Izzy's Pov

"I was born in the early 1800's on a ranch near Houston. I was always the odd one in, my family. I didn't act like everyone else. I didn't want to be a Texan Belle, I wanted to do what my brothers did. My friends would make fun of me, and then my parents would reprimand me for being different. As the years went on I rebelled. I left my family and joined the Confederate army. I pretended to be a guy. I was nineteen at the time. That's when I first met Jasper. He was the major and I was the captain." I take an unneeded calming breath.

"So you two met on the battle field?" Rose asks

"Yes. We did, but Jasper lost all of his memories of us knowin each other. I spent weeks helping him remember." Jasper stiffens.

"Let me say that we made one damn good team. We never had a problem with our group of men. Now lets get to how we were turned." Jasper says.

"We where evacuating a group of woman and children from Galveston, when we came across three beautiful women. There names where Nettie, Lucy, and Maria. Maria was the one that changed us. We hadn't been datin at the time. After we woke up the mating bond kicked in. Maria doesn't like mated pairs in her army, so we had to keep it a secret. A year after we were changed Jasper sired his venom brother Peter. Six months later Jasper and I both sired Charlotte. We all would protect each other, even if it meant torture."

"Maria had creative ways of torturing us. She would remove limbs, Starving us to the point of slaughtering an entire village, She would also rape us, and bite us to stake her claim on us." Jasper says.

"Wait before we go on I want to ask something." Bree says.

"Okay sweetheart."

"Mr. Jasper said that they would rape you. Momma remember when I told you there was more to my story than I told you?"

"Yes baby, what does that have to do with what said?" I ask nervously, hoping that what I'm thinking is wrong.

"I told you that the students where physically hurting me. I didn't mean hitting and punching, I meant that the boys would rape me. Bree says with venom tears in her eyes.

I look over to where Rose, Esme, and Alice are sitting and see that they are all dry sobbing along with Bree.

"Momma they made feel like I was only property, garbage. That's why I was going to off myself the day you found me. I didn't know what to do any more..."

"Bree come here." I say.

Bree runs into my waiting arms. I pick her up and she sits on my lap with her head buried in my neck. I slowly start to send her wave after wave of calm. Jasper looks over at me with a sad smile on his face. I guessing from seeing me act like a mother.

"Bree sweetheart, I'm so sorry. You should have never have gone through that. I know what it's like and I never would want someone to go through that. Especially a thirteen year old."

"Don't worry momma. It's over now, they won't be able to get me again." Bree says

I continue to calm Bree down. She slowly becomes calm and relaxed.

"Jay, do you want to come on a walk with me?" I ask.

"Of course. Bree will you be okay staying with my family? We won't be gone long." Jasper asks Bree.

"I'll be okay. I like them. There not as scary as the red eyed vampires that we were with before."

I hug Bree and give her a hug and kiss before we leave.

"Be good Bree. Don't cause any trouble." I say.

"Psh. Come on momma, you know that I will be." She says trying to keep a straight face, but fails miserably.

"We will be good friends Bree. You are a lot like me, I like to make jokes too." Emmett says.

With that Jasper and I leave the house and head to the woods.

Bree Pov

Momma and leave and I'm left with Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, Alice, and Rose. I go and sit by Alice the pixie looking vampire.

"Bree do you want to play dress up with me?" Alice asks while standing up.

"Sure it will be fun. I can tell you a little about myself then."

Alice starts bouncing up and down while squealing. I laugh her.

"Alice calm down your going to jump a hole in the floor. I don't think you want Esme to kill you do you." Carlisle says to Alice.

we head upstairs Alice's room with Rose on our heels.

"So Bree your from Texas right?" Rose Asks with a smile on her face.

"Ya, I lived in a small ranch house in Houston. It was a small three bedroom house. I think it was built in the late eighteen hundreds. It has a huge tree in the front yard that I would climb to get away from my family. Before I was turned into a vampire my momma and pops were in the process of selling it."

"Really what the house look like?" Alice asks sweetly.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and pull the pictures of my house. I hand the phone to Alice and she gasps.

"It's a very pretty house, I feel like I've seen that tree before... hold on."

Alice pull out her phone and hits speed dial.

Alice Pov

B- Jasper I- Alice

'Yes Alice.'

'Jasper can I show Bree something in your study?'

'Can it wait till I get back? We will be back in five minutes.'

'Fine make it fast. It's important.'

'Bye Alice.'

'Bye Jasper be quick.'

Bree Pov.

"Alice what do you want to show me in Mr. Jasper's Study?"

"You'll find out soon Bree." She says.

"Alright lets play dress up." Rose says.

Rose and Alice through Alice's closet looking for something for me to wear. While they look I plug in the curling iron.

"Here Bree put this on." Alice hands me a baby blue dress and white stilettos.

I put the dress on and it comes to right above my knees. I then put on the shoes. They are kind of hard to walk in but not impossible. Alice then applies make up and Rose go's to her room and comes back in with pearl earrings and a necklace.

"You absolutely beautiful Bree. Now lets curl your hair and go downstairs and wait for your mom." Rose says.

She curls my hair, and then we head downstairs.

"Wow, look at you. You all should go to that under twenty one club in Port Angles." Esme exclaims.

"How long ago were you changed?" Carlisle questions.

"A little less than a week ago. Why?"

"Have you been around humans yet?"

" Ya, I went to the mall three days after my change. If you're worried about my control don't be I'm much more controlled than a newborn and an immortal child."

"Wow, you are one bad ass vampire." Emmett all but yells.

Rose wacks him in the back of the head hard.

"Ow. Rosie what was that for?" Emmett asks.

"Emmett she's thirteen she doesn't need to called a bad ass." Rose exclaims.

"You seem like you skipped your newborn year. I've never known a vampire with this much control." Carlisle says.

Momma and come in.

Jasper Pov

"Wow Sug, you look gorgeous." My beautiful mate exclaims.

"Thanks Momma. Alice and Rose helped."

Izzy and I go and sit on the couch while Bree, Alice, and Rose sit on the floor.

"So Alice what is it that you wanted to show Bree in my study?"

"If you take us up I'll tell you." She says.

"Okay Alice. Why is it important?" I ask.

"Bree pull that picture up on your phone. I can't tell you Jasper."

I sigh and we head up to the study. What would a picture on Bree's phone have to do with my study? I open the door and the first thing you see when you enter is a picture of the tree in the yard of the house I lived in when I was human. Bree gasps and looks between her phone and the painting on the wall. She runs up to painting and just stares.

"What is it Bree?" I ask.

She hands me the phone, on the screen is a picture of my house and the tree.

"Bree did you take this picture?"

"Yes, that was my house. My Momma and pops put up for sale when I was changed. I took the picture so I could always have a piece of home with me."

Sorry for the cliffy. You know you love me.

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