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"Nothing can separate us." She whispered.

"Ms. Kamiya? Ms. Kamiya!"

A small groan sounded from her lips. Her body was aching all over, and her head was throbbing as if someone had taken a hammer to it. Not to mention how heavy it felt. And had somebody called out to her?

Tadashi? Where was he?

Slowly her eyes blinked open, wincing as she did, peering at the shadow hovering above her. "Tadashi?" She called out, trying to lift her hand but she couldn't. It felt so heavy.

"Ms. Kamiya? Can you hear me?" The voice called out again. Her vision was starting to get clearer by the second. Weakly she managed to nod, moaning when the slight movement sent a shot of pain through her head.

"You are safe here Ms. Kamiya. You do not need to worry. You and Mr. Hamada are safe." At his last few words, her eyes shot open and she stared at the strange man standing beside her.

"Tadashi!" She whispered, her voice croaking from lack of use. There was a slight movement and then she felt a straw being pressed to her dry and cracked lips. Somehow she managed to drink the water offered to her. But she still felt like her throat was as dry as a desert.

"Where's Tadashi?" The girl asked again, now getting a better grip of everything around her.

The strange man smiled reassuringly, placing the empty glass on the table. "You need not worry, my dear. Aside from a mild injury, Mr. Hamada is in the best of health."


"Ah yes! You were in a fire. But luckily our forces were on the spot and managed to extract you before the building collapsed." A sympathetic look was directed her way.

"Tadashi." She whispered once more, tears brimming her eyes. The doctor sighed shaking his head.

"Since you will not be at ease unless you see him, I suppose it is best if I bring him in." With that he walked out of her line of vision and she could hear a door being pulled open, judging by the creak. Her head still felt too heavy to move. But at least her vision was clear.

"Sakura!" However that voice was strong enough to make her move her head, turning it in his direction. Seeing him standing there, clutching a crutch under his left arm, brown eyes wide with relief and happiness, Sakura felt the strength return to her limbs. Enough of it that she was able to push herself on her hands, so she could sit up. But that was as far as she could get, since Tadashi had limped forward and after the sound of a clatter as his crutch slipped from under his arm, Sakura was swept up into the familiar arms she needed.

The relief she felt made her sigh, yet the joy of seeing him alive and well, along with her own happiness at being alive made her tear up, and she was sobbing into his shoulder as she held on to him. Tadashi was certainly in no hurry to let her go any time soon.

"I thought…" His voice trailed off and Sakura pulled her head back from where it rested on his shoulder only to lean up and press her lips against his own. The angle wasn't the best one and her head was still spinning. The kiss was sloppy and a little clumsy, but neither cared.

"You're alive." The girl muttered, a slight hitch in her voice from her emotions. "You're alive." Her hands gripped his shoulders as if to reassure herself that he was there.

"Me! You were the one bleeding from your head!" The boy shot back pulling back from the embrace only to gently trace his fingers along the bandage that was wrapped around her head.

"Yes, and she will start bleeding once more, as will you if you don't settle down right now." Came the voice of the annoyed doctor. The two of them seemed to have forgotten he was even in the room. Quickly pulling back, Sakura helped Tadashi limp onto the bed so he could sit down.

"What happened?" Tadashi asked, his arm moving to wrap itself around Sakura's shoulders. The doctor sighed, removing his glasses to clean them before he put them back on and spoke.

"Its best if I let the Director explain."

The man closed the door behind him as he walked off. Instantly the two of them turned their attention to each other.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm alright Sakura. I promise." He whispered, brushing her cheek with the back of his hand as he gave her a reassuring smile. Tear appeared in her eyes despite her efforts to hold them back. Tadashi simply pulled her into another embrace, with her head resting on his shoulder as she sobbed quietly. Though he wasn't any better. His eyes shone with tears as well. Tears of relief at seeing her mostly unharmed. It took a good few minutes for both of them to finally calm down. Enough to start asking questions neither of them had the answer to.

How long had they been out? Where were they? Did the others know they were alive? What was going to happen to them? How injured were they? Would the injuries have any long-lasting effect on them?

The questions were spoken in small whispers, in between soft kisses of reassurance and affection as they both lost themselves in the other's presence. Tadashi had his arm wrapped around Sakura's shoulders while the girl rested her head against his chest, her own arm wound around his waist in an effort to hold him close. The two of them simply content in the other's presence. Knowing the other was safe and alive. Sakura could still feel the remnant of hopelessness from their ordeal, while Tadashi tried his best to not blurt out just how scared he had been when seeing her on the floor. The next few moment were one of silence, their eyes meeting as did their lips. Soft, urgent and desperate would be the way to describe the embrace which had Sakura's heart monitor beeping like crazy. An annoying sound really which had her muttering something not so pleasant and for her boyfriend to chuckle under his breath as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. The sound of the door opening once more had both of them straightening up and gazing in the direction of it expectantly. Though the figure that entered was the least person either of them had been expecting.

"Grandfather?!" Sakura's shocked voice echoed in the otherwise silent room.

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