A/N: Remus is the new kid at school and gets roped into a group of students known as the Marauders. Mean Girls!AU because! I hoped I do a good job with this. It's going to be close to the real thing, but some things will deviate a bit.

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The Crayola Colours Prompt Challenge: Periwinkle - Dumbledore's Office

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"Thank you so much, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall," I said as I rose from the chair across from the headmaster in his office, almost knocking over the bowl of lemon drops on his desk. "You won't regret this decision."

There was a twinkle in the old man's eyes as he looked at me, "I don't think I will, Mr Lupin. Though you haven't been able to obtain any formal learning prior to this year, I'm a firm believer in giving people every chance they deserve, especially for those afflicted with ailments beyond their control. And as far as your assessment in your different classes, you were commended by all our teachers. I have no doubt you will enjoy your time here at Hogwarts."

I looked at the old man with sincere gratitude. Since I had been bitten, I had felt like an outcast. Who would want to associate with a monster who changed once a month, able to maim and kill anyone who happened to meet me on a dark night. I had always wanted to go to Hogwarts but Mum had thought it too dangerous for me to be around other students and instead homeschooled me. However, after five years and a discussion with the headmaster, she had finally acquiesced and now I was about to start my first day.

I walked behind Professor McGonagall, the Gryffindor Head of House, to the right side of the room where an old hat sat on a stool. She placed the hat on my head and I almost jumped when I heard a voice ring out in my head.

"Ah, Mr Lupin, what an unfortunate thing to happen to such a young boy," the Hat said to me. "You know how the world views you but there is a large desire to prove you are better than that, you can accomplish a lot more. A fine Slytherin quality indeed. But oh so brave to keep working towards your dreams. You laugh in the face of danger and stand up for those who are prejudiced like yourself. I think you'd do fine in GRYFFINDOR!"

I saw a smile from Professor McGonagall as she removed the hat from my head, proud to have another student in her house I suppose. Professor Dumbledore spoke up, "I will let the house elves take your trunk to the Gryffindor Fifth Year dorms. Here's your class schedule. Your first class is Potions."