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Kaiba looked a little tense as he stared at his cards. He looked at his opponent and sneered, doing his best to not let his rotten opening hand show on his face.

"I'll place one card facedown, and end my turn for now..."

Karbonala Warrior drew a card for his turn. He drew a good card to hurt Kaiba.

" I activate Instant Fusion. By paying a 1000 Life Points I can special summon a level five or lower fusion monster from my extra deck. Although this monster will just be fodder (life points:3000)." Karbonala Warrior special summoned a humanoid gargoyle with green scales, a jagged broadsword, and a yellow mask with fingers stretching down from it. " I tribute Dragoness the Wicked Knight for Air Eater (ATK 2100/DEF 1600)."

A green four armed insect with a tail of a worm and the body of a beetle appeared.

"Humph," Kaiba snorted.

Meanwhile, Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie quickly used Call of the Mummy to summon Dragon Zombie. Once that was done, it was tributes to summon Dark Dust Spirit. Because it had been normal summoned, its effect took charge, destroying all other face up monsters on the field. Once that was done, it was allowed to attack attack Yuko's life points directly, leaving him with 1800. Fortunately, at the end of Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie's turn, Dark Dust Spirit was returned to its hand, leaving the field completely open.

"Wow..." Mindy breathed. "That was rough."

Yuko drew a card from his deck. It was one of the few rare cards he had.

" I activate Card of Demise. I draw until I have three cards in my hand and then an discard my hand during my end phase. I also cannot special summon or deal damage to you." Yuko picked up his three cards. " I set two cards facedown and a monster facedown. I end my turn."

Kaiba drew his card, letting out a smile. Just what he needed. "I'll place a monster facedown, in defense mode. That's all for now..."

Karbonala Warrior chuckled, "Not much of a fighter, are you?"

"Guess we'll find out," Kaiba smirked.

Karbonala Warrior drew a card, and ordered his Air Eater to attack, but it was quickly negated by Kaiba's Negate Attack trap card.

At the other end, Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie summoned Plague Wolf to the field, and ordered it to attack Yuko's facedown monster.

What Plague Wolf attacked though was a bunch of parts scrambled from each other with a long blade connected into the left arm of the monster. Its name was Blocker and it had 1850 DEF so Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie took 850 points of damage.

Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie ended its turn by placing one card facedown.

Kaiba smirked, flipping his monster over, "This is Cyber Jar. When it is flipped over, each of us must draw the first five cards off our deck, and reveal them to each other. All the monsters that are level four or lower are to be summoned to the field, in either attack or defense mode. The rest are added to our hand."

Kaiba drew his five, and revealed Chaos Emperor Dragon, Enraged Battle Ox (which he placed in attack mode: 1700/1000 ), his Silent Doom spell card, Ryu-Kishin Powered (also placed in attack mode: 1600/1200), and The White Stone of Legend (in defense mode: 300/250).

"Alright freak, let's see what you've drawn."

Karbonala Warrior drew another Instant Fusion Spell card, the Tricky (which he placed in attack mode: 2000/1200), his Monarch Awakening, D.D.M Different Dimension Master (which he placed in Attack mode: 1700/1500), and Dreamspite ( which he placed in facedown Defense position 300/200).

Kaiba grinned, "Not bad, but it still isn't enough to stand against what I have in store for you. First, I'll sacrifice my Enraged Battle Ox and Ryu-Kinshin Powered in order to summon my ultimate monster. Come forth, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

The appearance of his mighty dragon caught the attention of the others around him as he laughed maniacally. It was quite the sight to see. The huge dragon stared down the monster warrior, anger in its eyes.

"Blue-Eyes, attack his Air Eater now!" Kaiba ordered, effectively bringing Karbonala Warrior's life points to 2100. "That's all for now."

Kaiba placed a card facedown and ended his turn.

Karbonala Warrior drew for his turn while Yuuki drew a card trying to think of a strategy. His card was useful against Kaiba's deck.

" I activate Brain Control. By paying 800 Life Points I can control a monster of yours that was normal summoned for the turn."

" I activate Magical Deflector. This negates the effects of all spell cards you play for the turn, so you paid 800 life points for nothing."

Karbonala Warrior was defeated then by Kaiba's trap card.

Meanwhile, Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie normal summoned Zombie Master (1800) and used Plague Wolf's ability to double its attack. It entered the battle phase and attacked Blocker.

" I activate The Reliable Guardian," Yuko countered the attack. " It increases Blocker's defense by 700 (2550)."

Jun 25With Karbonala Warrior's lifepoints down to 1300, Kaiba knew he had this duel in the bag.

"Now to end this pathetic excuse for a duel!" He stretched his hand out. "Go, Blue-Eyes White Dragon! Destroy his Different Dimension Master and claim the rest of his life points!"

Mindy let out a sigh of relief at Yuko's quick thinking. It had saved him once again... "C'mon Yuko! You've almost beaten it!"

Blue-Eyed Zombie's Plague Wolf Card was destroyed, since it was the end of its turn, and it had used the card's special effect.

Yuko drew a card he never thought he could draw. It was the best way for him to win.

" I activate Preparations of Rites. This card allows me to add a level 7 Ritual monster and a ritual spell card from my deck to my hand. I pick Ritual of Destruction and Garlandolf, King of Destruction. I also activate my other facedown Call of the Haunted to special summon Millenium Shield in Attack Mode (0/3000)."

"Look out Yuko! Blue-Eyed Zombie still has its Dark Dust Spirit in its hand!" Mindy called out, worried. All Blue-Eyed Zombie had to do was tribute a lower level monster, and his Dark Dust Spirit would destroy all face-up monsters.

Yuko must have lucked out though, because even after drawing a card, all the monster could do was end its turn.

" I activate Ritual of Destruction. This card allows me to tribute my Level 5 Millenium Shield and Level 4 Blocker to summon Garlandolf, King of Destruction (2500)."

Both defenders were destroyed making way for a pale skin red eyed fiend with a sinister smile on its face.

" When this card is Ritual Summoned I can destroy all faceup monsters on the field to give my monster one hundred points for each one. Goodbye Zombie Master."

Kaiba turned from his now completed duel to watch Yuko give the finishing blow. Mindy's obnoxious cheering was getting on his nerves. It reminded him of that annoying brunette that would hang out with Yugi all the time. What was her name? Tea?

He shook his head, unable to remember. It didn't matter anyway. She was annoying, and he was glad to be rid of her, just as he would be glad to be rid of this girl when the time came.

"Finish it off Yuko!" Mindy cheered.

" Garlandolf, defeat this enemy with your mighty blow. Earthquake Asunder Slash!"

Purple flames ripped open from the ground when Yuko's monster attacked Blue Eyed Silver Zombie. The zombies life Points decimated to zero with Blue Eyed Silver Zombie crying in agony over its defeat.

"Took you long enough," Kaiba's retort lost some of its bite due to its predictability.

"He only finished a few seconds after you did," Mindy mumbled before turning to give Yuko a hug.

"Congratulations Yuko! You did it!"

His feelings changed from annoyed at Kaiba for peeving into his Dueling skills to flustered by Mindy's hugs. Ever since they arrived in this spirit world she seemed to do them a lot.

Total Defense Shogun nodded his head in approval, "Well done, Yuko. You showed many traits of a true duelist. We should continue our journey."

Kaiba rolled his eyes, but even he couldn't ignore the twinge of jealousy he felt. It seemed no matter how well he dueled, there was always someone to outshine him.

Once they started walking again, he still kept his distance from the group, content to walk on his own and observe them. It didn't take too long before the CEO noticed Mindy watching every step Yuko took and laughing at virtually everything the kid said.

The only laugh someone had for him was a punch to the face. Over the years though the likelihood of someone actually punching him were very small.

There was only one person that Seto Kaiba liked to be close to, and that was his brother Mokuba. The rest of the world seemed to be content to let him have his space... which is why he was so surprised when Mindy approached him as they took a quick break in the shade of some trees. He'd have to get her to go away.

"You know why he doesn't return your feelings, don't you?" He laced his voice with a patronizing tone, and smiled as Mindy's face transformed into a scowl.

"I have no clue what you're talking about."

"Of course not," he said sarcastically. "But for the record, it's because you're forgettable. Forgettable and weak."

"You don't even know me!" She hissed back.

"No, but I knew someone like you. I can't even remember her name or her face... But she also sat on the sidelines and cheered while the boy did all the fighting. He never did notice her."

"For the record, I can't fight because I had to give my deck to Yuko so he had enough cards. When he fights, both of us fight!" It was working, she was preparing to walk away.

"That's too bad," Kaiba smiled. "Does he remember that?"

"He-" Mindy stopped. After a few seconds of glaring at each other, she finally let out a huff of air and stomped away.

Mindy rejoined Yuko who held his arm up halting Mindy's movements. Ahead of him was a Destroyer Golem who didn't notice them but clearly wasn't a friendly monster. With one flick of his rocky hands he crushed the trunk of a tree.

"Let's just destroy it now and move on," Kaiba moved to place his Blue-Eyes White Dragon on his duel disk.

Yuko placed D. Human with Earth Energy equip spell on his Duel Disk.

" I don't need your help!" Kaiba shouted at the duelist who didn't have a monster of pinnacle power and beauty like his.

"Oh that is it!" Mindy cried, her patience snapping. Before Kaiba could play his card, she had tackled him to the ground, and punched his face once with all her might, "Let. Us. Help. You! This is our journey! Not yours!"

Her yelling alerted Destroyer Golem to their position. It was now entering a duel with Yuko. D. Human and Earth Energy were shuffled back into Yuko's deck because Destroyer Golem was going to start the duel.