AN I DONT OWN PERCY JACKSON. Hope you enjoy my take on Fem! Percy.

I haven't told anyone this before but I am going to tell you now. Call me crazy or insane, but I have already heard it.
I am about to tell you how I died.
The story starts when I went to camp for the first time. I was fourteen. Yet this isn't your average friendship bracelet camp no way. At Camp Half Blood you learn how to fight monsters. Pretty cool right? Oh I might as well start at the beginning.
My name is Persephone Crescent and I am the daughter of Artemis and Poseidon. Not like them together. Gross. I mean I used to be the demigod daughter of good old seaweed brain before Artemis blood adopted me. My birth mom was Sally Jackson until she died protecting me when I was a baby. I didn't take her last name because I hardly knew her. That would be like taking the name of your kindergarten teacher. Weird right?
Back to the point.
Artemis found me that night and I became her daughter. For the next fourteen years I traveled around the world with the hunters, developing the powers I got from Him and my mom. I can transform into animals of the wilderness, have skills with a bow, and can control water. Cool right? I don't have anything against Poseidon but seriously? Not one visit, heck he couldn't even spare me a postcard. I had been practicing with my water powers before Mom came back to camp.
"Girls we must go quickly! A monster is terrorizing a school nearby!" Artemis called out and we all quickly grabbed our bows. In my case it was twin daggers. I could shoot a bow but it was pitiful compared to my blade skills.
"Yes milady." Zoe, the Lieutenant of the Hunters, spoke. She was also one of my close friends. We arrived at the area quickly and spotted the demigods. It was a daughter of Zeus, daughter of Athena, and a son of Apollo along with the children of Hades.
"Permission to attack milady?" I jokingly asked mom. She smiled at me and the other Hunters laughed. I was the 'little sister' of the Hunt.
"Of course Daughter. Make us proud." Artemis said as I giggled before hoping next to the monster.
"Hello Dr. Thorn! Been a long time hasn't it?" I exclaimed. Thorn looked at me and was startled, dropping the Daughter of Hades. She shot me a grateful smile that I returned.
"You again! Jokes on you Hunters, you cannot interfere in mortal's lives." Thorn grinned triumphantly.
"Oh that is were you are wrong. You see, being a wild animal, you are a part of my Mother's domain and I may attack you. So let the game begin!" I smirked and dodged his tail. He growled as I threw a knife in his stomach. I leapt closer to him.
"Who are you working for?" I asked.
"Why would I tell you that?" Thorn said and took out my knife. I jumped back and threw my second one which he unfortunately dodged. Weaponless, I changed into a solid black wolf. My silver eyes glared at Thorn.
"Many tricks young Huntress but alas you don't know the rules. I want it. I take it." Thorn smirked before grabbing the Daughter of Athena. I cursed and transformed back into a human, but I was too late. Thorn grabbed the girl and jumped off the cliff. I glared at where he went before turning into a hawk. I flew down the cliff but couldn't see them. Depressed I went back to Mother.
"They didn't go down the cliff mom, sorry to disappoint." I sighed.
"Disappoint? Never! That demigod was a strong maiden she will live. We should talk to the others. Including the boy." Mother said kindly. I went over to the demigods.
"Hi! I am Persephone but please call me Percy! My sisters and I just wanted to talk to you and get your story." I said and they nodded before following me to our small camp.
"Hey sis! Got the demigods? I will take the girls to Lady Artemis." Zoe said to me.
"No way am I going with her!" Spat the punk looking girl in the group.
"How about you stay with me and the guys? Your companion can go with Zoe to talk to Mom!" I smiled and the girl smiled back.
"Fine. Do not be charmed by the male scum sister." Zoe told me before motioning for the daughter of Hades to follow her. I gave her an encouraging nod and off they went. Turning back to my companions I grinned.
"So what are your names?" I asked.
"Thalia." Said the spunky girl.
"Will Solace." Said the playboy. I mentally rolled my eyes. Just like his father.
"Nico Di Angelo. How many points is Artemis in Mythomagic? Are you really a wolf? How long have you been in the hunt? Are there really Gods? What is happening with my sister?" Asked the pale small kid. I laughed at him.
"Slow down there buddy. I don't play Mythomagic but my Mom is pretty strong. Yes I can be a wolf if I want, I have been in the hunt since I was a few weeks old, the Greek gods are real, and your sister is probably being recruited as the next member of the Hunt." I explained in one breath. Thalia looked at me.
"Why do you keep calling Lady Artemis Mom? She is a virgin goddess." Thalia asked curiously.
"Well my mom was killed by a pack of Hellhounds that Artemis was tracking. She saw me all alone and blood adopted me. Since then I have been a member of the Hunt and Artemis' only child. Say Nico how old are you?" grinned and Thalia grinned back.
"I just turned 14! Say if Bianca is recruited then will I ever see her again?" Nico asked, his dark brown eyes blinking. The question I was afraid of.
"Nico your sister might join a group of girls who hate males. You would probably only see her if we went to camp, a rare occurrence." I told him lightly. His eyes misted before he began to question the boy beside him. I could hear their conversation as I turned to Thalia.
"Who was that girl that fell off the cliff?"
"Is she a demigod?"
"Was she your friend?"
"Then why didn't you save her?"
"Because I couldn't."
I looked at the two and forced down a giggle. Nico was persistently badgering Will with questions while he tried to get away from the hyperactive son of Hades.
"Say Thalia why did you not want to go to meet mom? She is super nice?" I asked Thalia as she played with a canister of mace.
"I have meet the Hunters before. No offense but they rubbed me the wrong way." Thalia grumbled. Before I could question her further Mom came back with Bianca.
"Hunters and Demigods gather around! I must leave to hunt a monster by myself so Apollo will come take you all to camp. Also Hunters welcome your newest sister, Bianca Di Angelo!" Artemis said, her silky voice carrying across the crowd. I cheered.
"Woohoo! Sunshine is coming!" I exclaimed and did a small dance. Everyone laughed and Will looked at me confused.
"How do you know my dad?" He asked.
"Oh he is my pranking partner!" I exclaimed and after I said that a golden light touched the camp.
"Someone asked for a ride?" Apollo said innocently. Artemis glared and beside me Thalia sucked in a breath.
"He's hot." She murmured.
"You have no idea." I replied.
"I thought you can't be involved with men?" Thalia asked confused.
"Thals I can look at the menu, I just can't order!" I told her before pulling us into the sun bus and sitting next to Apollo.
"Hey Uncle!" I chirped and he laughed.
"How is my favorite niece? Oh you are my sister that got turned into a tree right? Man I always hate it when pretty girls get turned into trees." Apollo stated somberly while Thalia fought off a growing blush. I mentally laughed at her face and turned back to Apollo.
"Not like you have seen it before! Now do you have any ahem supplies?" I questioned.
"But of course! I just got the best rainbow bombs! I will give you your stash when we get to camp." He whispered.
"Hey Thalia wanna drive?" Apollo asked suddenly.
"Um no thanks." She replied, looking green.
"Come on just try!" Apollo urged as he put Thalia in front of the wheel. Turns out my cousin is a terrible driver. After what seemed like hours of Hades we finally arrived at Camp. Sort of.
"THALIA THE LAKE!" Apollo shrieked.
"I GOT IT GOLDEN BOY!" Thalia shouted back, freaked out.
"THE LAKE IS DEAD AHEAD!" Apollo screamed.
"I KNOW!" Thalia repeated. I closed my eyes, no way could Thalia pull off a smooth landing.
"HIT THE DECK WE'RE GOING IN THE LAKE!" Apollo announced before everything was muffled. I smiled and helped usher my friends out of the bus. Seeing everyone was floating I rose up out if the water and went to the beach.
"No offense but Thalia I will never let you drive again. Ever." I told her and dried everyone off.
"Here is your...stuff. See you later!" Apollo chucked me a bag and disappeared along with the bus.
"Sweet! Now Will, Nico, and Thalia I believe you should go tell Chiron about the mission." I stated before gesturing for Zoe to led the way. We walked through the camp and I got to know Bianca.
She had lived in the Lotus Casino for most of her life to hide from Zeus and she joined the hunt to gain freedom, not that she didn't love her brother who was only months younger than her. Once we all settled down in the Cabin I began to plan with Rin for Capture the Flag. Her real name was Rinigal, due to being born into a noble family centuries ago, but can you blame her for choosing a nickname? We had just gone over the strategy a fifth time and to be honest I think we would have impressed Athena's Cabin.
"I think we deserve a break! Who is up for some basketball?" I announced and everyone else smirked. We headed to the courts and picked team captains. Zoe and I. (AN In my mind there are like fifteen hunters so...yeah also there will be OCs but they won't be that big in the story!)
"You go first princess." I mocked with a bow at Zoe while she stuck her tongue out.
"And finally Uracillia." I announced and we split apart. Just as we were about to serve some males came up.
"Oh we are sorry, didn't know there was a photo shoot today." One said with a grin and wink in Naenia's direction. I growled and they backed up.
"Chill chill babe! All I wanted to do was get some!" Said the other one before the two burst out laughing. I looked to my left and saw a lake. Smirking I thrust my hand up. The water followed my lead and twisting until it wrapped up the boys.
"Still want some?" I asked innocently. My sisters barked out laughs and we watched the boys run away screaming. A conch horn blew and we all sighed.
"No basketball today. Oh well let's go eat!" I perked up and ran to the pavilion.
As the first one to arrive at our table I saw Thalia all alone.
"Hey Thals! Come join our table!" I yelled across the hall and everyone looked at me.
"I can't." Thalia replied with a sigh. I just laughed and stood up.
"Well then I am coming to you!" I teased, marching to her table and plopping down next to her.
"We have to sit at our godly parents table Percy." Thalia told me.
"Surely godly grandparent is close enough?" I joked. Thalia cracked a smile.
"I suppose." She replied acting like a snob.
"What's on your mind?" I suddenly asked.
"Just wondering how to beat you in capture the flag." Thalia teased while I stuck out my tongue. I heard from Hetalina that the hunters always win capture the flag. Always.
"Good luck with that..." I smirked and got up with Thalia to offer to the gods.
'To the goddess Hestia and goddess Artemis. May you always have the hope you need.' I thought and shoved my steak in the fire. It roared and I backed away. During dinner Thalia and I exchanged jokes along with our music taste.
"Do you know who Panic! At The Disco is?" I asked trying to control my excitement.
"Who doesn't? That is like...gospel." Thalia said slyly.
"Of course, it is so addictive! Worse than...nicotine." I winked and we burst out laughing.
"Attention heroes! Please prepare for Capture the Flag!" Chiron called out and I waved bye to Thalia before sitting next to my sisters.
"Give me five minutes for the traps and we should be good on defense." I told them and grabbed the bag Apollo gave me.
These campers wont know what hit them.


Lazily I swung my legs. The only person on defense out of all twenty hunters. Apparently, and I quote, 'You make the traps then you should supervise them.' Yeah Zoe can be harsh at times. Though I couldn't say it wasn't fun to watch an unsuspecting camper get hit in the face with a rainbow bomb or step on a modified mouse trap that springs them back a few yards like a catapult. Sometimes Hermes has way too much time on his hands. Across the creek I could see Zoe running towards me with a flag. Smirking I looked further.
Bad decision.
Way behind all the campers was the oracle. Moving like a zombie she walked towards Zoe. Zoe crossed the border and the Hunters cheered before the oracle began to glow an eery green and smoke emitted from her. Her voice rasped out a harsh prophecy.
"Five shall go west to the goddess in chains,
One shall be lost in the land without rain,
Campers and Hunters combined prevail,
The bane of Olympus shows the trail,
The titan's curse must one withstand,
And one shall perish by a parent's hand"
After Ms. Optimist finished speaking she fainted.
"Can someone take her back to the attic?" Chiron broke the silence.
"I can do it." I offer and look at Zoe. She nodded. Turning into a giant hawk I picked up the oracle and flew to the big house. The air was crisp but I couldn't savor it. I knew I was going to be one of the people of the prophecy. Zoe would only pick one camper, for she was untrusting of males, and I was one of her closest friends. After I climbed the stairs and set the oracle down I turned into a wolf and sprinted to the clearing. Luckily, everyone was still there.
"Zoe have you decided on your quest members?" Chiron asked kindly.
"Yes. Bianca, Phoebe, Hetalina, and Percy." Zoe replied.
"ZoZo you gotta have at least one camper." I sighed. Zoe just laughed and walked off. I turned to Chiron.
"I am really sorry about that. She is my friend but she can be stubborn. Don't worry about the camper I will find a way to bring one." I explained to him.
"It's okay young hero! I trust you, Artemis doesn't pick anyone to be her daughter." Chiron laughed with a wink. I smiled at him and went to go pack.
This was not going to be easy.