Every piece of this is completely, 100% true.

I thought I was just normal. It was nice, being normal. I went to school, hung out with friends, played with robots and occasionally set things on fire during summers using chemistry. I was that smart, nerdy girl who was socially awkward and preferred to sit inside and read than go party. I loved it, my life. I loved school, sitting at lunch where my friends would crack me up with a well-placed remark at every turn. I loved playing in the orchestra or with church or for fun. I loved programming little joke viruses to infect computers with. I loved playing with my cats. I loved my job. I didn't even apply! I was paid to play with robots and Arduinos. ROBOTS!

Within my group of friends, we all had a specialty. We all had our quirks. One was the mathematician/linguist who enjoyed trying to get me to say two in Swedish because I can't pronounce it at all and any attempt ends with a hysterical butchering of the poor word. He and his twin sister had a weird sense of humor and enjoy pranks and teasing people. Another walked with his camera at his side, always filming or grabbing quick shots when no one noticed. I always did funny poses when I noticed and he was going to make my own album where I have my tongue sticking out. It was like our own little joke. Another was a perfectionist and was amazing at everything she did. She made herself my minder with another friend. They all kind of did.

You see, I was like the little, naïve kid of the bunch who had her head in fantasy world. For any fandom I was a part of I could tell you facts upon facts of information. For any piece of music from Harry Potter, I can listen to less than a minute of it and tell you which movie it was from. I can go on and on about the mythology behind Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and Percy Jackson. I can rattle off facts about actors that are obscure. I can write in Circular Gallifreyan and Tengwar without using a cheater sheet (though the Circular Gallifreyan takes a while). I also don't have a head to mouth filter and have difficulty picking up on social cues. This causes me too often come off as rude or horrible, but my friends took it all in stride.

I'm sure you're wondering what the point to all this is, but I'm getting there. I promise. I just wanted some background to be thrown in there. I think you get the gist though. Socially awkward teenage fan girl who is one of the biggest nerds you will ever meet (I'm serious, one date was spent making robots out of Legos) that basically is like any other fan girl out there.

Yet out of them all, for some reason, the unbelievable happened to me.