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Prologue: Rivendell

By Dameon

Stars shone brightly from their perch in the night sky, casting pale light on the Last Homely House. Elegant curves and spirals made up the grand palace, light pouring out of every hall. The river flowed quietly over pebbles near the home, the waterfall splashing merrily over rocks.

Many forms of elves wandered the vast halls, talking quietly or thinking about their own issues of importance. By the river, one elf stood alone, his face turned to the stars, letting their gently light wash over his soft features.

Like many elves, he was tall, and decked in the garb of a high elf. Strands of his long blonde hair were tied up into small braids tucked behind his ears of his short face. Blue eyes looked into the black sky, smiling softly as he thought about the old days and the old stars.

"What is this?" an amused voice asked from behind the thinking elf, "Glorfindel, not listening to the songs? You must be an imposter!"

The elf was jolted into present time, turning at the sound of his name. Another elf, slightly shorter than him, stood a ways up the path leading to the riverside. The light from an archway spilled across the intruding elf's path, casting the illusion that his dark blonde hair was of gold. Like his friend, this elf was dressed in the white robes of a high elf.

"No, it is I," Glorfindel smiled, connecting his eyes with the blue ones of his friend, "I only seek a refuge to think for a moment."

"I understand," his friend nodded, "Even I can tire of old lore eventually."

"You?" Glorfindel gasped a fake look of shock crossing his face. "Lindir, the grand lover of songs, tire of them? Is it even possible?"

Lindir laughed, the sound like water bouncing across rocks.

"Yes, I can tire of songs to my friend," Lindir smiled, striding next to his friend, "Yet it is rare."

"I'm sure of that my friend," Glorfindel smiled again, putting an arm on Lindir's shoulder and looking to the sky, "The stars are beautiful, are they not?"

"They are," Lindir agreed, looking into the starry sky. He narrowed his eyes suddenly, as if seeing something unpleasant, "Yet something seems to move against them, though it is faint."

Glorfindel's attention quickly shifted to the sky, his hand at his bow.

"What is it Lindir?" Glorfindel whispered, "A threat to Rivendell?"

"I can not identify it," Lindir replied, pointing a slender finger at the object he saw, "It is moving swiftly, there."

Glorfindel's gaze traveled up his friend's finger to the patch of sky it pointed out.

Movement caught his eye, and he squinted against the darkness of night. The object was indeed moving fast, at the pace of a cantering horse maybe. It was flying towards Rivendell.

"What can it be?" Lindir muttered softly to himself, though Glorfindel easily picked up the words.

"We must inform Master Elrond immediately," Glorfindel stated, turning towards the house, "Quickly."

Lindir nodded in agreement, and the two elves alighted up the trodden path at a swift pace. They entered the song room in search of the Master of the grand palace, locating him sitting in a plush chair with his daughter.

"Master Elrond," Glorfindel addressed, bowing before the elf king, "Something is coming at a reasonable speed towards Rivendell."

"We can not make out what it is," Lindir added, bowing beside his comrade, "Whether it be foe or friend."

Elrond stood swiftly, the music stopping at his movement, "Show me."

Elrond summoned an elf to him and whispered something to him. The elf nodded and ran off. Glorfindel and Lindir waited, looks of worry on their face as they led their king to the top of the path. Arwen followed behind her father, stepping gracefully on the rocks.

"There, it is closer," Lindir announced, pointing at the lone shape cutting through the starlight.

"For all we know it could be a spy for I have felt a growing shadow in my mind lately,"

Elrond frowned, not sure what to make of the peculiar situation.

"What shall we do?" Glorfindel asked, turning to Elrond.

At that point, an Elven guard came up to Elrond and kneeled. "I am here, my lord."

"Ah, yes, Eressëa, thank you for coming so quickly," Elrond greeted the guard. "We have concern over something flying in the air and I felt the need to have your bow ready in case a bow was needed. Be ready to fire, Eressëa."

"It could be a bird of some kind," Arwen pointed out from behind Elrond, voicing her opinion. "An eagle?"

"It is not an eagle Lady Arwen," Lindir affirmed, "It bears wings of white."

"Shoot it down," Elrond ordered, no emotion on his face.

Eressëa nodded, taking up his bow of polished brown wood. Knocking an arrow, the elf took aim at the object, and with no pause, shot two arrows at once.

The arrows sang as they left their perches, streaking across the black sky. The five elves watched in silence, their keen eyes losing the arrows to the darkness. The form stopped suddenly, seeming to shudder in the air. It sped to the ground, landing with a splash on the far side of the river. Glorfindel exhaled as Lindir bit his lip, tension still tight.

"Shall I see what it is Master Elrond?" Eressëa asked quietly, looking into the gray eyes of his king.

"Yes, go," Elrond nodded, "I wish to see what it was."

Arwen, Elrond, Glorfindel, and Lindir watched as Eressëa took off, running with long strides. The river was no obstacle as the guard ran on top of the clear cold water, leaving faint ripples behind.

"If it is a spy what will we do?" Arwen asked, turning her blue eyes towards he father.

"We will be forced to kill it," Elrond answered, his face void of emotion.

Arwen only acknowledged with a nod of her fair head, a hand idly stroking her long brown hair. Eressëa appeared a few minutes later down at the riverside, carrying something in his arms.

Eressëa came up the path and into the light, carrying something awkwardly in his arms. As he neared, the four elves could see that the form the guard carried was an unconscious young girl.

Wings of white feathers arched from the girl's shoulder blades, one with an arrow stuck in it, the second arrow jetting not far from the first in her shoulder. Blood trickled down her face, an obvious sign that she had hit a rock hence landing in the river. She was soaking wet with cold river water, her chin length blonde hair hanging in wet strands against her cheeks.

"What is she?" Glorfindel gasped slightly, his eyes running over her wings, "Is she of an elven race?"

"An angel from the heavens," Arwen whispered to herself in awe.

"What should we do Master Elrond?" Eressëa asked, ignoring Glorfindel's comments.

"Shall I terminate her for she could be a spy of some evil."

Arwen stepped forward, timidly touching one of the white feathers, "She doesn't look harmful and I sense no evil from her."

Elrond took the girl from Eressëa, feeling her shiver from the chill of the river, "No evil comes from her, and no intentions of evil do I feel either. Arwen, go prepare a room for this young one, her wing will need tending to if she wishes to fly again."