Hello coraline fans! This is storyteller54 here! Bringing my first Coraline FanFic. Now here's the thing, this is a crossover between my own personal story called Devilhunter, the story is actually posted on Wattpad. Devilhunter is the story of My Character Marcus Dupree. Now let's begin the FanFic.

Chapter 1 – a frightful first meeting

It I was stormy night, lighting flashed and the rain was pouring down fiercely, making fog appear around the streets. Thunder roared, and the lighting flashed more violently lighting up dark areas around town.

One person was running through the rain as quickly as she could. Her hair was dark blue and she wore a bright yellow rain coat that covered her upper body.

She ran as fast as she could down the sidewalks. Waters splashing everywhere making it hit her legs. She stopped and looked around trying to see her surroundings; it was very difficult to, due to the heavy rain.

"Jeez…this stupid storm!" she whispered under breath as she ran across the road to the other sidewalk and continued on. Suddenly Coraline made a shocked expression, as if she just witnessed a killing.

A cruel and sinister voice was ringing around her ears. A deep and devilish voice roamed around her ears. She took a deep breath and turned around; she looks around the area around her breathing heavily.

She slowly scanned her eyes around the area not seeing anything.

She then turned around ran as fast as she could back down path she was going.

She finally arrived at her home. She quickly grabs the door knob and opens her door and slams it behind her and lets out a huge sigh of relief.

"Finally…god I'm soaked," Coraline said taking off her rain coat and putting It on the coat hanger.

"Coraline?" her mother said from the kitchen.

"I'm alright mom! I didn't expect to rain!" Coraline said coming into the kitchen and sitting at the table.

"That was actually pretty unexpected. The weather man didn't say anything about a storm," her mother said cooking dinner.

"Oh those weather men don't know what they're talking about anymore," coralines father said coming into the kitchen and sitting at the end of the table.

"They are doing a bad job with things lately," Coralines mother said stirring the soup that she was making.

Coraline then went into a deep thought about what she heard when she was heading home. She thought about that inhumanly voice that sounded so terrifying. It made coraline shiver badly.

Her father looked at coraline with a concerned expression "Coraline? Are you ok?" he asked softly.

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine dad," she responded with slight hesitation.

"Are you sure? I mean it was really pouring out there,"

"I'm pretty sure I'm ok dad, no need to worry,"

Her dad nodded and picked up the news paper and started to read. Coraline looked down at the table and got up from her seat. Her mother turned at looked at her.

"Coraline?" she said.

"I think I'm going to skip dinner tonight. I'm going to go and rest a bit," Coraline said hurrying upstairs. Her mother and father looked at each other with worried expressions wondering what's wrong with her.

Coraline sat in her bed and looked out the window. The storm was starting to slow down a bit along with the wind. It was just rain, lighting, and thunder now. Coraline started to yawn, she was getting tired. So she decided to go to sleep.

After awhile Coraline drifted off to sleep. She lay peacefully in her bed taking light breaths. Then, she felt this intense cold breeze go around her neck. Coraline quickly woke up and looked around her room, touching her neck feeling if there was anything on it.

"w-what was that?" she whispered with fear in her voice. She looked around to see if there was anything around in her room. She breathed heavily, she got out of her bed then looked out the window to see the storm was over, then she looked down at the ground outside her window, she sees a boy crouched up by a fence with his face buried in his knees.

"How long has he been out there?" she said to herself. She opened the door to her room and went outside with her rain coat around her. She slowly stepped close to the boy and kneeled down to his level.

"Hey, are you ok?" she asked softly.

The boy didn't respond. His skin was extremely pail. His hair was black with a mixture of tan blond. She could hear the boy breathing heavily, clinching his pants tightly.

"Hey…what's wrong? Are you hurt?"

The boy slowly raised his head. He didn't have any eyes, it was nothing but a pitched black holes. Coraline made a loud gasp and fell back with her eyes widen staring at the kid.

The boy got to her feet and slowly walked towards Coraline.

"Give…me…you're…soul!" said the child.

Coraline started taking deep breathes panicking widely then got to her feet and ran to the back door to the house. The Childs hand transformed into big thick demonic arm and grabs Coraline by her leg.

Coraline fell face first into the muddy ground and turned around seeing the child give a demonic smile at her. The Childs arm started to retract forward pulling Coraline closer to him. The Childs other arm went around Coralines neck and covered her mouth tightly.

Coraline struggled kicking her legs around and putting her hands around the Childs monstrous hand. She opened her eyes a little, as she started to lose her breath.

Suddenly the demonic boy screamed in pain. Coraline dropped to the ground and the boys arm disappeared. Coraline fell to the ground coughing and gasping for air and breathing heavily.

She then shifted her eyes up, looking at a boy dressed in full black carrying a katana. He turned around looked at Coraline then quickly looked at the demonic boy.

The demonic child let out a screeching roar and launched at the boy. It all happened so fast. The boy was suddenly behind the demonic boy in sword stance, and the demonic child had strange expression across his face. He let out another loud scream and the exploded into dust.

The boy put his sword back into his scabbard and turned around to Coraline and walked towards her. Croaline crawled back, and she started to feel light headed. She tried to shake it off but then her eyes felt heavy and she then fainted to ground.

"Interesting," the boy said kneeling down to her "I guess she was right after all. There are more people like me out there in the world."

Next chapter the boy revealed. End of Chapter 1