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Note: I changed the spelling of Vocaloid to Vokal Lloyd as if it's some name of an important fictional European dude. Why? Well, because Vocaloid High School looks cheesy :P

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When my parents told me that I was going to attend Vokal Lloyd High School next semester, my stomach dropped. I had recently just finished a semester at private Crypton Academy so, of course I was devastated that I was going to transfer in the middle of my freshman year. Even so, that wasn't really the main reason. My cousin, who I hated since the day I was born (I don't know if that's possible but I seriously hate her that much), attends Vokal Lloyd. Despite my parent's encouragement of a possible change in her now, I know Neru has not changed. Like any normal teenage girl, I looked her up on Facebook and unfortunately for me, the bitch is pretty. Blonde, blue eyes, petite, but sassy, Neru Akita has still not accepted my friend request. I am a responsible and intelligent girl therefore I did not care, but as a female with natural female tendencies, I did not like her for she is a conceited bitch.

My parents still try to convince me that my cousin isn't as bad as I think but it would take my first day at Vokal Lloyd to prove them wrong or right.

And so here I am.

Standing before me are the familiar towers of my old high school's rival.

Vokal Lloyd High School.

Famous and infamous, Vokal Lloyd is known for many things than just academic excellence and state championships. Besides being obsessed with the school's performances in sports, it's the student body that makes Vokal Lloyd the school it is today.

"Rich, snobby, party-animal teenager infested shit hole."

That's what my best friend, Miki Furukawa said to me the night before.

"C'mon, Miki, I'm sure it's not THAT bad."

"Are you kidding me?! Do you not remember the last football game we went to? I swear, it was like a goddamn riot!"

I sigh.

Even though I have never experienced a full-on riot, last Fall's memorable homecoming game was the closest thing.

It was between Vokal Lloyd and my old school, Crypton High, so there was bound to be some tension. Though, I honestly didn't think that tension would result in a full-on outbreak of hollering students running left and right and swinging fists and kicks in and out of the field. Last thing I heard about that game was that it resulted in the cancellation of Vokal Lloyd's homecoming dance. Fortunately for us, we already had ours and our school received minimal punishments, but because of that, we were hated even more by Vokal Lloyd.

"Do you think they'll remember that, Miki?" I say worryingly to my best friend.

I hear her chew food on the other line.

"Can you please not eat while were talking?"

"Hey! YOU called ME, you can hang-up until I finish eating my bowel of cereal," Miki protests between chews.

"I couldn't wait. I'm too scared about tomorrow."

"Oh Miku, I know I might have come on a little too strong about dissing Vokal Lloyd but if I had to be logical about the situation, I'd say that it really won't be that bad. Vokal Lloyd is like any other high school. It's not like it has golden fucking toilets and the students are following a damn movie script. It's JUST high school, don't fret".

My lips curl into a smile and I swear it's the first time I've smiled since I received the news from my parents.

"Thanks Miki" I graciously say, "I'm lucky to have you."

"And don't you forget that," she replies.

I laugh at her comment but the thought of tomorrow is quick to overcome the moment with grief. I hate to start all over with friends and Miki's absence only makes it harder.

A bell suddenly rings and I'm brought back to reality. As I hear rushing footsteps around me, I start to approach the entrance of my new school but the sudden impact of someone against me stops my tracks. Flock of papers swarm around my fallen body and I curse myself for the horrific timing. Just when I feel confident, I am rewarded with a typical falling on my ass high school scene only to bring it down. All I need to do now is over-react this like a typical teenager and pretend like it's the end of the world for me. Before I give a rude comment to the dumbass that didn't watch their path, I'm met with clear blue eyes that belong to the cutest boy I ever laid eyes on.

My mouth just simply hangs open and I'm aware that I look like an idiot. I utter something but I can't tell what it is that I'm trying to say.

"Are you okay?"

Oh god. Oh my god, are you serious that something so cliché is about to happen? A cute guy bumps into me, asks me if I'm doing okay with sincerity in his voice and I fall for him just like that? I'm becoming a hypocrite of my own anti-teenage dream beliefs. Or is being young really this blissful? It's when I notice the cause of my fall closing up on my face that I finally react. I back up to further the distance between me and him but I can't get rid of the enormous rush of heat evident all over my face. I hear a chuckle and I'm convinced he notices as well. Actually, I'm sure everyone notices.

"Did you knock her that hard? What's wrong with you, Kaito?"

"Wrong with me?!" he shouts over his shoulder.


I repeat the name several times in my head to ensure I remember it.

"I don't know why she's acting all-

"I'm okay!"

I immediately get up and notice more of Kaito's features. He looks older than me. He's definitely not a freshman but he has boyish features that I thought faded in middle school. It's odd but he seems delicate yet strong in the masculine sense. His hair matches the color of his sapphire eyes and he takes notice of my intense stare upon them. Suddenly, he smirks and I begin to regret the obvious interest I have in him. In a cocky manner, he chuckles and looks back at his friends.

"Freshman," he says.

As soon as his friends start to laugh, I begin to feel stupid and angry. I start to grab my things, shoving random papers into my bag without checking if they're his or mine. He interferes by trying to assist me but I ignore the gesture.

"Hey, no, don't take that the wrong way, I mean as in your-

"Yeah, I get it!" I interrupt, "Freshman. It's soooo obvious I am one, huh?"

I rush my words and as soon as I grab the last pile of papers, I push past him with an annoyed huff. Embarrassed, I barge into the entrance of the school only to be met with a hallway full of hollering kids. I push past them, ignoring the fact that I just rudely passed in between a group of girls. I hear them shout back at me, one of them cursing loudly. A thought suddenly occurs and I laugh to myself. I haven't even been here for an hour and I'm already causing trouble.

'I miss Miki.'

I feel a knot form in the pit of my stomach as I think of my best friend. The sound of phones ringing and adults chatting away cut off my thoughts. There are a couple students surrounding me. Half of them are on their phones while others look around to gain the attention of the woman at the front desk. I glance around nervously as I search for another staff member to speak to but just as I am about to open my mouth, a familiar voice hollers my name.

"Miku Hatsune!"

I look up and I am met with a man twice my stature. It's Mr. Maury.

I smile back at him and he chuckles in response.

"Come in! Come in!"

A met Mr. Maury a week prior to the first day of school. He was assigned as my tour guide and was very excited to show off the school to both my parents. Since that day, I forgot most of everything he said but I remember him taking about the elective courses at Vokal Lloyd. I really want to join and work for the newspaper.

"Anyway, you'll be fine. Just join a club or a sport, making friends should be effortless," he says as he scribbles some signatures on some forms.

"Actually, I'm thinking of taking journalism."

Mr. Maury smiles at the enthusiasm in my voice.

"Do it! You don't know how happy I am to see students get involved here. I have to admit but we've received a decline in school spirit since that incident last year with Crypton High. OH! You're old school!"

He begins to laugh. I can't help but laugh uneasily. Mr. Maury notices and straightens up in his seat.

"No worries, no one will bother you about that and if they do, just let me know," He assures me. Suddenly, we begin to hear a commotion occur outside of Mr. Maury's office.

"What in the world is going on?" He asks as he stands up from his seat.

I turn toward the door and wonder. It's probably a student pissed off with the waiting time. Suddenly, the door swings and I'm met with a pair of cold-steel blue eyes. I can't seem to tear my eyes away from the stranger towering over me. Long blonde hair, black gauges in each earlobe, tattoos, a crop top showing off her toned stomach and navel piercing.

I can't remember if I even breathed or knew how to when I saw her.

"Hello, Maury!" she shouts as she slams the door behind her, "Might telling me why I'm taking Arts and Crafts? Am I special or something?!"

Mr. Maury maintains his cool and I begin to wonder if this girl knows him personally. To barge in like this in front of a figure of authority, this girl must be nuts or Mr. Maury just tolerates her that much.

Suddenly, the door opens slowly and the woman who was at the front desk appears. Shaken by the girl's outburst, she manages to ask Mr. Maury if he wants security involved. I gulp at the thought of such trouble and the girl chuckles.

"Really? Don't I have the right to be concerned about my classes? You guys are getting paid for each day I am here so I have the right to decide if coming here is worth it."

"Ms. Masuda! I advise you to sit down now!" Mr. Maury shouts.

The atmosphere thickens and the blonde girl hesitates to respond. Finally, she sits beside me and I avert eye contact when she glances my way. After a moment of silence, Mr. Maury sighs in relief.

"Thank you, Lily and Ms. Mota, no, I don't want security involved so please leave this to me. Thank you for your concern though."

Ms. Mota nods her head and disappears as the door slowly closes. As soon as I hear it click shut, Lily continues.

"I was being ignored so I took matters into my own hands. Ms. Mary Jane was being a rude B-word."

"First of all, patience Ms. Masuda and second, it's Ms. Mota, do not disrespect her name with such vulgarity."

Lily chuckles and I try not to do the same.

"Miku, I'm sorry about this. I didn't expect Lily to do this, at least not again," Mr. Maury says as he shuffles through some papers.

"I was about to end our conversation anyway but this…intrusion," he refers to Lily who only smiles in response, "unfortunately happened during our meeting, but anyway, just get to your homeroom, B133, and your classes will be given to you during that period. And please don't hesitate to visit me if anything or anyone bothers you."

I am relieved to finally have the opportunity to leave the awkward tension that surrounds me.

"Thank you so much Mr. Maury, I will definitely keep that in mind", I reply as I stand up from my seat.

From the corner of my eye, I notice Lily looking at me but I dare not make eye contact. Before I reach the door, Mr. Maury stops my tracks.

"Wait, Ms. Hatsune!"

I turn and glance at Lily before setting my eyes on Mr. Maury.

"Lily," he begins, "Why don't you escort Ms. Hastune to her homeroom?"

"What?" we both ask in unison.

"I-uh-No, that's okay!"

Lily's eyes start to wander on me.

"Fine," she says.

Mr. Maury laughs.

"That quick to say yes. Well, Miku is too cute to say no to, after all."

My face erupts into a shade of crimson. Just as I am able to protest to the idea, Lily gets up from her seat.

"She's not my type," she replies casually before smiling at my flustered state.

"Name's Lily, nice to meet you, pigtails".

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