Headcanon: Sonic finds a case of marker pens in a variety of colors and out of boredom he and Amy have a pen fight, then end up drawing circles on each other, labeling the parts that they like. Until Sonic draws on Amy's mouth commenting on how he likes the look of her lips. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Again, this was requested and based off the Kissing Meme on Tumblr. I was so happy and surprised that KBSpeeding came into my ask box and was like "hey write me some SonAmy, number #14 Kiss along the hips". I've had two of my favorite Sonic writers asking me to write drabble for their entertainment. I'm cry with happy tears :'D

Enjoy! :3

Winter, an ordinary day in its late evening. Where the days were shortened and it got dark early. Outside was an unexpected gift of rain. The wet season didn't generally start for another fortnight but the skies don't lie. It wasn't a mean rain either, the type that got the streams running with pristine water from the drains.

Such a dull sight, Sonic thought with a tired expression, he would have run home by now if the rain hadn't appeared, heck–he still had that choice but didn't fancy getting soaked. So instead he sheltered inside Amy's house waiting for the weather to die down. With a sigh, the blue hedgehog turned away from the window, back to the couch behind him. Then stopped.

Out of the corner of his eyesight, Sonic unknowingly looked back twice at a desk pushed underneath the pane of the window, for what he saw was a smear of purple ink on said desk. At first glance he thought it was a juice stain. At second glance he realized it was a trail of ink smudged across the surface. Sonic's gaze followed the line where it ended abruptly off the edge of the table, he looked down and discovered a pencil case that had a broken zip.

Kneeling down he inspected it, until curiosity got the better of him and picked it up with one hand. Pens clattered at his feet as they tumbled out the opening of the case, he watched some of them roll away in retreat under the desk, and some bounced off the floor but remained.

Just as Sonic was about to clear up the mess, soon enough he heard a door open and close behind him, all of a sudden he felt dread run through his chest, thinking that he was going to get caught doing something wrong. He shot a look over his shoulder where he saw Amy Rose come out of the bathroom, fully clothed and towel drying her quills, she was unaware of his linger presence, too focused on her raggedy appearance to notice him.

You know that feeling you get when you see something perfect and you get a sudden urge to destroy it? Sonic had that feeling right now. Looking at Amy's skin it looked as clean as a blanket of snow, which only encouraged his idea.

Many people would say he was cruel for thinking this, but how else was he going to kill some time? The rain ceased to stop and he was bored waiting for it.

The blue blur gathered the pens before standing up, he unscrewed the lid of a blue pen trying not to smirk while he did it. Amy was in the midst of brushing her quills when Sonic seized his chance to approach her.

"Hey, Ames!"

She turned away from her task, part of her quills stuck out from her head looking like a mad professor. sonic thought she looked good without wearing that cheap headband and kind of wondered why she wore it in the first place. However right now that didn't matter, Sonic was too focused on maintaining a cool attitude, trying not to give her any hints on what he was about to do.

"Hey Sonic," Amy smiled, pulling her brush through damp quills with much effort. "What's up?"

In one swift motion he revealed the blue pen from behind his back, then quickly moved his hand, brushing her cheek with the ink. Amy blinked in surprise and confusion, although straight afterwards her expression transitioned into a state of shock. Tossing the hair brush aside her hand jerked to her cheek, as if feeling for any damage.

"What was that for?" She exclaimed, offended.

Sonic finally allowed his grin to touch the bottom of his eyes. "No reason. I just felt like it."

There was a delicious moment where his golden victory was short-lived, because he didn't get a chance to react when Amy whipped out a black marker pen from her pocket and slashed the tip underneath his eye. The blue hedgehog recoiled, then gawked at her, stunned. It was her turn to feel proud and glorious.

"Don't underestimate my art skills!" Her giggles rolled out in waves, until she was in fits of laughter at Sonic's dumbfounded expression.

He certainly wasn't expecting that. And when he finally managed to compose himself, the fight was on. In an instant Sonic jabbed her arm, dragging his pen down her bicep into the crease of her elbow, Amy moved her arm and lunged, poking her weapon in any direction, she managed to prod his chest. Although clearly being the fastest, Sonic side-stepped to the left and she only managed to leave a dot instead of a line.

The fight escalated from that point. Every minute they tried to seize an opportunity to attack one another. Sonic drew on Amy's forehead. Amy drew on Sonic's shoulder. They never felt like they'd had enough fun until they were a curious mixture of numb, raw and bruised.

Amy was the first to raise her white flag, falling back onto her yellow couch and sinking into the warmth it provided. She smiled up at Sonic who invited himself next to her. They were covered in ink as both of them breathed, exhausted from chasing each other.

"That's the most fun I've had in ages." Amy chuckled, tilting her head back to grin at the ceiling. Sonic agreed, and their conversation grew thinner and thinner like balloon blown big.

In fact it was comfortable, a silence between two long-time friends. They enjoyed the warmth of companionship, rather than the noise of chattering incessantly as they sat on the coach, staring at the ceiling. Sonic lay on his back whereas Amy was sat with her legs crossed, head tilted and eyes closed.

He found himself watching her, a single pink quill fell as she inhaled. As a whole, her hair was a tangled mess of curls that it was now impossible to put a brush through it, but that didn't seem to faze her. Amy didn't care about her appearance because she was in front of Sonic. And in a way, that's a thing Sonic liked about her.

As that thought occurred he began studying the rest of her appearance aside from her quills: her chin, her cheeks. Nose. Ears. Hands. Shoulders…

The cyan teenager sat up, taking her in. With his blue pen he extended his hand and gently drew a circle on her neck, which caused her eyes to flutter open at the contact. "Not now sonic…" Amy groaned thinking that he was about to start another pen fight.

He shook his head, "I'm not gonna' hurt you." Idly, he began drawing butterflies on her collarbone. Before Amy could speak he said, "don't ask me why, but I like your neck."

Amy suppressed a smile. But sonic could tell from her blush that she really liked the attention. Her usual paleness had a rosiness to it. It was cute.

"Well…" she breathed, her voice barely above a whisper. She raised her own pen and drew an X on his cheek as if that was a place where hidden treasure was kept. "I like your cheeks."

Another circle was planted on her chin. "I like your chin," Sonic couldn't help but smile at that, thinking how silly that must sound, but it seemed to please Amy nevertheless.

A cross below his right eye. "I like your eyes."

"Yours are better." He liked the way her eyes were framed by long, ebony lashes, free of mascara. When she looked down, they nearly brushed her cheekbones, and the light cast shadows of her eyelashes onto her cheeks, creating long streaks like threads of silk.

Telling her this gave him a sense of satisfaction because she smiled sweetly at his compliment. Before moving her pen away from his face, placing it on his firm chest. "I like that part especially."

Unconsciously his gaze fell on her mouth, admiring it, and a suggestion of movement came from sonic to place his pen there. But hesitated. Sonic didn't say anything–didn't know what to say. He was peculiarly conscious of the girl sitting in front of him, her knee touching his.

Eventually, he pushed his uneasiness aside and drew a circle around Amy's lips. They stared back at each other for what seemed like hours until he finally dropped his gaze, "I like your mouth," his voice was quieter now, less sure. Sonic looked back up at Amy; a gentle flush of pink had arisen in his cheeks that made him look vulnerable.

Amy let out a tiny gasp of surprise before her gaze slid to the side. Then he pulled her against his chest. His nose tickled her ear. In that moment they both knew it was coming. A shy look before he pulled her face closer and their lips met.

Sonic's eyes fluttered shut and in the darkness he saw light exploding. Her lips were chapped, suddenly tasting the metallic tang of ink but he didn't care because all he could focus on was the warmth that quickly spread through his body. Amy's palms traveled from his arms around the back of his head, wrapping them tightly.

Boldness washed over him as he lifted her onto her back, against the softness of the coach. Amy grinned against his mouth, as her hands tangled themselves in his quills. During that time their kiss remained soft, gentle, and slow. They held it for a few seconds, before they began to dance in perfect sync. Sonic exhaled through his nose, not wanting to let go. Amy's scent was a drug devouring him with an overwhelming feeling of relief, combined with eccentric bliss.

Amy felt his lips softly leave her mouth and graze her slender neck. Her face heated. She summoned enough courage to meet his gaze. His emerald eyes twinkled.

"I like your mouth too," Amy purred, blue ink smeared around her lips from his assault. The blue hedgehog smirked, soon traveling down her front, he plants a trail of small kisses in areas of her body that he liked, naming them as he goes. The furthest he got was her hips, tickling the bone and part of him knew that she was ticklish there. Amy swallowed back the giggles that threatened to come out.

"Sonic," the girl hummed.

"Yeah?" Amy reached out cupping both cheeks in her sweaty palms, as she delicately draws his face close again. For some odd reason she loved the way he complied wordlessly.

"My lips are up here, doofus." The smirk grew over her face like a blossom, the faded blue ink stretching up into her dimples.

His chuckle caressed her cheeks until his eyes searched hers and he leans forward, Sonic's lips drawing near, Amy's parted to receive them. But he stopped inches away, once again his gaze drifted down to her mouth as though he was savoring the moment. "Who're you calling a doofus." Sonic purrs as his lips finally descend