Notes: based after episode 6 of Sonic Boom where Sonic gave Amy permission to decorate his shack, I had an idea for a SonAmy moment where they could slow dance in the show and come close to a kiss but it doesn't happen. I like making these characters suffer that's just me. :D Hope you enjoy it. Also inspired by Ed Sheeran's song "Thinking Out Loud".


Sonic was all for things that were unique. He was the type of guy who liked to stand out from the crowd and be proud of it. He enjoyed being out of the ordinary and rarely tried to follow a pack. But when it came to his shack, he preferred to keep that in its original state. It had colorless walls with a few cobwebs growing in the corners, and occasionally you'd find the odd speck of dust. That shack was the place where he kept all his possessions, such as his coconut collection - which he specifically said was off limits.

But did she listen?

Of course not.

Despite his gentle warning she still touched his prideful collection. The fact was he didn't want it being moved around, so when he got to the shack to see how Amy was doing, he paused momentarily in the doorway before entering, gawking at a certain spot near the back wall where there'd usually be a shelf with coconuts on it.

"Bang bang into the roooom," a voice wailed from the floor, it was so close it made him jump. "Bang bang all over yoooou..."

He looked down and saw the particular girl he was looking for. Amy was on all fours holding a dirty rag in her left hand and singing from the top of her lungs. She wore a plain t-shirt that looked two sizes too big. It was filthy, and sloppy-wet which made it droop halfway to the floor. To match, her legs were dressed in dirty jeans that hugged tightly to her hips. Even that dragged behind her. He then saw the bucket next to the hand holding the rag, it clicked in his brain that she was scrubbing the floors until her little hearts content.

Amy tried hard not to enjoy the lifting of months of grime, seeing the subtle colors of each floorboard reappear as she scooped up the dirty rag in the bucket again. There was a boombox on the floor near the empty shelves, playing pop music in the background, it was the only company she had. Upon Sonic's arrival she stopped her chores immediately, sitting back on her heels and listened, as if waiting for him to give his feedback on her hard work.

"Where's my coconut collection?" Sonic asked. He noticed that her quills were raggedy. Streaked with sweat and pushed to the side out of eyesight.

"Over there." Sonic followed Amy's pointing finger to see a mountain of coconut shells stacked in a corner. There were so many the top of the pile touched the bottom of the window pane.

"I thought I told you not to touch that." He noted to himself that none of the coconuts were damaged, much to his relief.

"They were in my way. Be thankful I didn't throw them in the bin," she said, dripping with sarcasm.

"You wouldn't dare." The hedgehog's emerald eyes widened as he looked at her more intently.

That caught her attention. She realized she was hitting one of his soft spots, because it wasn't often you saw Sonic getting defensive. Amy's brows perked up, sensing the drastic change in his attitude she slowly got up from the floor, refusing to avert her eyes as if they were competing in a staring competition. For some reason there was a tint of emotion in his face, more expression than she'd seen out of him during the last two days - but she didn't have time to dwell on this. Because for now, they were locked in battle.

"I really would." Amy snarled. Still holding onto the soaked rag she dumped it back into the bucket, then turned around to walk towards the coconut pile. As Sonic stared, Amy took her wet, sloppy hands, with their broken nails, the skin red from hot water and soap, and picked up one of his precious coconuts. "Who wouldn't want to get rid of ithis?/i Oh yeah - that would be you."

Without hesitation Sonic suddenly launched himself at her to grab the coconut. Amy sidestepped - giggling out of amusement. In her field of vision she saw the open doorway, a cunning plan formed. She turned on Sonic, and it was like nothing else in the universe existed except him. A familiar sensation followed when their gazes locked, and since the day they met that feeling became natural. But Amy wasn't going to let this stop her escape.

She lunged for the door. His eyes only had a moment to widen before diving in her way. She tried to duck beneath his arms, but failed. Effortlessly he ripped her away, hands clawing up her arms, he pinned them behind her back. These hands were strong, backed by muscles earned through years of training. His hold was firm but delicate, though it was enough to force her hands to release the coconut. Amy struggled against his hold. They were so closely matched but Sonic outweighed her more.

"Let me go!" The pink hedgehog whined like a child.

Sonic chuckled triumphantly as a toothy-grin almost touched the bottom of his eyes. Slowly, slowly Amy felt the energy in her body evaporate. She stopped fighting him. The warmth of his embrace made her relax, once realizing how close they really were. Sonic recognized the immediate change and relaxed his hold as well, turning her around to face him. Her cheeks turned tomato red when his hand touched the side of her face, his fingers light on her skin. Whilst his spare arm tucked itself around her waist, cradling her. The blazing sun beamed through the window like a spotlight, deluging them and reflecting off the dust that lingered in the air.

Amy slipped into his arms. She enjoyed the softness of his fur and the sweet smell of him. A much slower song started to play from the boombox, which set emotions on fire. Emotions so deep from their past that have taught them to appreciate the present and to savor each touch and sensation. The blue hedgehog turned her head to the side so she could rest her cheek against his chest. The steady sound of his heartbeat rumbled through his ribs, soothing her wild, creative mind.

As she moved closer in his arms, in one motion he hoisted her up, placing her feet on top of his shoes. Sonic squeezed her giving his warmth and strength. Then Amy laughed at the blue hedgehog as he swung sideways with her balancing on his feet. The fingers that cupped her cheek threaded through her left hand, filling the gaps between like a perfect puzzle piece.

"And you tell me you don't dance." You could hear the grin in his low voice. Neither of them hurried the dance, but simply took pleasure in being close and knowing they will have no boundaries between them during, or after the dance ended.

"Well I don't have control of my feet right now, do I?" She said, glancing down. Chuckling, Sonic lifted her off his feet back onto the ground, their hands still linked together as tightly as a constrictor knot. Then he raised her right arm above her head in time with the music twirling her like a spinning ballerina inside a jewelry box. Amy went with the flow, grinning as he gently pulled her back into his arms again afterwards.

This moment reminded Amy of the time when her friends were invited to a ball. She remembered the way everyone was dressed so elegantly. She wore a dark purple dress and long, white gloves covering her hands and elbows. That night she was responsible for introducing Sticks the badger into the room, and she remembered looking up the stairs with the eyes of jealousy as sharp as ever, for she had her arm looped through Sonic's.

That selfish part of her wanted Sonic for herself - despite the fact she knew that introducing her friend was all for show. During the time Amy knew him the only contact he gave her was a quick hug, and that was one time. In the ballroom he seemed more than happy to link arms with Sticks, someone who was more crazier than her.

He probably still considers me as a friend, the thought passed through her mind and she frowned. She felt like she was hanging by a thread, deciding if she should climb or let herself fall. With him she was always second guessing - it was a vicious cycle she lived with for as long as she could remember. However as Amy grew older she decided to change her attitude and play 'hard-to-get', but whether that was working or not, there was no way of telling.

She loved him, freely and unconditionally. There was no denying it as much as she tried. Amy knew she loved him from the moment when "home" went from being a place to being a person.

"This is silly," She sighed. Sonic looked down at her puzzled, but he didn't open up to protest. "You've never acted this way towards me before, so whats made today so different?"

"I really did think you looked pretty." He said suddenly, there was a strange quality in his voice that sounded so foreign it forced her to look up.


"At the ball a few days ago. I thought you looked pretty wearing the dress, so much so I started to panic."

"Well you can relax. Just because you thought I looked pretty doesn't mean we have to spent every minute together." There was a pause and momentarily Sonic glanced down at Amy, taking her in like a sponge. A small smile tainted his lips before saying, "Was you hoping we would?"

"I'm always hoping." That kind of came out in a rush and Amy regretted saying it in the way she did. It made her sound desperate and petty, though quickly she composed herself by sucking in a huge breath. "Sonic," she hoped there wasn't too much emotion in her voice. She didn't want to scare him like she did in the past. "There's something else I've been wanting to say but before I do I just...I want you to know that you don't have to say it back, I know your not ready and I don't want you to say it just because you feel like-"

"I love you too."

With that one sentence, everything in her world shattered. Time slowed to one beat of a pulse. The world became his eyes, his voice. This wasn't real. None of it could be real. It felt like a dream. She resisted the urge to close her eyes and pinch herself to see if she'd wake up moments later. But no, that wasn't the case. No matter how unbelievable it all seemed, this was no dream. This was reality. This was flesh and blood. Sonic took pleasure in watching her jaw drop open, too flabbergasted to breathe. The words she's been longing to hear from him for years finally came out, though she wasn't prepared for what those words would do to her emotionally.

"You said it..." Amy finally managed to say.

Sonic shrugged. "There's no denying that I have feelings for you that can't be explained in any other way."

It was then that Amy pressed her right palm against his cheek - eyes widening when he rubbed that cheek into her hand. "What are you-"

"Shh," Sonic soothed. Lifting her face up using two fingers under her chin. "Just go with it. I'm trying something new."

The blue blur searched those eyes in the soft sunlight that stretched through the window beside them. He loved the smell of her skin and the touch of her breath against his neck. Sonic moved closer, pulling Amy's face in at the same time, her body responded closing the gap. He heard her inhale sharply as if she was diving underwater, too eager to kiss him. However before their lips connected something heavy banged on the door.

"Sonic are you here?" Crap. Both hedgehogs wrenched themselves from each other as quickly as whiplash. Amy instantly dropped back onto her knees, throwing the rag out of the bucket and smacking it on the floor, whilst Sonic lunged for the door seconds before the intruder had the chance to open it.

"Yes, I'm here. What is it?" Sonic greeted a baffled echidna who reached out to turn the handle but was too slow to grab it. Knuckles stood in the door for a moment blinking rapidly. He glanced beyond Sonic's shoulder at the girl scrubbing the floor, she knew he was there, but she didn't make an attempt to acknowledge his presence. Her eyes remained glued to the rag clenched in a white-knuckled grip. When Sonic cleared his throat, the echidna's dilating eyes snapped back to his.

"Did I interrupt something?" Knuckles's suave tone was loud enough to reach her earshot. Amy jerked her head up to gape at him, and the muscular male snickered, unabashedly winking at the girl who shot back a glare. The blue hedgehog had a sudden, possessive urge to shield his female companion from all eyes and perhaps land a punch directly in the echidna's face for good measure.

"No, not at all! I came to make sure my coconut collection was safe." Trust Sonic to think of something on the spot. That seemed to be his specialty - even though what he said wasn't entirely the truth. Knuckles remained mute, regarding his friend carefully with an odd stare. After what seemed like the longest minute of his life, Sonic felt a wave of relief when Knuckles said, "right. Anyway I came by because Tails wants your help."

A cheerful smile crossed the blue hedgehog's face as he lifted a hand to pat the echidna's back, in the process he turned him around shoving him lightly out the door. Though before Sonic could follow he peered behind him, staring at the pink hedgehog who was already looking at him. A sly grin created a thin line on her lips, her jade orbs twinkled as their gazes locked. Sonic couldn't prevent his smile growing wider at the way she was looking at him.

"I'll see you later then." Amy said, her mouth parted to form a full lengthed smile showing off her teeth.

The blue blur turned away, leaving the door open on his way out. But just before he went completely out of earshot, Amy heard him say, "later than you think." His voice had a new shine to it, and it was full of mischief.