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Higurashi Kagome stared at the modest shrine and almost shuddered with pure joy when the waves of spiritual energy lightly crossed her senses, 'This shrine is alive!'

It had taken her weeks to visit each and every shrine that Tokyo had to offer and much to her utter dismay, all of them had not a drop of spiritual energy in the vicinity. And to make her feel even more disappointment, all of the Mikos had just been normal schoolgirls working an afternoon job.

But this – this shrine was actually active and functioning!

She still longed for the days of the Sengoku Era, but this might just be the thing she needed to crawl her way out of her deep spiralling depression.

"Who the hell are you?"

Kagome broke out of her thoughts to see an irate-looking male glaring down at her with annoyed violet eyes as he crossed his arms tightly over his chest and sneered lightly.


It felt like her heart skipped a beat or two as she finally realised just what she was looking at, "Konbanwa!" Kagome greeted happily, startling the silver-haired male with her cheerfulness, "My name is Higurashi Kagome."

The kimono-clad being huffed, "Like I give a damn what your name is," He scoffed, glaring more deeply at the teenage girl as she slowly made her way up the few steps to Mikage Shrine, "What the hell do you want?"

The dark-haired beauty's smile only widened as the male moved back from her so they were not standing so close. She made sure to suppress all of her Reiryoku so he could not sense it and possibly lash out because of it, "I–"


The feminine voice interrupted her before she could state her business and the two immediately looked up to see another girl about Kagome's age lightly jogging up towards them with a frown directed at the male.

"Tomoe! Are you being rude to our guest?" The pretty brunette huffed lightly and the male – now known as Tomoe – simply let out a snort and looked away with disinterest, "I'm so sorry about him!" She turned back to Kagome and bowed apologetically, "It's just that we don't get many visitors!"

"It's okay," Kagome grinned and the girl seemed relieved that her apology was accepted, "I'm rather used to such an... abrasive attitude."

"I am Momozono Nanami," The girl introduced herself, staring at Kagome with a friendly expression, "And I am the caretaker of Mikage Shrine. What can I help you with?" She asked and could only blink blankly at Kagome's answer while Tomoe gaped with just as much shock at the startling words.

"I would like to be your Miko!"