Hello, all! Here's my humble offering for the 2014 December Calendar Challenge of Awesomeness! (Yep, I'm determined to make that name stick, Hades!)

We will be given a prompt assigned by one of the other authors participating in the challenge every day in December and it will be our task to write something based on it. With some luck, this will (hopefully) be updated daily for your reading pleasure!

The December 1st prompt, as assigned by Ennui Enigma:


The mind of our man Holmes, the mind of a genius. Case after case after case, so rarely thwarted in this his vocational profession. A man whose great adventures brought to our attention by one man, one blessed and dear man.

We sing our praises to the great biographer, the one who draws forth his net to trap the swimming yarns. The honored practitioner of pen to page, setting our minds alight with mystery and intrigue.

Yet the void is the subject of my story.

The disregarded tales of the giant rat of Sumatra, the aluminium crutch, the tales that bring forth wonder and a desire to read still more. We see our tales of hounds and poisons and knives, and yet we must cry out to the good doctor, more!