Sonic leaned casually against the wall, in an easy stance he always pulled off remarkably well, despite being reasonably tall. With one hand, he tossed a weapon into the air. It spun in a cartwheel couple of times before coming back down. He caught it handle first.
Amy dragged her gaze up from the floor, pinpointing those orbs on her hammer that Sonic grasped in one hand. Amusement flashed in the dark depths of his eyes.

"If you were in a real fight you'd be dead meat by now. Finished. End of story. But, since I'm a nice guy, I'll give you another chance at beating me." He said. He flipped the hammer into the air once again. Amy's eyes followed it longingly. She was about to point out that she was the one who defeated him at 'Whac-A-Mole' yesterday, but she bit back her tongue knowing that logic would get her nowhere.

Instead, she rubbed her forearm across her mouth, hurled herself up, tore the red headband from her quills, and crossed her arms expectantly. She wore a dress that clung dearly to her figure, empathizing each individual curve from her big hips to her small waist. Strands of her pink quills dangled in front of her eyes. But she was ready for anything.

For the past three days Sonic spared some free time teaching Amy a few combat moves, but mainly it was based on how fast she could react to danger coming at her. It started as a joke, Sonic once complimented Amy's speed during a combat round she had with Tails, and feeling very bold about the fact that she did something that impressed him, Amy fought back with a challenge, asking him to try out a few of his moves on her. At first it was a wrestling match, then over the process of two days it turned into a training session.

Had she learned anything? Yes, she did. But she felt more irritated to the fact that she couldn't beat Sonic at his own game. It was like running around in circles with him, he'd pull off the same trick on her but in a different way each time. During each session she got used to face planting the ground, and getting covered in dirt.

"Right," she said. "So you want me to tell you how I'm going to dodge your attacks and why I should be cautious around enemies I don't know."

Sonic stopped flipping the hammer and stared at Amy in astonishment.

"Come on," She laughed. "You don't think I know how you work by now? We've been doing this for three days straight, I'm a quick learner. And I've known you since forever. You always put safety first before letting me do anything fun, even though you don't do that yourself in a real fight."

"Look at you go," he grinned. "Trying to outsmart me. I see you've got it all figured out. So lets put that intelligence to the test." He tossed the hammer down at her feet, watching it skid across the gravel floor. Amy snatched it single handedly.

He leapt towards her. Amy dodged - just barely - and tripped over her feet in the process. Though she managed to maintain her footing.
"Really?" Sonic said in a voice that almost sounded sarcastic. "Have you learnt anything at all during the last three days?"
He moved on her again, and Amy just barely kept within the lines in escaping him. That soon became the pattern. Amy spent most of her time defending herself from Sonics frailing hands. At one point his right fist shot out towards her face, and she used the handle of her hammer to deflect it.

Grudgingly, she had to acknowledge to herself that he was good. Really good. But she certainly wasn't going to admit that. Although it didn't take long until she felt her emotions bubbling to the surface the more she spent searching for a spot to hit Sonic. What was a tint of anger that she brushed away transformed into a frying pan of fire. She was frustrated at the fact that she couldn't hit him. The fact that she was too slow, and he must think that too. It was like playing a video game and getting stuck on a level, and your character kept constantly dying on that level.

She grunted as she blocked one of his kicks, then throwing away the chances she had Amy swung her hammer, not knowing where abouts it would go. Sonic immediately dropped to his knees. Amy abruptly twirled three-hundred and sixty degrees.
"Amy," Sonic said warningly. Ignoring him, Amy plunged her hammer into the ground to stop herself spinning. His voice came more sharply the next time he spoke. "Amy. Stop."

She backed away from the hammer, surprised to find her breathing labored. She hadn't realized that she'd been working that hard. Her back hit the wall, and a stinging pain stabbed her skull the minute she hit it. It hurt so much her head instantly turned fuzzy and numb. With no where to go, Amy looked at the floor, covering her entire face with both hands.

"Look at me," he ordered.
"Sonic -"
"Look at me."

No matter their close history, Sonic was still her friend. She couldn't refuse a direct order. Slowly, she turned towards him, still tilting her head slightly down so the quills hung over the sides of her face. Rushing from where he stood, he walked over and stood before her.

Amy avoided making obvious eye contact but saw his hand move forward to brush back her quills. Then it stopped. As did her breathing. Her short-lived attraction to him had been filled with yearning and lust, when she grew up a bit she came to terms that maybe Sonic wasn't as interested in her as she had been to him. But one thing she'd known for sure: Sonic loved her quills. Maybe he still liked them. They were long and silky and dark, he used to find excuses to touch it, and one time he tried to hide his disgust when she mentioned about cutting them.

His hand hovered there, and the world came to a standstill as she waited to see what he would do. After what felt like forever, he let his hand gingerly fall back to his side. Burning disappointment washed over her, yet at the same time, she'd learnt something.
He hesitated.
It was as if he was afraid to touch her, which maybe meant that he still wanted to. He'd had to hold himself back.

She knew there was a bruise on her face, near her forehead, she received the injury from Lyric when he knocked her unconscious and attached a device on her head. Amy slowly tipped her head back so that the hedgehogs made eye contact. Most of her quills fell back from her face except one strand. Sonic's hand trembled once again, and a craving desire within her that hadn't died, hoped that he'd reach out further. His hand steadied. Her excitement faded.

"Does it hurt?" He asked. The scent of wildlife attached to him mixed with his sweat, consumed her. Gosh, she wished he had touched her.

"No," she lied.

"It doesn't look that bad," he told her. "It'll heal."

"I hate him," Amy said, astonished at just how much venom those three words held.

"Hates a bit of a strong word," he said gently.

"But I do."

"He's our enemy, I know. But you don't have time to hate on anyone," Sonics voice was still kind. "You haven't been bothered about Lyric before, so why get worked up over him now?"

Outrage joined her other emotions that were stripped bare. The darkness inside her heart began to unfurl. "He gave me a bruise and made me fall unconscious on purpose. Why am I the only one who can see that?"

"But we came to your rescue right?" He said, voice hard. "You should be thankful that we got there in time."

"What are you implying? That you wouldn't have come to get me?"

Sonic eyed Amy calmly. "Don't be silly, I've been saving you for most of your life."

Amy's frustration suddenly hit a breaking point, and she gave up trying to keep control. She was tired of being the one who got targeted and kidnapped, she wanted to desperately move on from being the girl in distress, but, she couldn't control the fact that she was the easiest target in the eyes of the villain, even after all these years.

Part of her knew that Sonic was trying to help, somewhere within her she knew he meant well, but she wasn't in the mood right now for jokes. She wished that he'd hold her and tell her not to worry. She craved for comfort, not to be bullied.

"Just stop it okay?" Amy demanded, hands on her hips.

"Stop what?"

"Stop treating me like a child. You don't talk to me like a real person, you never have done. Even after all these years you still act like you want to get away from me." She knew it wasn't fair to take her anger out on him, but she found herself practically shouting. "Before you argue back, yes I know we're training, but this is the first time you've been near me more than ten minutes. And I know you're not always this way. You are perfectly normal when you talk to Knuckles or Tails. But with me? It's a different story altogether. You don't care about me. You're just stuck in your stupid hero role."

He stared at her again, uncharacteristically surprised. "I don't care about you?"

"No." She was being very, very petty. And she knew that, she knew the truth. But she just couldn't help herself though, she wanted a reaction from him. The insults kept coming and coming like a water streaming down a pipe. Amy jabbed his chest with her finger. "I'm like any other girl to you. Someone who you'll soon -"

The hand she'd hoped would touch her quills suddenly reached out and grabbed her pointing finger. He pinned it to the wall, and she was surprised to see a flare of emotion embedded in his emerald eyes. It wasn't exactly anger, it was more frustration and another kind that she couldn't identify.

"Don't tell me how I feel," the blue hedgehog growled.

"That's it, isn't it?" Amy could see that half of what she said was true. Sonic was always calm, even in a battle or even when he's knocking on doom's door and asking to be killed by the enemy. Never in her life had she'd seen him act hysterical.

"What?" Sonic said.

"You're always fighting for control."

"No." He said, still obviously worked up by her harsh words. "I learnt about control a long time ago."

Something about this new piece of information amused Amy. "No." She informed him. "You haven't. You put on a brave face, and the majority of the time you are in control. But sometimes..." the female leant forward, lowering her voice. "You want to embrace that part of you thats wild. You would love to lose control if the opportunity came."


She could see his labored breathing and knew instantly that his heart was pumping very hard, as swiftly as hers. And he wasn't attempting to pull away. She knew this was wrong - on so many different levels. She knew all the logical reasons for them staying apart. But in this moment in time, Amy didn't care at all. She didn't want to control herself. She didn't want to be good.

Before Sonic realized what was happening. Amy kissed him hard. Their lips met, and when she felt him kiss her back, she knew she was right. The blue blur pressed himself closer than skin would allow, trapping her between him and the wall. He snaked his fingers between the gaps between hers, holding her hand, whilst his other one slivered behind her head, sliding into her quills. The kiss was filled with so much intensity, it made Amy feel dizzy. It held anger, raw passion, release...

Up to the point where he was the first to break away. Sonic jerked from her and traveled several steps back in a hurry, looking shocked and traumatized.

"Do not do that again," he said stiffly.

"Don't kiss me back then," Amy couldn't stop her mischievous smile growing.

Sonic stared at the pink hedgehog for what seemed like forever. "I don't treat you like a kid. I do talk to you normally. And I don't want to get away from you all the time. I'm just trying to protect you."

"You're doing a great job," Amy said bitterly.

He closed his eyes for half a second, exhaled, and muttered something that was too soft for anyone to hear. Without another glance towards her direction, he turned and sped away.