Last time on Total Drama Preview; Our campers thought it was over but once again Owen started the challenge to gain a million dollars. Owen, I love how you allow my fun to continue on. The cast watched as new teams were made with Heather working Naruto and his girlfriend Bridgette, and Harold first working with Geoff until even the party dude got tired of him. We watch crazy antics that snowballed out of control, Lindsay and Beth both be blind idiots, Trent acting crazier than before and we saw my boy play to others for fools.

("Oh, I know. I'll hold on it when you guys figure it out, dattebayo."

"Thanks, man!"


Ha! That's my boy! Anyways we see them lose the case and a series of event that leads to no one the winner. Well Harold manage to get himself on Kushina's watch list for making her angry. I hope he messes up so Kushina can take it out on him instead of me. Then the final bomb was dropped for the campers as I did a press conference to tell that Naruto is my son. Now as much fun as it was to see their reactions, it wasn't a much shock for our viewers. Can't win them all. But now we watch as the campers are on break to relax before we see them go through hell again in a new season, with more campers to add to the fun. Will we see the home lives of our cast? How accurate is it and more importantly will I be in it? Find out right now on Total…Drama…Preview!

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The campers watched as the screen showed a house where Naruto and Heather were getting out of a cab.

(Day One: Naruto and Heather)

The redhead takes his duffel bags out of the cab, he can hear a soft pattering of footsteps behind him and Naruto smiled as soon as he hears the voice. "Onii-chan!" The redhead turns around and catches a five-year old girl. The girl has short black hair and was wearing a purple frilly dress.

"Who's that?" Bridgette asked.

"My little sister," Heather said, part of her surprise they are showing her home and family.

"Hey, Sun-chan." Naruto grinned at the giggling girl as Heather's parents came out of their house with ten-year old boy, "Did you miss me and your onee-chan, dattebayo?"

"Yeah!" The girl nods as Heather give her parents a hug and send a glare at her little brother.

"Welcome home, Naruto." The man smiled at the redhead, "It felt like we don't see you two for a long time."

"Same here, Tim-Ojisan." Naruto chuckled, hands Heather's sister to the queen bee.

"Come here!" The woman pulls the redhead in hug as she turns her head to her daughter, "I just made you two some lunch inside."

Kushina smiled here, seeing that at least Heather's family has been helping out Naruto even when she… She shook her head, knowing that it wasn't different for her as their families were close and would help the other in time of need. Chris noticed this and smile slightly. While he knew he missed most of their lives he was happy they had someone watching over them both.

The other campers watch, surprise at how Heather's family was with them. They recall their counterparts saying they were close but to see it was something else.

"Who's that, Sun-hi?" Heather asked as she pointed at drawn stick figure on a white paper and Sun-hi pointed at the queen bee. "Oh, then why is there an orange color on my head?"

"Your hat!" Sun-hi grinned widely and Heather smiled at her.

"She's smiling," Beth whispered to Lindsay, "and it's not a mean smile or that she wants something."

"I didn't know that was possible," Lindsay added, just as amazed and she wasn't the only one.

"I really like this episode where you hunt everyone down!" The boy laughed with the redhead, "It was so awesome!"

"Glad you think so, Ike, dattebayo." Naruto chuckled before turns to Heather's mother, "Thank, Mee-Yoo-obachan, for the food."

"No problem." Mee-Yoo gives him a smile before it turns into a smirk, "Tell me about this girl, Bridgette was it?" The family laughed at the redhead's blushing face, never noticed the scowling queen bee and confusing little girl.

Heather scowled at that reminder and hope that the surfer's counterpart didn't come around their house. If she did she hoped her counterpart gave her hell. Bridgette felt a shiver go down her spine for some reason and she didn't like it.


The geek rubbed his head with lightly blush and glanced at his shocking parents as they stared at Katie. It turns out they lived two hours away from each other and they both don't know about it until they came home. "It's nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson." The tanned girl giggled as she wrapped her arms around Cody's arm, "I'm Katie Carwyn."

"…You got a girlfriend? SINCE WHEN?!" His parents cried out in unison.

Cody just faced palmed, not at all surprise by this. He felt for is counterpart, he really did. Noah patted his friend's back which Cody was glad for.


"…His last name is…Waffle?" Paula blinked at the smiling bombshell, "…That's…weird…"

"Whose last name is Waffle?" Tyler asked, wondering what his girl was talking about.

"Mine," Owen answered, not at all concerned. That was then Tyler remembered that Lindsay's counterpart was dating the larger male.

"Not really, I think it's so unique!" Lindsay giggled, clapping her hands.

"Calm down, Peter, I'm sure Owen Waffle is a nice boy." The mother sighed at her fuming husband.

"No one is good for my little girls! Felicity, why do they have to grow up?!" Peter sobbed on his wife's shoulder, earning eyerolls from Paula and Felicity.

Tyler gulped, reminded how Lindsay's father didn't seem to like him though from the looks of it he is like that for every guy interested in his daughters.

"Lindsay Waffle…Sound like it's a good name!" The bombshell squealed, never noticed her father fainted with foaming mouth.




"Daddy!" Lindsay called out while the other campers just stared at the counterpart's bold claim. Even Chris and Chef were stunned by this. Kushina however cheered, "you go for it girl, dattebane!"

Tyler himself slumped over in a faint. He can handle Lindsay dating Owen (kinda) but hearing her practically say she was going to marry him was too much.


The farmer boy cowered with his father, sweating under the glare of his mama with frying pan in her hand. "…You two are going to get a good talk from me, boys…"

"N-N-Not the frying pan, dear!"

"DON'T YOU 'DEAR' ME!" She swings the frying pan at the screaming males.

Here Eva smirked, "Okay it's good to see him getting what's coming to him."

"He did deserve that," Courtney agreed, wondering if that actually happen here after Total Drama Island.


The nerd sweating under the glares of his family, he just forgets that they watched the show. "Harold Napoleon!" His mother stomped, "You're grounded for two weeks! No technology!"

"B-But mom…"

"Don't you 'mom' me! I don't raise you to be a cheater and liar!"

Harold groaned hearing this. DJ noticed and asked, "Did that happen to you?"

Harold nodded, "for the two days before the new season started, I was grounded for what I did. I just had to take it after Action. Even if I won, I still would be grounded."

Courtney smirked hear, happy to hear justice in her opinion was served. She would rather he got in more trouble, but she will take what she can get.

"Honey's right." His father nodded, "Go to your room and think about what you did."

"Aww…" Harold shuffled to his room, ignoring his snickering siblings.

"Hey, Becky, want to rig his room with lullaby songs?"

"I like what you think, Matt." The siblings smirked at each other.

Harold glared at his siblings on the screen, knowing they would do the same thing. The rest of the cast chuckled at this, remembering the very challenge that gave Harold that. Naruto looked embarrassed but wasn't sorry for what he did.


"It sucks that you almost won the money." Pixie huffed as the goth friends sat together in living room, "But it must really suck to do another season with these weird people…Like this Trent guy."

"Ugh, don't remind me…" Gwen blew her hair up before her mother walk in the room with tray of freshly baked cookies.

"Chocolate-chip cookies, anyone?"

"Thank, Ms. Summer." Reaper chuckled as he takes a piece of cookie and glanced at the groaning goth teal-haired girl. She will never live it down if someone from Total Drama show found out about her last name.

Gwen cursed under her breath as a few chuckled at her, Heather the loudest. She turned and glared at the queen bee while Naruto said, "I think it's a nice name."

This caused her to blush slightly while Heather scowled at her friend, "Shut up idiot."

"How many times do I have to tell you? Just call me Lulu." Lulu placed her hands on hip as she turns to Gwen, "Honey, have you seen Cody?"

Cody blinked hearing his name, "Huh?"

"My little brother," Gwen explained.

"Oh," Cody muttered before he slowly realized something, "ooooh."

"Yeah, he's in his room." Gwen muttered, "He's on skype with his friends, talking about the show." Lulu sighed and walks up the stair with some cookies for her son. The goth friends glanced at each other in silence and chewing on their cookies.




"…I hope we'll meet Naruto." Pixie smirked, "I want to ask him what it likes to be kissed by you."

Naruto chocked on his drink while Heather growled at the goth.

"Pixie!" Gwen shouted, earning some snickers from her friends.

"…Me too…" Marilyn nodded with blank face.


"Hey, ma, pa! I'm home!" The party boy called out before he groaned as soon as he saw his parents making out on the sofa.

"Faith, I love you!"

"I love you more, Jeff!"

"Have you been making out on this sofa for a whole month?" Geoff deadpanned at them.

Geoff sighed while everyone that knew Bridgette and him, was staring at them. Only Bridgette wasn't and that was due to meeting his parents before.

"Don't be silly, Geoff." Faith smiled, "We were in kitchen, living room, bedroom, bat…"

"Lalalalala, not listening!" Geoff screamed out, running to his room and his parents just shrugged before resuming their make-out.

Geoff covered his ears, so he didn't need to hear more while Bridgette patting his shoulder. Everyone else deadpan. "That explains soooo much," Trent muttered.

(Day Three: Justin)

"I'll take the contacts." The model grinned at the agent in front of him.

"…Seriously? We don't even start our discussion…" The agent facepalmed, why does his boss want to hire this guy…Oh right, something about how handsome Justin is…

Justin chuckled, recalling this after Total Drama Action, "That seems the same."

He didn't notice the others giving him deadpan looks. But everyone could agree they can see that coming.


The cooker licks his thumb to turn a page, take a few glances at the vibrating phone on table and raised his head to his boss. "Aren't you going to answer it?" Chef blinked at the sweating host.

"…Not yet…I'll wait a bit until ma chill out." Chris gulped.

Here Chris winced, knowing his mother would be mad how he kept her out of the loop when it comes to the reveal of Naruto. He noticed Kushina looked a little too amused by this.

"I'll answer it then…" The cooker grabbed it as he ignored his protesting boss, "Hello…" Chef screamed out in fear and holds the cell phone away from his ear before he hanged up on Chris' mother. "…She sounds so pissed off…"

"…Ugh!" The host faceplanted on his desk, maybe it was bad idea to have press first and let his ma find it out later…

"Well, on bright side, she won't nag you anymore about getting her a grandchild to spoil." The cooker muttered and Chris nodded at him.

'Memo to me,' Chris thought as he winced again. 'Let mom know of Kushina and Naruto…soon.'


The giant stares at the wall with gaping face before Momma slaps his head, snapping him out of his mind. "Momma?" DJ shakes the cobweb out of his head, "What happened?"

"You have been out of it for a few days since the press…" Momma sighed as DJ zoned out again for the fifth time, "This boy really take after his father."

DJ himself shrugged, "I can see that."

The others looked amused since they knew it would be shocking to them if they didn't have time to register the news before hand.


The farmer girl steals a few glances at a cutest guy she ever seen in her life, beside Justin, and the guy did the same things. When their eyes met, they glanced away from each other and kept reading their magazine. It kept went on for a few minutes until the boy speak up with a smile, "I'm Brady and you are…?"

"O-O-Oh, I'm Beth." She giggled nervously.

"Sorry for staring at you." Brady smiled, "You look kind of familiar to me but I can't remember where."

"Oh, maybe you saw me on a show." Beth shrugged.

"Really? I really don't watch a lot. Been bit busy lately with works." He admitted as he rubbed his neck, "What was the name of this show?"

"Total Drama Island." The farmer girl answered.

"Oh…Was it the one that got a lot of attention because of a press with the host and his kid?"

"Yeah, it was the one." Beth nods and they kept making small talks.

"Awww," Lindsay cooed, "you two are so cute."

Beth sighed, "Yeah, it was the first time I met Brady."

"I still can't believe she wasn't lying," Courtney muttered, getting nods from the others.


"Thank for the tea, Paige-san." Naruto sipped his tea, take a glance around the living room as Bridgette fidgeting in her seat next to him and her mother giggled at her antic. The surfer girl's mother wants to meet her first boyfriend in person and that was the reason why Naruto was in her house for.

Bridgette sighed, remember how her own mother was like when she and Geoff started dating. While she was embarrassed by her mother a few times before, she was actually alright with the many many times she was making out with Geoff on live TV.

"Oh, please call me Coral." Bridgette's mother smiled at the redhead.

"Um…Sure, dattebayo." Naruto scratched his head.

"Bridgette told me a bit about you." Coral glanced at her daughter as she takes a sip from her tea, "I want you to know that as long as you don't hurt her, I approve your relationship."

"Thank, Coral-san, this really means a lot to me." The redhead grinned at her, "I will never hurt her at all because I really like her a lot, dattebayo." The surfer girl blushed as Naruto give her one-side hug and lean against him.

"Awww," came from many of the girls watching. Bridgette herself was blushing at the claim as was Naruto. Heather growled, jealous at how her idiot was acting and wanting that herself.

"Good…But don't go and make kids yet, I'm too young to be a grandma." Coral smirked, caused the redhead to spit out his tea.

"MOM!" Bridgette shouted with red face.

The surfer groaned, "again mom?" She complained aloud, recalling how her mom did the same thing.

Geoff blushed, remember that as well. The rest were surprised by the statement, but none as much as the blushing and stuttering Naruto. Only one person had a different reaction. "…Don't listen to her! I want grand-babies Dattebane!"

"Kushina!" Both Chris and Heather shouted, neither one wanting that to happen for different reason.

"I'm so sorry about my mom…" The surfer girl sighed as they sat on the sand, facing the sea and watching the sunset.

"It's okay, dattebayo." Naruto chuckled, "I think she's awesome…beside the grill."

"Again, I'm sorry about that." Bridgette giggled as she rests her head on his shoulder, "What's your plan for the break?"

"Well, I'm going to visit Izzy, Owen, Gwen, and Chris then spend some time with Heat-chan's family since there's no circus in my town for few months, dattebayo." Naruto rubbed his head and Bridgette was little worried since he was going to visit Izzy but it must be not this bad…Hopeful.

Izzy herself giggled madly which didn't install much confidence in anyone.

"…I still can't believe that he's your father…" She muttered as the redhead chuckled, "How long will you stay here for?"

"Oh, just a couple hours until I go back home." He wrapped his arm around her, "Why did you ask me that?"

"So we can do that…" The surfer girl kissed him and starts to make out with him for a few hours.

Heather growled at seeing her idiot making out briefly for a few seconds before the screen change. She better not have to deal with that for long and her only consonance was the fact her idiot wasn't dating the surfer for real.

(Day 4: Owen)

"I'm David, his father."

"I'm Amanda, his mother."

"I'm Johnny."

"And I'm Gavin! Together we are…"

"The Waffle family! Whoo-hoo!" Owen cheered with his family as Naruto chuckled and Lindsay clapped her hands with smile.

"Woo!" Owen cheered, "It's cool that you guys get to see my family."

"They look nice dattebayo" Naruto said, smiling at seeing his friend's family.

"It's so nice to meet you!" The bombshell giggled and Amanda gives her a tight hug.

"Yeah, what she said, dattebayo." The redhead chuckled lightly, Owen's family was really interesting.

"We're so glad to meet you two, Owen kept telling us about you guys since he got home from this show." David smiled and gives them handshakes.

"Yeah, it was so awesome and I have a great time there!" The oaf nodded with a grin, "I really can't wait for another season! Whoo-hoo!"

"I'm gonna win this time!" Owen declares loudly.

"I seem to recall how you lost last season," Courtney reminded him. "And the final two was the same for our first season so I doubt that you will win when you didn't here."

"Last time we didn't have whiskers, and not all eliminations are the same." Duncan countered pointing to Noah who confirmed it. "Plus Chris is adding more to the cast. We can't say that Beth will win Action for sure. I could win instead or you or even Whiskers."

"Good point," Courtney admitted, wondering if she would actually be on the show itself and not have to force her way on. Either way she hoped her counterpart will win this time.

"He's going to win it again!" Gavin grinned, earning a nod from Johnny.

"Yeah!" Owen grinned at his brothers.

"Since we already introduced ourselves to you two…" Amanda clasped her hands together, "Let's eat!"

"WHOO-HOO!" The Waffle family cheered with Lindsay and Naruto chuckled at them, look like she will fit right in.

"They seem so nice," Lindsay said, happy her counterpart was having a good time.


"IKE KIM-SMITH, YOU ARE SO DEAD!" Heather shouted angrily as she chased her laughing brother and her parent shake their head, watching them ran past the living room. The reason why she was angry is because Ike just pulled a prank on her with feather and whip cream.

Heather screams loudly and harshly, causing many members of the cast to duck for cover for fear the anger would be turned upon them. Heather however turned and glared at Naruto, knowing full well who's fault it was.

Naruto looked nervous before he said, "Would it help if I said sorry?"

"Not on your life mister."

"Maybe it was bad idea to let Naruto teach Ike some pranks…" Tim chuckled nervously.

"It was your idea." Mee-Yoo smirked as she played with Sun-Hi, "You asked Naruto to teach him."


Naruto chuckled nervously at how his friend was acting but if he was truthful, he couldn't say he regret teaching Heather's brother how to pull pranks.

"Can I learn it with Onii-chan?" The little girl asked innocently, causing her parents to sweat lightly, one prankster child was bad enough and they don't want more pranksters to running around the house or Heather will explode big time.

"Don't even think about it idiot!"





"How many time do I has to tell you to leave my stuff alone?!"

"I don't take it!"

"You did!"

"No, it was her!"

"Hey! Don't blame me!"

'…Sisters…' Noah rolled his eyes as his sisters fought with each other over a used shampoo and focus on his book, why does his parent still want to make a big family. Five sisters and three brothers are enough for him and he knows that he won't survive another sibling on the way…He's doomed if it's another girl.

Noah just groaned, annoyed at the reminder of his family. "Thank god it was a boy, not that it helps much" he mutters aloud.

Everyone else was staring at him, wide eyed at the amount of kids in his family. "I pity the mother's hips," Gwen stated softly, getting nods from nearby girls that heard her.


"Thank you for coming to visit us even if it was short." David smiled with his wife as Naruto put his belt on in his old green van, "We did enjoy your company and you're welcome to visit us anytime when you have a chance."

"Thank, I'll call first before I drop by, dattebayo." Naruto chuckled.

"Here's a batch of brownies for the road." Amanda said as she hands him the paper plate with brownies, "Don't want you to go starve on your way back."

"Thank, Amanda-san." The redhead grinned and waved bye at the Waffle family as he pull out to drive away from them.

"Don't be stranger!" Johnny shouted out.

"Yeah!" Gavin joined his shouting brother.

"Now…Time for teasing Owen and his lady." David grinned with his family, never noticed the said couple sneaking away from them.

"I'm glad you had fun visiting Naru," Owen said, happy his family got along with his friend. He didn't even notice his counterpart escaped extra embarrassment.

"I'm sure I did dattebayo."

(Day 5: Chris)

"NOT THE FACE!" The host cried out, dodging the cane swing from his raging mother.

Chris winced here as well as several more times with each bite his counterpart received. The cast laughed at this, happy was getting a taste of his own medicine.

"YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT MY GRANDSON!" The elder lady swings her cane around, "AND YOU DON'T EVEN TAKE MY CALL AT ALL!"

"I'M SORRY, MA!" Chris screamed, running away from old lady.

"Don't say I told you so, boss." Chef muttered, watching his soap show and ignoring the crying of his boss.

"Shut it Chef!"

"In your face Dattebane!"

"Kushina! Why!?"


"…" The bodybuilder work out with her dumbbells and glanced at her parent.

"…" The father said nothing, working on his sit-ups.

"…" The mother also said nothing, raised herself on the lift-up bar.

"…Good talk, pa, ma." Eva grunted, dropping her dumbbells on the ground.

"Indeed." Her father nodded.

"Likewise." The woman smiled, her family always speaks in 'Strong Guys' language and only handful of them can understand what was going on in their workout room.

Eva herself nodded, easily understanding what was going on. The only other person that had a slight idea what was happen was Chef. The rest however looked confused or stared deadpan at the screen. "…I'm not even gonna bother," Noah muttered.


The punk gave out an groan and watch his girlfriend fighting with her parent about him, her parent hate him right off the bat because of his attitude…Plus she want to hire more lawyers to sue the pant off Chris for the wrongful elimination again and try to get in the second season. Why did he agreed to meet her parent, he won't have to listen to them fighting and all he just want was a good make-out with Princess…

Duncan groaned, recalling how Courtney's parents reacted when they first met him. He pitied his counterpart, he really did.


The musician kept adjusting his guitar and glanced at his phone, waiting for a call from a certain girl. He bet she must be busy catching up with her family and friends, but he didn't mind it since she will say yes to him soon. Trent strummed his guitar and starts to write a catchy song.

Trent sighed, feeling slightly bad for his guy. He knew his counterpart was acting a bit crazier than how he acted and agreed it wouldn't work for him and Gwen but he still felt for the guy.

(Day 8: Izzy)

"Red, you finally come!" The crazy girl glomp Naruto in midair and wrapped her legs around him. "I miss you so much! My family is dying to meet you!" Izzy giggled, shoving his head in her chest and ignoring his flailing arms.

"Sweetie, let the poor thing breath." The woman sighed.

Izzy giggled madly, wondering if that would be a fun thing to do with Red. Judging from his blushing face, he at least enjoyed it in her opinion. Izzy decided she would need to try that some time.

Heather noticed Izzy's grin and glint in her eyes, making the girl suspicious. She wasn't going to let Crazy do anything with her idiot.

"Whoops, sorry about that." The crazy girl jumped off the blushing redhead before gesturing at her family, "Meet my brother, Isaac, you know the one that have a fear of automobiles? That is my mama, Tiffany, and my papa, Arrie. Oh! Our last name is Quirke, it's Irish by the way." She starts to ramble on for a while.

"Um…Nice to meet you, guys…" Naruto rubbed his head, he really didn't know what to say after listened to Izzy's ramble.

"Uhhh," Cody said, not sure what else to say from the rambling. He wasn't the only one looking unsure as well.

"It's nice to meet you." Arrie grinned, "Do you like to drink sap?"


"Yes, Nani?" Naruto asked confused by the unexpected question.

"Oh, papa make the best sap drink, you should try it!" The crazy girl grinned.

"And he should try the frog apple pie!" Isaac chuckled.

"Wait, nani?!"

"Those taste sooo good together," Izzy explained, not seeing the grossed out looked of the others. Owen however tapped his chin in thought, wondering for the taste.

"…Guys, don't feed these to him." Tiffany deadpanned as she turns to the shocked redhead, "I'm sorry about them but you will get used to it soon or later."

"Yeah, looks like it." Naruto sighed before Izzy dragged him to her house.

Heather sighed "You're too nice idiot.

"Sorry Heat-Chan."


The jock was eating his lunch at the table, glancing at his parent. "Carly, be careful with the coffee." His father gulped, watching his wife pick up the pot of coffee.

"Don't worry, Miles, I won't slip agai…Whoops!" Carly tripped on her feet and tossed the hot pot in air. Tyler watch it flew in the air before it splashed all over his father, causing him to cry out in pain. "Sorry, dear!" His mother giggled nervously.

"I'll call hospital and tell them that you're on your way…again." Tyler said after swallowing his meat.

"…Why me…" Miles sobbed, he really loved his wife but he believe that Carly's clumsiness will kill him someday and he hope it won't happen to Tyler's future girlfriend or spouse since he inherited the clumsy nature from his mother.

Tyler winced seeing his dad get hurt again. He was used to it but still he felt for his old man. Chris open his mouth to say something before he closed it, finding it too much trouble to get into.


"Oh, and he was so totally cute but totally not my type." The chubby girl twirled her hair as she kept talking to Katie on phone, "Yeah, he was totally hit on me but I said, like, sorry but you're not totally my type. Yeah, I did! So girl, tell me how did it go with meeting Cody's parent? No way! I know they love you so much, you're totally awesome! No, you are! No, you are!"

"Thankful for the cheap phone plan…" Sadie's father sighed, earning a nod from his wife.

"Hey!" Sadie called out, crossing her arms in annoyance while Katie copied her and finished, "What's that's supposed it mean?"

Noah opened his mouth with a finger up, but after a few seconds pausing he lowered the finger and said, "no too easy."

Cody snickered next to him, knowing that's true.


The redhead glanced at the crazy girl as she grooming his hair with a wide grin on her face and blinked at her. "Um…Not that I'm complaining but why do I have to lie on your legs, dattebayo?" Naruto mumbling with lightly blush.

"Because I want to be your pillow and…" Izzy giggled as she pecked his forehead, "To do that."

"But you know I have girlfriend, right?" He attempts to get up but she forced him down with a wide grin.

"Yep! But I'm your mistress and don't worry, I won't go any farther." Izzy giggled as Naruto give out a sigh of relief, "Until you and Bridgette are interesting in threesome!"





"…NANI!" The redhead cried out with gaping red face and the crazy girl giggled at his face, she really loves to get different reactions out of him.

Naruto's face was bright red while Heather grinds her teeth in anger. Everyone else was either blushing or giving Izzy looks while the crazy girl in questioned giggled and was all for it. "Lucky bastard," Harold muttered lowly so no one else can hear him.

"Bye, Red." Izzy gave Naruto a tight hug, secretly planting an envelope in his jean's pocket.

"Bye, Izzy." The redhead chuckled as he turns to the family, "Bye, guys, it's nice to meet you, dattebayo."

"Are you sure that you don't want to try sap drink?" Arrie pouted.

"Or even frog apple pie?" Issac asked with puppy eyes.

"…I'm good, dattebayo." Naruto sweated.

"It's nice to meet you too, I'm glad to have a conversation with sane person for once." Tiffany sighed.

"I promise to call you to keep you sane, dattebayo." The redhead said seriously and the crazy girl's mother nods, she doesn't want to give in the craziness of her family.

Heather rolled her eyes, "Don't interact with the crazy idiot,"

"But they seem nice dattebayo."

It was late night when Naruto got back to his house from his drive and changed into his pajama before he notices an envelope, sticking out of his discarded jean. Naruto pick it up and glanced at it to see Izzy's name on it. "When did she put it there?" The redhead muttered to himself with a blink before he opened it and pulls out a picture. He stared at it for a while before he passed out with a nosebleed, dropping the picture of half-naked Izzy on the floor in process. Somewhere, a certain crazy girl giggled in her sleep.

Naruto blushed red as did most of the other guys since the screen showed the falling picture in full, revealing Izzy wearing only her skirt and questionable if she even wore anything underneath that. Heather was growling, eye twitching and about ready to launch herself at the crazy girl. Everyone else was staring at the giggling red head, all of them totally believing that she would actually do that. Chris tabbed his chin in thought, "Should I be concern?"

"Not at all," Kushina said with a giggle. She approved of the girl trying so hard to provide her grand babies. She glanced down at Heather who was looking more agitated by this and knew this might get the girl to confess to her son. Add a few hints of possible other girls starting to crush on him means a much greater chance for grandbabies and that made Kushina a very happy woman.

(Day 11: Leshawna)

"Ugh, I wish it don't come at all." The sassy girl groaned into her hands and her parent shakes their heads, she really doesn't want to do another season with a crazy host at all.

"I warned you to read the contact but you never listened. Did I warn her, Emmalyn?" Her father said.

"You did, John, you did." Emmalyn nodded.

"Oh, stuff it, dad!" Leshawna groaned, ignoring her laughing parent. Sometime she hates it when her parent rubbed it in her face.

Leshawna huffed, not liking to be reminded of that again from her father. It was bad enough the first time.


"Wow, it's you in person!" Cody stared at chuckling redhead in awe, "You really rock as the hunter and kick ass! It was so awesome! I like it when you make this nerd dude sing many times each time you ambushed him! Oh, oh! And this time when you kick this real psycho killer around like he was your bitch!"

"Cody, language!" Lulu frowned at her son, receiving a sheepish grin from him.

"Looks like you got your first fan." Gwen smirked.

"Yeah." Naruto chuckled as he tossed a piece of cookie in his mouth, "Thank for having me over, dattebayo."

Gwen shook her head, but a small smile showed she was slightly amused by how her baby brother was acting like a fanboy.

"You're welcome." Lulu smiled as she retreated to her kitchen, "If you excuse me, I'm going to make some lunch for later."

"No problem, my friends really want to meet you." The goth girl said as Cody asked the redhead for his autograph and Naruto signed it for him.

"Whoa, wait until the guys hear about it! Thank!" The boy ran up the stair with a wide grin.

"Your brother is awesome." Naruto grinned.

"Thank." Gwen smiled.

"He seems nice dattebayo," Naruto agreed.

Gwen smiled, "Nice to see he got someone to admire. Last time his favorite was Owen."

"Really?" Owen asked, blinking in surprise and pausing with food half way to his mouth. After a moment he beamed, "sweet!"


"No, no, no!" The CIT paced around the living room as she screamed into her phone, "You better win this case and get me on this damn show or I'll sue you with a new lawyer! Don't think you're a lawyer mean you won't get sued!"

"Alexander, it's your fault that she inherited your stubborn personality." The woman whispered to her husband.

"I know, Maya, I know." Alexander sighed, flipping through newspaper and ignoring his daughter as she keeps shouting at the poor lawyer on phone.

Courtney huff, her cheeks slightly read in embarrassment. Up above Chris had a deadpan look, 'great, this again.'


The redhead chuckled as Reaper was telling him a funny story about the goth friends' night out which end them up in an embarrassing situation. "So who bailed you guys out, dattebayo?" Naruto asked with a chuckle.

"Marilyn did." Gwen jerked her head to the said goth girl, earning a nod from her.

"Yeah, it was quite a night for us." Pixie smirked as she leans closer the redhead, "You should join us next time we have a night out…and if you're lucky, you will get smooch from Gwen."

"They seem like fun dattebayo," Naruto said with a grin, a small blush at the reminder of the kiss their counterparts had. "I wouldn't mind hanging out with them."

Next to him Heather growled, not wanting her idiot to stay anywhere near Gwen.

"Pixie!" The goth teal-haired girl shouted and the redhead blushed, the first kiss was still fresh in his head.

"I was just teasing." Pixie snickered, "But since Gwen won't give you a smooch, maybe you will get one from me and Marilyn."

"Yes." The bald goth girl nodded with blank expression.

"Marilyn! Pixie!" Gwen groaned, why do her friends like to tease so much.

"Oh, boy." Reaper rolled his eyes as the redhead stuttered at his goth friends, "Here we go again."

"Ahh…" Naruto said, not sure how to react to that.

The others were laughing at his counterpart's embarrassment, with only Heather being the one wanting this part to end.

(Day 13: Duncan)

"Say what?" The punk blinked at his aunt, "You know Naruto?"

"Wait what?" Duncan asked, completely stunned. "Whiskers knows my aunt?"

"Who?" Naruto asked, not following this.

"My aunt Lilly works as a detective," Duncan informed him, getting surprised looks all around. "kinda surprised you even know her. Or at least that Whiskers."

"Huh…" Naruto said with a thoughtful frown. "I wonder why?"

A few others remember early on about Naruto's near-death experience with an unknown stalker.

"Mmm." His aunt nodded, "He was in my case a few years ago. It's good to know that he's doing well now."

"Really?" Duncan blinked as he rubbed his head, "Um…Aunt Lilly, can you tell me a bit about this case?"

"Are you sure?"

"Pfft, I'm used to hearing a lot of cases from pa and ma." Duncan rolled his eyes, "Either you tell me or I'll break into the database again."

Duncan scoffed, "You think after the first seven times they up the security a little."

"Why am I not surprise?" Courtney said with a roll of her eyes, but a small smile forming as it was just like him to do that."

"Again?" Lilly smirked, "I still think it's irony that you are breaking the Rush family's tradition of long-line police."

"I think the force have enough Detective Rush." The punk snorted, "I lost the count after twenty-three Rush."

"It's twenty-five now." Lilly chuckled.

"Excuse me!" Courtney shouts, jumping up from her seat.

"What?" Duncan asked with a raised brow.

"Your family is in the police force?" Gwen asked, also taken aback by this news.

"yeah so?" Duncan replied, not seeing the big deal.

Courtney was forced to sit down, not able to comprehend what she just learned.

[Courtney .exe has encountered an error.]


The redhead blinked at the bruised host and glanced at the smiling elderly woman, they was sitting in the dining room. "I'm glad that you take everything after Kushina." The old lady smiled at her grandson.

"Oh, thank, Mclean-san…"

"Call me Grammy." The lady frowned.

Both Uzumaki's smiled, happy that the grandmother was welcoming them into their family. Kushina remembered how the woman was so helpful to her even before she started dating Chris. The host himself couldn't help but smile, seeing his family be truly together. He glanced at Kushina who had tear falling slightly. He reached over and placed a hand over her own. Kushina said nothing but laced her fingers with his, both enjoying the moment. Chris vowed he would make sure that his family would experience this in real life.

Chef noticed that the Mclean and Uzumaki family were all but crying over the moment and he was glad none of the other maggots ruined the moment they were having. He felt that the brat and his new godson deserved that much at least.

"Okay, Grammy." Naruto rubbed his head as he takes another glanced at the host, "Um…What happened to Chris?"

"She…" Chris was about to saying something but his mother cut him off.

"He tripped down the stair." Grammy said with serious tone.

"What! No way!" Chris pointed at her with accusing stare, "You beat me up with your cane!"

Chris groaned, knowing what was gonna happen next. Kushina also seem to figure out as well as she used her free hand to try and cover her mouth to stop her giggle.

"Oh, my." The old lady gasped lightly before give out a sniffle as she hugging her grandson, "He's so mean to me and blame me for his mistakes."

"Whoa, that's not cool, dattebayo." The redhead glared at Chris as he patted her back, "You can't accuse Grammy for something that she doesn't do."

"Not cool dattebayo," Naruto said, even if he knew it was true since he saw the scene itself. But he wasn't gonna miss a chance to mess with his father.

"You saw it yourself!" Chris said in defense of himself.

"B-B-But she…" The host stuttered, pointing at his mother and she gave him a smug smirk that the redhead never noticed. "SHE JUST SMIRKED AT ME!"

"Oh, Naruto! Why did you have a cruel father, it's all my fault…" Grammy sobbed on Naruto's shoulders.

"Dude, you made Grammy crying!" The redhead hugged his grandma.

"I give up!" Chris huffed, throwing his arms up.

Chris crossed his arms and pouts, not liking how his son and mother was teaming up on him. Kushina wrapped an arm around his shoulder and gave him a small hug. Chris smiled, finding something good coming from that bit of embarrassment. Now if only the other campers could stop snickering at him.


The punk lied on his bed, staring at the ceiling with a frown. How the hell did Whiskers managed to get past that? It must really traumatize experience for his redhead friend after witnessing the stalker's suicide in front of his eyes when he was close to the death's door. "Damn…" Duncan sighed, he really wished that he didn't ask his aunt about this case at all.

This stopped all laughter from the scene before. Naruto and Heather's breath were hitched, both wondering who this stalker was that cause Naruto's counterpart so much trouble. The other campers were either gapping, hugging their closest friend in fear or just looked stunned and horrified. None of them could imagine that that Naruto had to go through. Chris paled, not wanting to see or hear his son going through that experience. Now he knew it was his son, the reminders of that felt much more horrifying to him. Kushina hugged Chris tightly, not seeing the scars and scene from before but honestly, she didn't want to. On their other side Chef growled dangerously. He vowed if he even met the punk that dear hurt his godson, he will wring his hands around his neck till it snapped.

(Day 14: Naruto)

As one the cast all let out a sigh of relief, happy they won't have go through anymore scenes of Naruto and the stalker…they hoped.

It was the last day of their break and the redhead chuckled as his childhood friend paced around nervously. "Relax, Heat-chan." Naruto smiled, "I'm sure this season won't be bad, dattebayo."

"No! It will be very bad!" Heather groaned, "Who know what the hell is going on in Chris' sick, twisted mind! Not to mention the five new guys, what if they team up with the other guys to kick me off right away on the first day?!"

"I don't think it will happen at all, just relax." The redhead chuckled as he pulls her in a hug, "I bet this season will be more awesome than the last one, dattebayo."

"…Maybe…" The queen bee muttered with lightly blush before she shoves him away, "Don't hug me again!"

"So tsundere." Naruto chuckled, only to yelp as soon as Heather kicked his shin. He can't really wait for tomorrow to meet the new contestants and see some of his friends that he don't see during the break. Who know what will happen in Total Drama Action?

"Stop calling me that," Heather said, though it didn't have as much heat as before.

"Sorry Heat-chan" Naruto replied, looking at his friend concerned.

As the episode ends Chris got up and cracked his back. "Well I think that's enough for now."

"Huh?" was the confused respond from everyone.

"We're stopping here" Chris informed them. "And we'll have a few days off to relax so go home and do whatever. Just be back here in three days or so."

"And what if we don't want to come?" Duncan asked with narrowed eyes. He wasn't the only one suspicious as some of the others were looking at him with narrowed eyes.

Chris shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal. "Go ahead, I won't force you to come back." Here he smirked, "but do you really want to miss anything after this?"



"…damnit," Duncan finally muttered, as he knew he would be coming back.

The others nodded, as they all knew they were coming back as well. The campers all got up from their seats and started to mingle towards the exits. Many were talking to one another while some were talking to Naruto about some of the pranks he has pulled.

Chris watched them leave with Kushina walking over to their son, bringing a smile on his face. Chef walked over and glanced at the mother son, "I'm glad we did this. I got to meet a decent brat among these maggots. Still surprise he's yours."

Chris gave him a deadpan look before he sighed happily. "I know. I didn't expect to see Kushina again nor find out we have a son. But I don't regret it."

Chef nodded, knowing he would get along really well with Kushina. He just hoped she remembered to bring that scrap book like she promised. Speaking of the days off he looked to his co-worker. "We're looking ahead and seeing what other maggots are being brought in right?"

"Oh hell yes," Chris said, rubbing his hands together and smiling evilly. "This is gonna be so much fun." He paused and realized something else. "But I got to do something more important first."

Chef blinked in surprise, "what's that?"

"I'm gonna interduce Kushina and Naruto to my mother," Chris informed him firmly. "I am Not going through what my counterpart did."

Chef chuckled darkly, hoping he can convince Kushina to make Chris put his foot in his mouth to get the same treatment. He knew she would get a kick out of it.

The Break is over and we got to see the random and craziness that is the camper's families. This was more entertaining that I thought it would if I can be honest. But more importantly I learned from my guy's mistake and bring mom into the loop soon enough. I just hope she and Kushina don't double team on me. But next time will we move right into Total Drama Action with even more campers. Yes we are bringing more campers to view with us and if I am lucky it will bring even more drama. But who will we bring in and what are the new campers for the new season? Find out next time for Total…Drama…Preview!