Our cherry blossom, laid on her bed, tears starting to fall.. It's already been a month since her family died in a car accident. Her friends thought that she had gone over it, and she thought so, too. But they were wrong! Piece-by-Piece, it would come back to haunt her again.

"Why did it have to be this way?!" she whispered softly to herself..

Lucky for her, her friends were there to cheer her up.


Tomoyo cried loudly in her soft violet bed.

"Mother. Why did you leave?!" she asked herself out loud. No one really knew why her mother left her one true daughter,

It's been three months before it happened. Tomoyo hid her true sorrow from everyone else, except herself and her friends.


Meilin have been pounding her pillow for the last forty-five minutes.. Her family, too, have died and Meilin have been scolding herself ever since it happened.

"I'm such a BAKA!!!" she yelled. She ran away from her family to Japan, Tomoeda. Her family has been searching for her and when they knew that she was in Japan living with Tomoyo and Sakura, they decided to come and take her. But on their way. the plane crashed.


The three girls have always been in full sorrow since the last few months and only Yamazaki, Chiharu, Naoko, Rika and Terada-sensei knew about this.

**The next day**

Sakura woke up, feeling alone. She then looked at the clock and her eyes went wide.

'5:50 in the morning. Quite early for me to wake up! Well, might as well go down since I can't sleep anymore..'

She went downstairs and decided to cook breakfast.


Tomoyo woke up; face all gloomy because of the tears of last night.

"Ugh!! School again." she mumbled, obviously today was Friday which was awfully weird for her to say that.

She ignored it, and went down stairs,


Meilin woke, not realizing that she fell asleep during her torture-the-pillow time.

"Great!! What a lovely morning to start with and of course with a little sorrow to do the trick!" she screamed.


On the way down, Meilin and Tomoyo bumped into each other,

"Ohayo." Tomoyo greeted stretching her arms,

"Ohayo." Meilin greeted back, yawning.

When they got to the kitchen, they saw Sakura cooking breakfast. And setting the table up,

"Good morning!" Sakura said, acting cheerful as possible

"Wow, Sakura! Your up early today..." Tomoyo teased

"Yeah!! Kinda shocking, isn't it?" Sakura snapped back,

"Well, hurry up! I'm starving." Meilin complained, the other girls laughed, ate their breakfast and went to get ready for school.


Yahoo!! Chapter 1 is done. Oh! And just to let you know, Sakura, Tomoyo and Meilin are living in the same apartment but in different rooms.. You know, in one apartment there is a room and inside that room there is still three rooms for S, T and M. And there are bathrooms, kitchen etc. etc..

Sakura and co. haven't met Syaoran and co. yet.. But they will in Chapter 2.. Hehe! *-*