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I nice idea that came to me one night and I wanted to play with this character. Hope you like it.

I was sitting in my room, looking the book I pretended to read for the last two days. I couldn't read anymore but the others would not question my reading. I stared at the wall trying to find a simple thought about my life and I found myself loathing a life without a meaning.

I was a 3563 years old vampire who spent the last 1500 years of his life just existing and working for others. My life ended when I lost my reason to live in one stupid fight.

Didyme. She was so beautiful and so lovely. She had a small frame; she was 1.55 meters tall and she was skinny. Even for a vampire, I am tall and well build. I am 2 meters tall and when I was by her side, I felt like a mountain but she loved it, she said she felt safe around me. And I failed to protect her.

It was stupid, we told her to be careful, we told her about the necessity of our secret; we thought that she understood and we were mistaken.


-Didyme, can you explain to me why people are talking about this beautiful girl that comes to then in the night and bring them food and wood?- Aro asked angry -How many times we need to tell you how dangerous this is for you?-

-Aro, you are my brother but you do not control my life!- She said to him angry and stubborn.

He was mad and I never saw him like this before. I tried to put myself between them because they were strong and they fought before for less important matters. Now was complicated and it could escalate fast into a big fight.

-Didyme, Aro, stop this fight. Aro sit! Didyme, you need to understand that this is dangerous for you. We are supposed to give the example to the others and you are not helping us. You know I love you more than my life but this has to stop!-

She looked at me angrily, she was changing and sometimes I felt that her gift was also changing. She used to bring happiness to everybody around her, now sometimes she could bring hate and that was scaring me.

-You are my mate but not my guardian and I will not allow you to tell me how to live my life, Marcus Volturi!- She yelled at me and I was in shock. I sat on the first chair that I found and I tried to think an answer to this. In our society, the male is 'the dominant' on the couple but because I wanted her to be happy I never forced her to do as her role demanded like my brothers did with Suplicia and Athenodora.

Aro took this chance to approach her and try again to reason her. She was near the hearth and she was looking at the fire.

-Sister, I love you, you are the only thing that remembers me of my mortal life, you know that I lost almost all my human memories when I changed so please try to understand this,- He said kneeling by her feet. She looked at him angrily and cold. She was not happy with us and she was not pretending to listen also.

-I would not be a commodity for you! I wrote all our memories in the book I gave you because I loved you and you only wanted me to tell you, you don't read them. You use me to have a life and I would not allow this anymore. You are not welcome to my chamber and I want you to leave now!- She said and this was her doom.

He was so hurt, he never wanted this to happen but it did and I knew that it was fate even if that means that I was condemning myself to a useless life.

He moved so quickly, he only stood up next to her, pushing her, making her lose her balance and she fell into the fire. She only lasts five seconds before disappearing, only yelling my name while she was falling.

-Marcus, I'm sorry, be happy!- and she died.

We were frozen and I felt that my soul died with her. Aro was trying to extinguish the fire but I stopped him. I did not need to lose him too. He looked at me scared and he kneeled on my feet.

-Kill me, please! You have to do it! I killed my baby sister, I cannot live with this on my mind!- he was yelling at me while our family entered the room. I kneeled by his side and I took him in my arms. I would never see him responsible for her death. It was a stupid accident and she was to blame not my friend who was sobbing in my arms.

-Marcus, Aro, what happened here? Where is Didyme?- Caius asked

-We were trying to tell her to stop her activities and she was angry with us, yelling at us. I was near the fire with her and she attacked me, I defended myself and she lost balance falling into the fire. She is dead and gone.- I lied protecting Aro. As her mate, they could not touch me but is they knew that Aro killed her, he would be killed also.

I told them to leave us alone in my room, we needed to talk and say goodbye to my love and his sister. After they left, he looked at me, a question in his eyes.

-Why did you lie to them? I killed your mate and I should be killed.- He whispered.

-I will not lose you, you are from today my brother and I will protect you from them. You will not talk about this with anybody and we will be together, consoling each other.- I said holding him strong and sobbing with him for the loss of my lover.

End flashback

Today was hard, Heidy came three hours ago to inform me about our meal and I told her I was not hungry. Lies, last time I ate was two weeks ago. I was trying to starve myself to die. I was looking at the book I held when Aro entered to my room.

-Marcus, last time you ate was two weeks ago. I will not let you do this brother. I will not lose you too!- He yelled at me. He looked at the book I was holding and he winced. -I thought you burned this book as I asked you to do it. I do not deserve to have these memories!-

-Brother, you do; you are the only thing that holds me to life and I protected these memories to give them to you after you would heal from your guilt. You know that I never thought you were responsible for her death and I love you as my brother so please take this and read them. You need your humanity back. Do it for our coven, do it for our family, do it for you mate and please, do it for Didyme!- I told him while putting the book on his hands.

-I will but you need to change your life, you cannot do this anymore. Is killing us to see you like this, not even eating or reading anymore. You can try to lie to me but I know that you only stare at your book not reading anymore.- He said holding me.

-What can I do? I feel so empty with my life. Everywhere I go, I have a memory of her walking with me around the castle. Tell me what to do and I will do it.- I said.

-I have an idea but we need to prepare this properly. I thought that you could go to Carlisle's coven for some time. We would say that as his coven is big, we need you to see if they are a menace to us. This would give you time to think and have your life back.- Aro said, - I will call him and he will know the truth about your stay there. He is our brother and he always wanted to help you. You can try his diet if you'd want.-

-Are you sure about this, you forbade it when he was here, saying that he would be an exception to the law,- I asked him

-I knew that you wanted to do it when he was with us. I never like this but if this would make my brother come back with me, I would allow it for everybody. Please, I miss you!- he said.


I told my family that I had a letter from Aro and that I wanted to read it alone. He never writes to me, if he needs something, he would call or come to see me. This has to be important so I asked my family to leave me alone in my office. I could tell them what was going on after. I sat on my desk and I opened the envelope finding two letters. I took the one with my name on it and I read.

'Dear friend,

I writing this letter asking you for your help. This is a dangerous matter and you are the only one who can help me.

My brother Marcus is slowly dying and nothing we do seems to help him. You know that when his mate died, he lost a part of his soul and this was my fault as you know. You are the only person who knows this and that is why you can help me. I need you to take him with you for some time. You can teach him your ways of eating, he is not eating and maybe this could help him. I will allow this and we can tell the others that he makes this too protect your treaty with the wolves.

Please, I am begging you to help me because if Marcus dies I would not survive this dying with him.

Hope you call me soon,

Aro Volturi'

I read the other letter, the official letter that I could give my family explaining that Marcus would come to our coven to search for liabilities to our secret. This will be difficult as we have one. Isabella Swan.

She is Edward's girlfriend and we are happy to have her in our house. She wants to turn but Edward wants her human, so we are at an impasse trying to convince him about the danger if the Volturi would hear about her. Now we will have one of our kings here and he would know about her. I only pray that Marcus would be kind and gentle like he was 300 years ago when I lived with them. I told my family that we need a family meeting and I joined them in the dining room.

Honey, is everything ok?- Esme asked me. I was happy that Alice cannot see them so that would give me space to lie and I knew how to block Edward gift.

-Aro sent me a letter telling me that our coven is big and he is sending somebody to evaluate our loyalty to them. This person will stay as long as he needs and we need to help him as much so we can to perform his duty.- I said

-But what about me? They cannot see me or you will have problems. Edward, you have to turn me now!- Bella was yelling.

-No, I will not change you and I will not allow anybody to do it. You deserve a normal life and as your mate, I will not allow this!- Edward yelled. -We will hide you and this will be ok.-

- Edward, you cannot hide her and this person will smell her. Also when you will talk to him, he would know about her, so is useless.- I told him

-Who is coming, Carlisle? Felix or Demetri?- Jasper asked, maybe preparing himself.

-I hope is Felix, I always wanted to spar with him,- Emmet said and Rose hit him on the back of his head.

-No, they are not coming. The person chosen for this is Marcus.- I said looking at their face.

-WHAT!- they yelled

-Dad, are you telling me that one of the kings would leave the castle and stay with us?- Edward asked.

-Yes, he will be with us for some months. He will be added to our treat with the wolves, I already called them. He will feed as we do, not feed on humans. Before you asked, he wanted to do this when I was living in Volterra but Aro never allowed him. Now to protect our coven, he will do this for him. Esme and Alice, we need to prepare a room for him on the last floor. He needs to be alone and he loves his peace. Emmet, you will not spar with him. What do you remember about him?-

- He always stayed on his throne looking bored and not talking. He looked like she was nearly dead. Why can I not spar with him? This could help him.- Emmet said

-I see, like everybody, nobody remembers Marcus as he was before Didyme's death. First, he is probably the biggest vampire alive, maybe 2 meters and the muscles to match this. He is stronger than Felix and second, I think that he has a second gift that was hidden from everybody knowledge but Aro told me once to never be on Marcus's bad side. When I was living with them, I felt that his nice and quiet personality was nothing but a pretense. So please, be careful around him. Bella, you need to be calm and pleasant with him in order to have him forget the law until we can solve your problem. I will call Aro now to know when he is arriving and if he will bring things for his stay. I will let the letter from Aro for you to read and I will go outside to call Aro. Do not follow me and Alice do not check for this. I will tell you as much as I can of this call.- I said leaving the house.

I run to the hospital and I told the nurse that I did not want to be disturb and that I was not taking any calls. I called Aro.

-My friend, thanks for calling. Do you have your answer?- He asked.

-Yes, brother, Marcus is welcome to be with us as long as he needs our help. Just wanted to know when is he arriving and if he needs something in particular. Is he bringing some affairs with him or do I need to buy everything for him here?-

- He only needs some peace and calm. He probably will be in his room and not talk a lot. I already put him in your diet, he drank bear blood and he told me that he was pleased about this. His eyes are orange now. He will bring some books and clothes with him, but eventually, he will need more. He had his account already set for him in the States, so he will only need help to buy whatever he needs but probably Alice could help him better than you. I will send his books later in the evening and they will arrive next week. You need to put some bookshelves on his beds because he loves to read and he wanted all his books to travel with him.- He said laughing.

-I still remember the time I spent with you in Volterra; he was always reading even walking while reading a book. Now tell me, how is he? He is like a brother to me- I said softly.

-Carlisle, he wanted to die, he was starving himself, he did not eat for two weeks and he was sitting in his chair, staring at one book. Is killing me to see him like this and I would do anything to see him happy again. Please, dear friend, help Marcus.- He said pleading.

-I will, so when is he arriving at our house?- I asked.

-Tomorrow morning he will be there. Prepare yourselves and you already have my gratitude and friendship.- He said closing the call.

I returned to the house to tell them about the news. They were anxious about this and Edward was sulking about having a Volturi in our house but as I was the leader, he had nothing to say about this. Bella was hesitant but also curious about the vampire king.

- Bella, tonight you will sleep here because you need to be here for his arrival. As usual, you will sleep in your room and Edward you are not allowed there. Now, family, we need to prepare his suite because he will be here at 8 am.- I said smirking when I saw Edward scowl.