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49 days after the crash...

"Why did you do this?" She accused as she tried to contain the many emotions within her that were bubbling to release. "Why did you bring me out here?"

"What?" He scoffed. "You mean instead of his wife?" He knew. Dear God, how long had he known of the affair? She watched as he turned to walk back up the hill.

Anger surged within Juliet. What if this hadn't been just another accident? What if Goodwin had died for a reason? "You did this," she let slip out. He turned back around, surprised that she should say such a thing. "You brought him out here because you knew this would happen!" She continued to accuse, her voice rising to a crescendo before she ended in a whisper. "You wanted him to die!...Why?" For all her reasoning, she could not understand.

"Why?" Ben seemed shocked that she did not know his motives. How could such a beautiful and smart woman not be able to deduce such a simple explanation? "You're asking me why?!" With each step back down the hill, his voice rose. "After everything I've done to get you here, after everything I've done to keep you here, how could you possibly not understand-" Dare he admit his innermost thoughts and feelings? "- That you're MINE!"

His thoughts were out in the open and there was absolutely nothing he could do to take them back. Juliet just stared at him in horror.

Just as quickly as his anger had come, it dissipated into nothingness. He refused to think of himself as in the wrong, as unjustified, for his actions. No matter if Juliet looked at him with hate or fear, he would never let her see him as anymore unnerved than she just had.

"Take as much time as you need," he told her softly, before he walked away so that she could grieve over her lost love and her lost life combined.

Ben had taken away her family, her life, her past and future, and her lover. But did he feel sorry? Did he feel guilty? Remorseful? No. Because Benjamin Linus hardly ever felt anything anymore.

0o0 Flashback 0o0

Ben lifted his head to smell the exotic island breeze. It carried along the rich aromas of dirt, rain, and the ever-shining sun. Two days he had been on this island. In all that time, he had hardly seen his father. With new employment, he knew his dad was busy, too busy even to check and see how his own son was adjusting to the change.

Ben was nine years old. He hadn't had many friend back home. Quite honestly, he hadn't really had any. So, moving from Portland, Oregon to the island really didn't affect Ben too much. He was just as alone here as he had been back in Oregon.

He was sitting idly on the swing, letting his legs dangle as he swung back and forth. He leaned his head back and smelled the air again. There was something Ben liked about the smell, something that felt warm and inviting.

"Hi. I remember you," a small voice interrupted his thoughts and he sat back up as fast as he could, all feelings of relaxation and comfort gone as he stared at the newcomer before him. "You were the boy who came on the submarine, right?"

Ben recognized her immediately as the girl he had met when his dad had been enlisted into his working assignments. How could he not remember her? She was one of the small hand-full of people who had actually made an effort to talk with him, and here she was again. All he could do in reply was nod his head. This seemed to be a good enough answer for her, though, and she smiled as she sat down in the swing next to him.

"Is your dad working?"

Ben, still staring straight ahead, nodded again.

"What do you do all day?" She was answered with a shrug. She didn't seem perturbed. "Well, you should come to our school. You would like it. The teacher's really nice."

Ben turned to face her and saw that she was grinning at him. He watched as her red hair blew in the breeze. He was speechless, tongue-tied. He had never really been involved in a conversation before. He never really opened his mouth. So, he just nodded.

She cocked her head. "You don't talk much, do ya?" Ben began to inwardly panic. She was accusing him of his silence, she was finally realizing that something was wrong with him, just as everybody, at one time or another, realized about him. But, then, the girl surprised him again. "That's okay." She smiled. "I'll just talk and you can listen." Then, she kicked her feet up and began to swing.

Ben smiled in thanks and kicked his feet up too. For the first time in his life, he had found a friend.


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