A/N: Richonne Tiny Fic posted on Tumblr.

Michonne loved wearing Rick's shirts. It started when she was recuperating while he went to war. She felt close to him in his absence; she felt like it helped her to heal quicker. She wore them while she was pregnant with R.J., epsecially after her clothes didn't fit anymore. She would wrap the fabric tightly around her form in the same manner that Rick would embrace her. Sometimes, she swore she still smelled his scent laced through the otherwise coarse denim. It pained her that Rick was not there for so many important milestones: When it had been confirmed that she was carrying their child; when her belly grew; when their son took his first breath. It hurt that their children had no father. It was hard to face the world without Rick, to lead without him, but somehow, when she drew his shirt around her body, she felt stronger; she felt safe. She felt like she could do anything; as if she could survive anything. Just like she did when Rick used to hold her.