stood there in the darkened hallway for a few moments together before Megan excused herself to visit the restroom.

Alone for a moment she examined herself in the mirror. She made sure she didn't look too thrown together and attempted tried to fix her hair some.

What are you doing? This is ridiculous behavior. You weren't even this reckless in your teens. This isn't going to turn out how you want it to. He'll be done with you now. Be prepared for him to want to go back to the motel.

Megan's head was starting to hurt from her alcohol consumption and the constant worried thoughts in her foggy mind. When she walked out of the bathroom she was surprised, but anxious when she saw him still standing there waiting for her.

"Everything alright?"


Megan hoped the smile she gave him was convincing enough. It must have been as he reached for her hand and gave it a kiss before leading her back out to the dance floor.

"Alan, what…?"

"You said you wanted to dance before. I would never want to disappoint my lady."

Megan blushed at the small endearment from him, but she couldn't stop herself from revealing one of her concerns.

"I thought you would want to leave after…"

"Why would I want to do that? Do you want to leave? Have I already worn you out for the evening?"

There was something about Megan that always had Alan playing catch up with her. Why did she think he would suddenly be bored with her company?

"No, I'm fine. I just thought that after we…well maybe you were tired."

Turning her into his arms, Alan let the slow, sensual song wash over them as their bodies started to move in sync. Her head was at his shoulder and she looked up into his eyes. There was sadness in them he couldn't understand. Was she already regretting tonight?

"I can assure you, Megan, I am anything but tired. I'm not known for being easily worn out and I work out a lot so I have built up stamina."

Stamina? He wasn't tired? Not easily worn out? Did he think that they would continue their activities after they left? In her room? She didn't think she was ready for that yet. She really liked him, but…she wasn't.

"Well…I'm sure that… comes in handy…"

"On certain occasions, yes. Especially days on set with our long hours."

Alan's soothing tone began to calm Megan's anxiety, and as she listened to him while they danced her worries began to float away. The rest of their evening was spent talking of mutual interests, and she often found herself laughing at his stupid jokes.

When they got back to her motel room she expected that he would want to be invited in, but he declined the offer. His kiss was gentle and sweet, leaving her longing for more, but happy to not be pushed farther than she wanted to go. She jumped in a quick shower before cuddling among the blankets and pillows on the queen size bed as she thought about Alan. He certainly seemed a pleasant change. She just hoped her heart could take the change he was bringing about.