A few lines of nearly-unreadable handwriting were scrawled under that date. That was it. It was about the fact that Sky had helped sell a few more books for his grandfather's charm books shop, which had secured two tickets to a popular Quidditch match - the Danish Dragons against the Bulgarian national team.

The five year old Sky had been excited about that famous match.

19TH APRIL 2005

A jolt rushed through Albus as he read the clearer, more defined handwriting, written nearly six years after the first entry.

For the week, me and my grandfather decided to travel up north, to see the magical city of Alagale; he insisted that we follow tradition and travel there the hard way - as a wolf.

Right now, I'm so bloody tired. It took us practically all day, and even then, grandfather wanted to climb up one of the towers. It was quite dark, but I think it was Rupert Alagale' s own tower. Trust grandfather to stick to 'tradition'.

He asked me if I knew how to repair cuts and bruises, using a potion.

Damn you, granddad! Of course I do! It's included on the list of mandatory potions we have to cover in the first year at Hogwarts. Trust him to test me like that. I resisted the urge to hand him the potion that I'd brewed before we went on the trip.

OK - I'll admit it - I did. Granddad went red. It was hilarious.

Albus traced these words, a wave of sadness washing over him with every single one. Each word was a last link to the ten year old boy who'd written this, unknowing of the pain that would come in future years. This Sky was so young and innocent.

Two years before Albus had been born, Sky had written these words.

4TH JUNE 2005

Grandad entrusted me with a secret that could alter all of time and history, as we know it. "Keep it safe, and wear it for as long as I tell you to..." were his exact words. A ring, plain gold.

I slipped it on, not really expecting anything and went to look in the mirror.

I had no reflection. It was terrifying, and I tried to resist the urge to poke Grandad in the side. Only when I got there, he said: "Take it off Sky, you've been wearing it all day."

Albus devoured the page swiftly. He deftly turned it and his heart skipped a beat. Taped to the next page was a Wizarding photo, black and white, of Sky aged eleven. His elegant grey eyes were jubilous, his dark hair glittering in the flash of the camera. A brief moment of joy, captured for all to see.

"Whatcha reading?" Sebastian asked, his familiar mane of mouse-brown hair poking out from the top bunk.

Albus snapped the journal shut. "Nothing," he answered quickly. Sebastian raised an eyebrow and frowned. "Okay, okay! I'm researching this bloke called Sky Ellis, and I found this in the inn we met in. Two Galleons, a downright bargain."

"Newspaper article?" Sebastian wondered. Albus nodded and stowed Sky's journal away into his rucksack. He made a silent promise to go back and read it when he had time.

The fighting practices outside the tent seemed to be getting louder. Yells of shock and anger coming nearer.

"OUT! GET OUT!" screamed a soldier, who'd stuck his head inside the tent. "They're coming!" He yanked Albus out and made for Sebastian, when he lurched, an arrow sticking out of his neck. He gasped and died.

That seemed to awaken Albus. With a jolt, he realized he had to snatch his rucksack back from the depths of the tent, otherwise his other possessions would be destroyed or stolen.

He sprinted furiously, his legs pumping, and opened his fist to grab the rucksack when-

"Stupefy!" roared a familar voice. Albus crumpled to the ground immediately, a steady dribble of blood issuing from a gash on his forehead. "Oh, bloody hell, I got the wrong person, Rose."

Albus tentatively opened his eyes and blinked a few twice, his eyes promptly adjusting to the gloominess of the tent that he seemed to be in. He could hear the rustle of canvas as the wind ruffled it gingerly.

"Finally," said that stern but familar voice again. Who was it? Albus wondered. It was maddening, losing the ability to recognise his friend or foe so early in the war. The stranger spoke again, this time, his cobalt grey eyes glimmering in the Cimmerian darkness. Albus frowned. "Albus? It's me, Oliver...don't you know who I am?"

"...No?" He suggested feebly. Who was Oliver?

"Sky's son. But in a different timeline. I found Androclus, Rose and Scorpious and we banded together to find you. Where the hell have you been? We've been looking for you all over Britain, and we put messages out in case you were listening in on the radio network-"

Albus' head was spinning - Oliver' words were roaring in his ears. He was Sky's son? But...how?

The man sighed, and held up a battered Time-Turner - one that Albus had never seen before. "I went back in time... and tried to change the things for the better. But still - what were you thinking of, joining the war?"

"I wanted revenge for Sky's death...can't you understand that?" Al snapped furiously. Nothing was making any sense.

There was a clatter and an angry withtake of breath as Oliver stood up, glaring at Albus. "Sky was never a good man. He sacrificed a lot of people for nothing, left his girlfriend almost destitute, played havoc with wizarding laws and your affections...He never meant any good...how can you possibly say you knew him?"

"Because I lived with him for seven years!" Albus yelled from his camp-bed. "And I loved him!"

There was a shocked silence after that. "...but I thought you said you didn't," Scorpious announced quietly. "On the first day of school in our final year."

Albus glowered at Scorpious. "I meant that I loved him as friend. I would've died for him, and he would've died for any of us! Even though...you thought he was a Slytherin through and through, Scorp, it never meant that it was true."

There was a harsh silence, punctuated only by the sound of people breathing. "So...everything that we heard was false?" Oliver asked quietly, his pale face gleaming in the darkness of the tent. "That Sky was gay? That Sky was a liar and a cheat? That Sky married Lily at-at Hogwarts?"

The air quivered with trepidation.

"Not everything," Albus replied solemnly.

Androclus stared at the dawn, tears rolling down his face. He missed his brother vastly, and he hadn't realized that he had so many faults. He glanced down at the inky black sword that he'd received from Albus...the one that had belonged to Sky. It was time to change everything...

But one thing struck him as odd-

Lily Potter cursed loudly, navigating her way around her unkempt bedroom. She was barely seventeen, had yet to go back for her final year at Hogwarts and was already considering buying her own flat in London, with Sky's money. A twinge of grief settled in her stomach, at the thought of Sky, and she sat down on her bed, clutching one of the many things he'd given her.

The memories of him were so strong here - and he'd gone off, heroically, as Albus had said, dying to protect her from- well, she wasn't so sure who the enemy was anymore. She hadn't caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror for weeks and the Potters avoided her.

She longed to go back to her old carefree days, where her life hadn't been so tragically messed up before Sky died, and she had twins.

Maybe... there was a way. She shook the thoughts out of her head. She had two twins to raise...Oliver and Jason. They needed a decent upbringing, before they met the Wizarding world properly. And...she still had their Christening to organize.

She sighed deeply and made a vow to herself. If I think about Sky again, I will...She trailed off, lost in thought.

There was a yellowed letter on her pillow. And on it, was Sky's handwriting. It seemed to be ancient - as if it had been written before...everything had happened. She gingerly reached towards it, and closed her eyes.

When she opened them, the letter was in her lap, and Oliver and Jason were gazing at her.

She knew what she had to do.

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