I don't write often if at all so... don't expect a beautiful novel here. Just wanted to contribute to sexiness involving the Joker (Ledger's portrayal of course). Line break signifies change in time (aka. flashback/back to present) So - enjoy. En. Joy. :3

PS. Story used to be called "Scribble". In case anyone got confused.

Scribble, scribble…

The sound of her pen on the paper continued scratching over the soft music playing over the ceiling speakers.

She leaned back in her chair, with her feet propped up on the counter, one foot gently tapping on the side of the register. Time seemed to fall from thought easily when she focused on sketching things… it was her intention for this to happen, as it had been a slow day, and a boring one. Sundays always seemed to be.

She jumped in her seat when the bell of the front door sounded and she heard someone enter. She placed her sketchpad onto the counter and leaned down to her purse on the floor, stuck her hand in, felt around and pulled out her phone.

4 New Text Messages from Jill:

sooooo, i ordered that little top hat for the party next week! 10:34pm

lisaaaaaaa, im bored, when are u off? 11:22pm

dont make me come over there! 11:46pm

donnnnntttt ignore meeee…. 11:59pm

"Oh Jill." Lisa smiled to herself. She was about to reply before doing a double-take at the last message. 11:59pm… She looked at the time on her phone. 12:07am. Damn it. She was supposed to start closing and lock the doors by midnight. Oh well, hopefully the last customer won't take long. Most people are in and out of a convenience store within minutes.

She had been facing away from the entrance this entire time, not to mention there was a small hallway from the front door to the inside of the actual store, so she didn't see who had come in. She turned around and looked over the area to see where this person was. Oddly, she didn't see anyone. Had she imagined the bell? Did they leave as soon as they walked in? She went around the counter and peaked into the small hallway leading to the outside. Nobody. They must have left. Well, good. She spun around to grab the keys to lock up and ran into something.

"Oh!" She gasped. "I'm so sor-"

It was someone… but not just anyone. Her eyes rose up a familiar green vest, a purple collar, and a face smeared with white, red and black, wrinkles accentuated beyond their normal appearance. She wondered for a split second if he just happened to always have the same face expression while he applied the makeup.

Lisa's mouth hung open for a moment before shutting, eyes pinned. She felt her heartbeat quicken and a slight queasiness in the pit of her stomach. His head shook slowly from side to side, greenish curls bouncing gently.

"Well, well, well.. what's a frail little thing like you doing all alone with a big scary man like me?" Chuckling, his gloved hands slipped into the pockets of his purple coat. "Wait, I know the answer to this riddle…" His voice was deep and scratchy, with a hint of amusement.

"I… we're closed. Please go." Lisa said, trying to pretend he was just anyone else.

"Oh, that's nice. We? I didn't see anyone else here…" He grinned and raised his eyebrows.

"Manager is in the back doing inventory." Lisa lied. Oh my god, where was she going with this… she thought to herself.

"Well in that case, at least let's catch up. It's been, what, three months since our delightful encounter?" He stepped forward, causing her to step back.

"…..I had too much to drink. It was a mistake… we all make them." She justified. Another step toward her. "Please don't hurt me…" She said meekly.

He seemed to ignore that last comment. He probably heard it from just about everyone he met and doesn't even register it anymore.

"Yes, oh yes we do, but some mistakes you can't come back from… if they were mistakes to begin with…" He let out a breathy chuckle. "'Cause you know…" His tongue darted out to the corners of his mouth. "…didn't seem like you regretted it immediately after it… happened….hmmm…." He stepped forward again.

" I was just trying not to get killed."

His face dropped suddenly into a feigned expression of hurt.

"OH. You did it just to get on my good side, huh? You know…" He licked his lips again and stepped forward. "…that's hurtful. In fact, I don't know if I believe you." He slammed her back against the candy section next to the registers, pieces of candy falling to the ground. He pulled a knife out and hooked it around her mouth, threatening to mark her with his own appearance.

Lisa erupted in a scream, eliciting absolutely nothing but a blank stare from him.

"Ah ah…" He pressed himself against her entire body so she couldn't budge and waited.. listening. Shit. "Hmm… Does that manager of yours happen to have a hearing impairment? Let's go find out."

Her heart was pounding. He knew no one was there. He was going to murder her.

"But before we do that, I think…" He took the knife away from her face. "… it would be polite if we finally introduced ourselves." She shuddered. As if he really thought she didn't know who he was.

"I know you're the Joker." She said.

"Ah… tell me something…" he grabbed her by a fistful of hair and pulled her face up to barely inches away from his own. "..did you remember the feeling of these against your smooth little cheeks?" He rubbed his rough, scarred cheeks against each of her own, the paint sticky and thick. "I gotta thank you though, I didn't realize how much I needed that after finally getting rid of that useless sack of shit."

She turned her face away, blushing madly while he withdrew a bit to admire the stains on her face.

"And your name is…?"

"….Lisa." She said quietly.

"Lisa…Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. How perfectly mediocre." She felt a tinge of anger at that statement.

"Thanks. Yours is very creative." She said sarcastically, still turned away. Shut up now… she told herself.

"Oh! I like that spunk." He grinned widely. "Come on, now."

With a quick shove, he was guiding her, grasping her behind the neck, toward the back of the store. "Where is that deaf manager of yours, hmm? Let's try in here." He opened the door to the storage room and pushed her inside.

"Are you going to kill me?"

She should've taken a cab, but as always after a few drinks, decided not to, as her house was only a ten minute walk away. Still, ten minutes left plenty of time for her to get into some serious trouble that late at night. She walked home from the bars each time, waking up the next day thankful that nothing had happened, vowing never to do it again – breaking that vow every time.

It was a Saturday night... well, Sunday morning. Leaving the bar, she had turned the corner to the alleyway she always took and begun quickly making her way down, stumbling from intoxication. As usual, it was quiet at 4 AM, but this time, noises of struggle, shuffling of feet, laughter, voices echoed from the rooftop of the building on her left as she passed it by. She didn't notice at first, furiously trying to speed-walk through the drafty, empty alley to get home and pass out.

What finally caught her attention was a man's voice screaming out and she halted just as she heard a loud thump mixed with a sickening, cracking sound just behind her. She yelped quietly and jumped forward in surprise, spinning around quickly to be met with the sight of a large, tattooed, Hispanic man, lying on the ground on his back, his body twitching slightly, blood flowing freely from the back of his cracked skull on the pavement.

She was frozen, her mind in shock of seeing a gruesome death, and just as she was about to run, a blood-chilling laughter filled her ears, reverberating off of the building walls. It was a raspy, crazed laugh, enough to jolt her back to her senses. She backed slowly toward the side of the alley, into a dark corner near the brick wall and a dumpster as her eyes rose to the rooftop to see a male silhouette against the night sky swing a leg around the side of the building and slide down a gutter drain like a fireman, cackling the whole way down, landing right next to the freshly dead body. The man wore a long, dark coat. His first action was to jump onto the dead guy, then kick him several times, all while laughing and mumbling to himself. She absent-mindedly backed away some more, accidentally stepping onto some loud plastic bags. Fuck! The loud noise of them caused the man to seize his laughter and turn toward her, noticing her presence finally. His eyes were large, black holes in his white face, his mouth stretched from ear to ear.

She then recognized the appearance - face paint and clothing, just like from the photos and videos on the news. Joker.

Part of her couldn't believe it was really him. Either way, the man had just murdered someone and was standing over his body, watching her, breathing heavily from the fight that probably happened on the roof. She just stared at him, feeling much more sober, but nowhere near actual sobriety. How was she going to get out of this? Her attention was interrupted by his tongue darting out and licking slowly from one side of his bottom lip to the other, still catching his breath. He appeared almost feral, standing there with his head tilted down, staring up at her panting like an animal about to pounce.

"Enjoying the show?" He finally spoke, grinning.

"I… uh…" That's it. She was dead. People who have just committed murder don't just let random witnesses go… but wait – it wasn't exactly a secret that he was a murderous psychopath. He moved toward her, making her flinch. She was already up against the foul-smelling dumpster behind her.

"Don't be nervous… This your first time watching someone die?" He advanced on her again. "I remember my first time…" He chuckled. As he stepped into the shadow, the light no longer shot down onto his face from above, preventing her from seeing his eyes. She could see the details now – the jagged scars and his dark eyes glinting in the middle of the black circles of face-paint. "She was asking for it. I could barely contain myself – I just stuck it in and out and that was it!"

"What?" She felt her cheeks redden. Was he still talking about watching someone die? He burst out laughing at her reaction.

"The knife I mean! Where is your mind?" He teased. "I was the one who killed her!" He laughed and advanced yet again. "She didn't enjoy it as much as I did…" He was feet away.

It was then that Lisa noticed his knife drawn in his right hand and bolted left to try to get out from being cornered between the dumpster and wall but was stopped by a hand and foot blocking her way through. This was it – he had her fully cornered and trapped.

"Where ya goin, beautiful?"

"Please – I'll do anything… please let me go…" Tears threatened to fall from her eyes. He was so close to her, she could smell rubber and some kind of smell similar to a campfire, but not quite.

He chuckled. "Oh – aaaaanything?" He mocked her, his tongue playing with the corner of his mouth. That's it. She had an idea – a very, very stupid idea.

She, placed her hands on the sides of his neck, moved forward and kissed him. With his mouth already open, she deepened the kiss and closed her eyes trying not to think of what she was doing. No doubt, her drunken state gave her the boldness to commit such an act. He didn't move, or close his mouth at first but then she felt him grab her around the waist and pull her to him as he backed sideways to the brick wall and held her there, against him. She stopped and pulled away, regretting her choice.

"A beer drinker, are ya?" His head fell back against the wall, looking at her through half-lidded eyes. "….Well? Why'd ya stop?" He smiled widely.

"I'm sorry – I just.. I can't believe this is happening…" Lisa said more to herself. She blushed, noting how his makeup was smeared and realized she probably had it on her own lips.

"Weeeell, you probably should have thought twice before leading on a guy like me, doll-face."

He licked his lips again, slowly. She couldn't help but look. Was he trying to make it look as sexual as it did or was it just the context of their situation? Lisa was in a haze for a moment before she felt his lips connect with hers. This was it – she had made the decision to do this and it was on her. She kissed him back while he spun them around so she was now the one against the brick wall, him pinning her against it. She heard him groan into her mouth and that awakened something inside her. She suddenly found this moment extremely arousing in some forbidden way. He had just killed someone and a minute later she's kissing him passionately – and he's a fucking murderous criminal mastermind. She had the most feared man in Gotham groaning in pleasure... something… something about this was very wrongly exciting to her.. and even more empowering – her plan seemed to be working! She wasn't being stabbed! …by his knife anyway.

She felt him hardened against her thigh as he slipped one leg between hers and pushed her firmly against the wall. His left hand had a fistful of her hair, pushing her face against his own and his right was squeezing her ass. He moved sideways and dragged his rough cheek against hers while he made his way to her ear, biting it and suckling on it. She let out a soft moan.

"So am I every woman's wet dream, sweet-cakes?" He chuckled into her ear, spanking her. "Hmmm… or is it just you?" He teased her and moved down to her neck, biting and kissing it while he ground his hips against her. She couldn't suppress another moan, eliciting a deep growl from him. This was all so fucking wrong.

Suddenly he stopped and looked alert. His face-paint was very smeared now, the white and red blending together into a pinkish hue. Lisa was caught off guard and it took her a moment to realize there were voices coming from the other end of the alleyway. They both looked over the dumpster to see a group of four people walking toward them from afar, conversing. It wouldn't be long before they were in range to notice the dead guy in the middle of the alley that was practically in the spotlight of one of the lamps nearby.

"Shit." Lisa said, making the Joker turn slowly in surprise at her.

He giggled. "Yes – I'm enjoying this quite a bit myself, should I take care of them?"

"…What? No!" She said. "Please... let's just go." Lisa spoke more confidently. He seemed more human to her after all of this, despite his nonchalant consideration of killing more people for the sake of more time to make out. Now, how was she going to get away from him…

"It's my bat-time anyway." He said. Did he mean to say bed-time? She wasn't about to correct or question him.

They quickly ran off toward an intersecting alleyway. She was ahead of him and once she finally turned back to see if he was still running with her, there was no one there… She stood there for a few good minutes reflecting on what had just happened before walking home and falling asleep on her couch, shoes still on.

In the morning, she woke up thirsty, head pounding and foggy. She stumbled into the bathroom to brush her teeth and almost fainted when she was met with her reflection in the mirror, her mouth, left cheek and whole left side of her neck and ear covered in smeared pink and white paint. Her heart started pounding as all of last-night's memories flooded her. She immediately felt an intense guilt and fear of doing something irreversibly wrong, but then realized that she had no choice in the matter. She saved herself from being killed. A kiss was well-worth her life… but then again she did end up enjoying it as well… What's worse was that after washing off the paint, there were hickeys to remind her for a week after that every time she saw them or felt their dull soreness.

She lived in paranoia for a few weeks, but after watching the news that the Joker continued with his assaults as per usual, she told herself he had already forgotten. Crazy shit like that probably happened to him all the time, what was one incident out of dozens for him to give a second thought?

Eventually she calmed herself and accepted it as the past. She did what she had to do to survive, she told herself. But there were nights when she would lie awake and reflect on it, feeling a warm sensation pooling in her belly, terrified of facing the truth about herself as a shaky hand reached down under the blankets.