This is a 10K/Oc fanfiction. 10k/oc romance, Murphy/oc friendship, group/oc friendship. Basic things: There will be no bashing in this story so please no flames. It is rated T for now for Language but will be raised to M for Sexual Situations (aka Lemons). Sorry if it's a slow start but please give it and my character time to develop and grow.


Chapter One


It seemed to sneak its way into our world without much commotion. A new story of odd illness in other countries we simply couldn't find it in ourselves to care about and flipped the channel on. No one could tell you with complete surety what caused it or where it came from. No one knew whether it was an infection or a disease. If it was natural, biological weaponry, radiation, or bacterial, we didn't know. Nations and citizens pointed fingers and shouted accusations of who let it happen, who started this apocalyptic plague named the ZN1 virus.

Truth was, no one country had.

We blinked and suddenly it was here.

The first real television interruption came on a Monday: India had over a thousand cases and Sweden had over ninety.

The next week, Scotland had seventy cases, Morocco was estimated over a hundred, and India and Sweden were growing too fast to accurately count.

By week seven, South Africa and Israel were being flagged as mass casualty hot zones with immediate quarantine put in place. India and China had been categorized as 'Dark Zones' before sunset. Void of light, void of help, and void of hope, a Dark Zone was as dead as the infected who'd overtaken it. No help help would come for those inside and no creature would be allowed to come out alive. The human race had declared a third of its population dead.

The end of the second month brought with it the international travel band. Every nation, big, small, island, or landlocked had put up mass border control.

North and South America were infected by month nine despite all efforts to contain it.

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Bhutan, and Moldova...

Every few days, news reports listing small countries found only in the crevices of the world map's borders where brought to center-stage as their populations were overrun and declared 'Dark' in days. The human race watched in horror as ten cases became ten thousand. Ten thousand became one million. And one million became entire nations.

Two years after the infected entered the United States, the one percent took on a new meaning in America...

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