The entire team, as well as their families, had gathered at Penelope's house. It was the day after Reid had been brought home, and, since there had yet to be any problems, Garcia had invited everyone over for New Years Eve. It had been exactly one week since she'd met Morgan in the grocery store and changed her entire life again, and she couldn't be happier. A slightly-showing JJ, over-excited Henry, exhausted Will, and baby Rose, as they had all been calling Rosaline, had been the first to arrive. Henry had been ecstatic to see his godfather, and had to be reminded that the same rules as at the hospital still applied.

Hotch, Beth, Jack and Haley Jr. were the next to arrive, and were very happy to see Spencer adjusting well to Penelope's house. Little Haley was also very excited to see the "color lady" as she called Penelope. Jack had finally come around to forgiving his aunt, and, while there was still a bit of ice between the two, they were learning to accept each other.

While Emily Prentiss could make it, it was only for a few minutes because she had to leave quickly to return to her team in London, as well as her children. She bid Penelope goodbye with promises of Skype in the future.

Kate Callahan, the newest addition to the team, had arrived with the others, if only to meet the fabulous Penelope Garcia that the team spoke so fondly of.

David Rossi, though no longer a member of the team, had showed up to see the rest of his BAU family. The warm air of family permeated the entire house, warming it in the way Penelope always knew it could be.

Derek Morgan was the last to arrive, and, as he walked through the door, he was uncharacteristically nervous. He carried in a pan of his mother's peach cobbler; or, at least, something close to his mother's peach cobbler. He set it down on the counter, and pulled Penelope into a hug. She kissed him, very lightly, and welcomed him.

They had gathered, including Reid, around Garcia's TV. It was five minutes to midnight.

A chorus of "Hey, remember when…"s and "Back when I was your age…"s, and all other forms of reminiscing echoed throughout the house as the minutes counted down.

They chanted together as the seconds counted down.

"5…4…3…2…1… Happy New Year!" they shouted together. Couples kissed, and the children danced, and Garcia watched until she felt Morgan's lips press to hers.

"Happy New Year, Baby Girl. I love you," Morgan said.

"I love you, too," Penelope said as they pulled apart.

Another year had come, finding them all in better places than last year, and Penelope Garcia couldn't be happier to be surrounded by her family, the one she'd thought she'd lost. That wasn't true at all.

She had her family, Reid was safe, and she had Derek Morgan. That was all she needed.

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