"Stupid map, which ways north?"A red haired ghost twisted a map he held and looked around."Alright...south is back there sooo...north is this way!"He then pointed east before shaking his head."That can't be right..."He mumbled before ripping up the paper in anger.

"North is straight ahead."

J.B. looked up to see purple eyes staring at front of him was a girl with light blue ruffled hair that drooped over her shoulders and pale-ish skin that seemed cold if you touched girl had on a half way light purple shirt, grey leggings, and short grey boots with golden buckles on also had on a white cloak and a pocket watch hung from her waist.J.B. had seen a lot if girls-most of them hot -but this girl was beautiful.

"I swear this girl could turn heads!"

"I'm sure to you she could."

"She even out ranked Paulina!"

"You shut your dirty mouth!"

"I'm being real-I swear!"

J.B. was talking to Danny and Tucker as they walked to Danny's house. He was telling them about the girl he met while in the GhostZone.

"Well if she is how you say she is than I wanna see her." Danny said with a smirk, J.B. was known in there friendship to lie...like, like a olive green eyed teen grinned.

"Soooo, where is she?"


"The girl!The one who could turn heads!"

"Be patient!She'll...she'll show up..."

Danny deadpanned, he was starting to suspect that this was all a hoax until J.B. grabbed the collar of his shirt."What the-hey, what are you..."

The green and red eyed halfa's eyes widened as they spotted the ghost girl. She was sitting on a floating landform with a book in her hand.

"Wow, she-she's-"

"Pretty?Thank you."

Danny and J.B. had a shocked look on there face but J.B. called out to her."You, uh, you knew we were here?" The female ghost nodded without taking her eyes off of her book.


Danny looked dumbfounded."What?" "My name is Stella, Phantom."

"And I also remember you J.B."The orange eyed teen had a slight blush but nether the less, he responded."From yesterday?Heh, yeah I-I remember you too."

Stella's book suddenly was encased in a light blue bubble which then then floated up towards the boys with a gentle smile on her face.

"I would love to stay and chat with but Clockwork needs me."And with that and the snap of her fingers she teleported out of there sight.

"...Hey wait, she knows Clockwork!?"