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1st December : From silvermouse - One of the characters suddenly announce that they are going to be vegetarian from now on. How do the others react?

Some Things Never Change

Scarcely a few weeks after Holmes's return to London, following the three years he had been presumed dead, I entered 221B to find him and Mrs Hudson engaged in what sounded like a blazing row.

Some things never change, I thought wryly to myself, making my way up to the living room. I soon reached the top step and, bracing myself, I opened the door.

"Ah, Doctor Watson!" Mr Hudson exclaimed upon my entry. Her cheeks were pink and her eyes wild with anger. She gestured angrily to Holmes, who sat quite relaxed in his armchair. "Perhaps you might speak some sense into him!"

I smiled in a manner I hoped sympathetic, not particular wanting to be drawn in as mediator between the two. "What precisely is the problem?"

"Oh for heaven's sake," he muttered, rolling his eyes in exasperation. "There is no problem at all! I simply requested that Mrs Hudson no longer includes meat in any of my meals."

I raised my eyebrows at that. "No meat?" I asked. "Whyever not?"

"My point precisely Doctor," Mrs Hudson sniffed, and threw back her head haughtily before marching over to the door. "Let's see if you might convince him of his madness."

"Madness indeed," Holmes huffed, watching her exit resentfully. "Blasted woman."

"Come now old chap, she has only had a few weeks to reacquaint herself with your quixotic moods," I teased. "I must ask, though, what it is that has prompted your sudden vegetarianism?"

"In Tibet, Watson, the monks eat no meat at all," he replied sagely. "I have not told you much of my time in Lhasa, have I? It was a fascinating place, I shall have to return there one day. The head Lama was an interesting fellow..."

By the time Mrs Hudson came up with lunch - a vegetable broth, I noticed - the issue of meat had long since been dropped, replaced instead by tales of Holmes's travels abroad. I lapped them up eagerly, truly content for the first time in what felt like years.