I've never understood when people said that money couldn't buy happiness. Honestly, I am pretty damn rich-and pretty damn happy. The two tend to go hand-in-hand. If you have money, you have whatever you want. Getting whatever you want-yeah it tends to make you happy. So wouldn't that mean money does buy happiness?

I mean, really. People are a lot happier when they're not starving to death, right? And what do you have to do to get food? Pay for it. With money. So, there you have it. Money buys happiness.

Whenever I made my opinion about money and happiness known, my grandmother would just shake her head and sigh. She would mutter "You'll understand someday" and she would go back to whatever else she was doing-usually paperwork for whatever case she was working on.

My grandmother liked to point out that I was still just a boy, despite the fact that I was out of school and turning twenty in two weeks. She also liked to call me insolent, and ignorant, among other things.

Grandmother has a...unique way of showing her love.

Take now, for example, as she told me that I should make myself scarce while her clients are over for dinner. Not that I minded. I don't care much for the stuffy small talk that was the same at each of those dinners. I used to have to go to all of them, until I made a scene when I was seventeen when the clients brought their son, Gabriel, with them. Now, that would have been fine-nice actually, since it would be nice to see someone my age for once-if Gabriel wasn't a stuck-up, spoiled, selfish, bratty little monster. He was a year older than me, and acted like he was ten years older. Needless to say, we hadn't gotten along, and my grandmother decided that it'd be best if she kept me away from the clients more often.

This time, she'd told me that these clients were especially important and requested that I go somewhere, see a friend or something.

I thought about going to see Sebastian. He was my best friend. I'd known him since my senior year in high school-about two years ago. We got along easily, and he's just about the only friend I have, other than Gabriel, who I get along with better now that I got to know him a bit. He's still a stuck-up prick, but a manageable one. I've never been one to have a lot of friends. I was perfectly fine being on my own, although it was nice to hang out with Seb and Gabriel sometimes.

I decided to walk to Seb's house, since it was nice out, although a little cold, and he didn't live too far away.

I watched the city moving around me as I walked. The cars sped by and the people kept their eyes down, hands shoved in their pockets if they weren't carrying a briefcase or bag. I saw a young couple, about my age, maybe older, pass by with their hands clasped together. As they passed, the woman shot me a wink, unbeknownst to her boyfriend. I scoffed silently, shaking my head at the oblivious man's misfortune. Poor guy.

That was why relationships weren't worth it. All they did in the end was disappoint you and make you out to be a fool. There was no advantage to it, except for consistent sex. And was that really worth it? I'd seen too many people get hurt badly because they were foolish enough to trust their heart to someone else. No thank you, I'll keep mine right in my chest where it belongs.

I continued walking, pushing the woman from my mind as I kicked a piece of litter out of my path. I followed it with my eyes to see it slide under a bench that was pushed up against the brick wall of a store front. I looked up to see a girl sitting there, holding a dog's leash tightly in her hand. It was a German Shepherd, probably one of the only dog breed that I could recognize off the top of my head.

The girl was looking at the ground, her red curls falling around her face. I paused when I saw how distraught she looked.

She was a beautiful girl. She seemed a bit younger than me, maybe still a senior in high school. Her hair was bright red and it fell loose halfway down her back. Her eyes were a unique bright green color, and they were downcast as her dog sat loyally by her feet. I frowned, taking a step closer to her and waiting for her to notice me. She didn't, but the dog turned its eyes to me. I could see the intelligence in them, and it kind of scared me. I didn't like the thought that an animal could be smarter than I was.

The animal spun its head around to the girl and nudged her hand, resting on her knee, with its nose. She looked down at it, shifting her hand. "What?" She asked.

The dog looked over at me and barked quietly. It was actually the quietest bark I'd ever heard out of a dog that size. The girl frowned, looking confused. "What, May?"

It barked again, still looking at me. The girl ran a hand through her hair, her fingers still tight on the leash. I could see how frustrated she appeared with the dog. "I think she's trying to tell you that there's someone here," I said slowly, unsure why I hadn't just walked away from the girl. Why did I care if she was upset? It was none of my business.

The girl jumped, her head spinning to look at me. I swear to god that the dog looked smug. Her eyes were wide, but they weren't exactly on my face as I'd expected. But they weren't looking over my body either, like the woman I'd just passed with her boyfriend. It was like she was looking over my shoulder, like there was someone there. I turned briefly just to make sure there wasn't.

"Who are you?" she asked sharply.

"I'm Jace. You seemed upset. I was going to make sure you were alright. Then your dog kind of went loco." She frowned a bit, her fingers tightening on the leash.

"Clary," she introduced herself simply. "Don't be mean to May. She was just trying to let me know you were there, since apparently you weren't going to." I raised a brow at her clipped tone.

"I did, though," I defended, watching the way her eyes finally met my eyes, like she'd just figured out where they were.

Maybe she had. Fuck, I was talking to a blind girl. Her brows furrowed.

"Yeah, after you stood there watching me try and figure out what was going on for thirty minutes." I bit my lip to keep from smiling, just in case I was wrong and she wasn't blind, just odd.

"I'm pretty sure it wasn't thirty minutes." She let out an angry huff.

"Yeah, well I wouldn't know. This stupid watch is driving me nuts." She turned her head back down towards her wrist, and now I could see a slim watch on her wrist. Its face was large, and it had a few circular buttons on it. She pressed one, but all it managed to do was make the screen light up. She waited a moment, then cursed under her breath and tried another button. This one made the numbers flash so that she could change the time.

I frowned as she cursed again, dropping her head onto the back of the chair. "What are you trying to do?"

"It's supposed to talk," she said with a sigh. "So that I can know what time it is. I have a feeling my brother is late, but I don't know whether I'm allowed to call him and yell at him yet, because I can't get this stupid thing to talk!" Definitely blind then, if she needed a talking watch. I don't know why that thought bothered me so much.

"Here, why don't I try to figure it out?" She shook her head, fumbling with the buttons again.

"No, I can figure it out." I frowned as she continued to struggle, biting her lip harshly.

I sat down next to her, reaching out for her wrist gently. She still flinched when my fingertips brushed her skin, but let me take her wrist. I pulled it over to me to see more clearly. I looked at the buttons for a moment before seeing one to the side of the others that was marked with a picture of a speaker. I pressed it, and both of us jumped as a female voice, that sounded a bit like Siri from my phone, announced the time to be one fifty-five PM.

She blinked for a second before turning to me with lips parted in shock. "How did you do that?"

I chuckled. "There's a little button on the side with a speaker over it, I figured that was the one that spoke.

She scoffed. "You've got to be kidding me. They labeled a watch specifically made for blind people with pictures." I laughed a bit at her reaction.

"Yeah, it doesn't make that much sense. Here, let me show you the button," I offered, reaching for her other hand. She looked as though she wanted to resist, but let me take her hand.

I took her pointer finger and placed it over the button that made the watch speak, pressing down so that it told her the time was now two o' clock PM.

Her lips curled up at the corners slightly as I released her hands.

"Thanks," she said, looking back down at May, who was looking around the area with an unblinking gaze.

"Your dog is cute," I said, for lack of anything else to say. Usually, if I was talking to a girl as beautiful as this one was, I would be flirting like crazy. But I didn't know how to flirt with someone who couldn't see me. It was all about eyes contact, and smiles and charming looks.

What the hell kind of situation was this?

"I'll take your word for it," she said, her voice a little bitter.

I winced. Yeah, Jace. Smooth.

"Sorry. I didn't really think-"

"No, don't apologize because she's being a bitch," someone said from the side.

I jumped, but Clary just crossed her arms over her chest. I was shocked not only at the man's appearance, but also at what he'd said.

He was looking at Clary sharply, but I could detect a certain amount of fondness in his gaze. His eyes were green, and they reminded me of Clary's, although hers were quite a few shades lighter. His hair was so blonde it was almost white, and it fell onto his forehead choppily.

"Shut up, Jon," Clary muttered. Then she looked over at him. "And you're late, by the way."

I raised a brow and Jon shook his head, his scolding look morphing into slight amusement. I remembered Clary say that she wanted to know what time it was so she knew if her brother was late. This must be him.

"Uh-uh. I said I'd be done by two. It was exactly two when I got here. Your watch said so." His eyes were shining with amusement and he looked between us happily. "Who's this?"

Clary rolled her eyes, reminding me yet again that she couldn't use them. It was weird, how she could use her eyes so easily despite the fact that they didn't work for vision.

"This is Jace. He was helping me with my watch." Jon looked at me, a pale eyebrow going up to disappear beneath his hair. I only noticed then the five begs set around his feet.

"She let you help her?" Clary scoffed before I could respond.

"She is right here." Jon sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Clary, you're being especially rude today." Clary smiled sarcastically.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Maybe if someone hadn't left me out here to rot while they did all the shopping then I wouldn't be so, I don't know, rotten." I couldn't help a chuckle, and I saw her lips twitch slightly as she fought a smile.

Jon just sighed. "Maybe if you hadn't 'forgotten' to bring May's vest-"

"You know I hate that thing. It's obnoxious. If it was just a normal color with a little patch, that'd be fine," she hissed.

"You're blind, what do you care what it looks like?"

I felt a little awkward stuck in the middle of the siblings' feud, but I would have felt rude getting up and leaving. If there's one thing my grandmother taught me, it's that people remember rudeness a lot more than they remember kindness.

"Again, I wouldn't if you'd gotten a normal one. But no, you had to get the one that might as well light up with a sign pointing to me saying 'BLIND GIRL HERE, GO AHEAD AND STARE'. Other people have told me it's obnoxious."

I raised my brows, feeling a bit for her. It reminded me of when I was little, and all the other kids would see me with my grandma and just know that I was the orphan kid. I was the one without a mom or dad.

"I think the dog kind of ruins that you'd be able to hide it anyway," Jon said, sounding exhausted. "Clary, please. Just try to be less difficult sometimes?"

Clary rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything else, clearly done fighting.

Jon sighed and turned to me, smiling again. He seemed to be a pretty upbeat person, especially compared to his sister.

"You should come to our house," he said suddenly. I blinked in surprise and Clary snorted quietly, her arms still crossed over her chest. She reminded me of a pouting child.

"I'm sure that's just what he wants to do after already dealing with our bitching."

"Your bitching," Jon corrected simply. "And who said he'd be around you? I want to have a conversation with the guy who managed to get you to accept help." She just scoffed, slumping down a bit on the bench.

Her brother turned to me, smirking slightly. "What do you say? We can all hang out, watch a movie, bug Clary by telling her the wrong things are going on in it."

"Oh, hilarious, Jon." Clary scowled as she stood quickly. She seemed to lose her balance though, and her dog immediately jumped to her feet, bracing herself up against Clary's side.

Jon's hands twitched at his side as though he wanted to jumped forward and support her, but he didn't move. Clary found her balance again as she reached down, scowling when she realized the leash was on the ground. She crouched down by May's side and brushed her fingertips across the floor until she found the leash.

She stood up again, taking more care this time, with the leash in her hand. Jon frowned. "I told you we should get one of those handle things for her so you don't have to search for her leash every time-"

"Jon," she sighed tiredly. "Please. Can we just go home?"

Her brother frowned, but seemed to give in, and nodded. "Sure, Clare." He turned to me. "Do you want to come with us? Clary could use some more human interaction, and she hasn't bit your head off yet so I guess you'd do." Clary sighed again but remained quiet, looking at me expectantly.

Jon looked so hopeful as he waited for my answer that I had to wonder if Clary was usually even more obstinate and, well, for lack of a better word, bitchy. I could understand a brother trying to help his sister, even though she may not want help. I felt for him.

"I'd be happy to go with you." I could only hope I didn't regret this.

So, this is my new story (clearly).

The characters will be kind of out of character, although not too much I think-mostly Clary. Although both Clary and Jace are...well kind of assholes so far. That's okay. That happens.

This will be from Jace's point of view, not Clary's. I think you might eventually hear a bit from Jon though. *Wink wink, he's my favorite person ever*

And I know it starts off pretty quickly, but there wasn't a whole lot I wanted to reveal about Jace right away. And it's short. The other chapters will be longer for the most part-you know if you read my other story, Twisted, that I like loooong chapters.

Hope you guys enjoy :)