Teddy at Sixteen

This is a companion piece to my "The Mind of Teddy Lupin" story.

It was the first Friday of November, two thousand and fourteen. Teddy was in his sixth year at Hogwarts. Victoire was in her fourth year, as was Rose Sprout. Teddy was leaving the dinner table, and Rose walked right up to Teddy saying "Teddy, we need to talk."

Teddy knew Rose Sprout. Well, everybody knew Rose. Her mother was, along with Professor Longbottom, Professor of Herbology, and Professor Sprout had lots of younger children, but Rose was the oldest. Rose was short and sort of round, although Teddy had to admit that a lot of the roundness was in nice places, top and bottom. No boy was ever shaped like Rose. She was popular, too. Rose knew the school as well as anyone, where hidden passageways were, and where you could hide and the professors would not find you. Rose also knew what you could get away with, and what could get you into trouble.

Teddy sat down at the Gryffindor table and said, "I'm listening."

"We need to talk privately!," Rose said.

"How privately?" Teddy asked.

"The Portrait Room is all right," Rose replied.

The Portrait Room was very near the main dining room. All around the outside were paintings of people killed in the long battle against Tom Riddle, including but not limited to the over fifty people killed in the Battle of Hogwarts. The paintings were on the wall, and in the middle was a large area of comfortable seating. It was an excellent place for couples or small groups to gather and talk, and sometimes snog, somewhat private but not totally private.

Teddy let Rose to the corner where portraits of his parents and Fred Weasley were hanging. "Closest I can get to hanging out with my parents," Teddy said. Because of the time between their deaths and the time the paintings were finished, these paintings had only a shadow of their owner's personalities, but there were times when talking to them was better than not having anyone to talk to.

Rose and Teddy sat down in comfortable chairs facing each other. "It's you and Victoire," said Rose. "If you are just a cousin to her you really need to let her date!"

"I'm not really a cousin," Teddy said. "At least we're not biologically related."

Rose said, "Well, you are treating her like a cousin, not like a girlfriend."

"Victoire seems just fine with our relationship the way it is now," protested Teddy.

"She's not, but she does not know how to tell you," insisted Rose. "Besides all the other girls in her class see the way she talks about you and looks at you. She wants to have BABIES with you someday. That's not a cousin, that's a girlfriend! That's at least a girlfriend, if not more."

"I'm trying to be an Auror," insisted Teddy. "I may be gone overseas for a while. When and if I get back we can get serious, but I don't want Victoire to think I'm going to settle down right after Hogwarts."

"Victoire knows what you want to do," Rose said. "All the other girls see lots of boys who would like to take her to the Christmas Ball. If you intend to get serious with Victoire, be her boyfriend, it is time to ask her to the ball as a boyfriend, not a cousin. If you want her to date others it's way past time you let someone else invite her to the ball. I can get a date for you if you don't know anyone else you want to ask, and that way other boys will feel free to invite Victoire."

"I could invite someone else myself," Teddy ruefully admitted. "It's just; well … it's just that I really don't want to invite someone else. It would be hard to see Victoire going out with someone else."

"Tell her that, then!" Rose insisted.

Teddy had to think about what he and Rose had been talking about. All evening Teddy tried to contemplate going out with other witches, but it didn't work. Before they went up to bed Teddy asked Victoire, "Do you want to have breakfast with me tomorrow morning?"

"Sure, Teddy," Victoire said with a smile. "Eight o'clock, right here?"

"That works," Teddy answered.

Teddy really did not want to ask anyone else out, he thought. It was good to be friends with other girls, and to go out in groups, but not to date them one on one! That night Teddy had a very hard time getting to sleep. He kept thinking of having babies with Victoire, about making babies, about what you did that sometimes made babies. Teddy thought Victoire was one of the prettiest girl in the school, and one of the nicest.

hr /

Saturday morning came too early. Teddy went to the loo and looked at the mirror. His hair was a normal color, and his face was his normal face. Teddy was just tired, and it showed. He had not had a good night's sleep, thinking about Victoire. About five minutes before eight Teddy was down in the Commons Room, and Victoire was waiting for him.

"Is something the matter, Teddy?" Victoire asked. Teddy thought that Victoire could usually tell what he was thinking, and if he was in a good mood or not. He could usually tell with Victoire too, and he could see that she was worried.

"Let's go to the portrait room, Victoire," Teddy said, and he led Victoire to the same place he was the previous night, a spot where he and Victoire had used to sit and talk before.

"Rose Sprout talked to me last night after dinner," Teddy said.

"I saw you go off with her," Victoire said. "Rose can be the classic interfering older sister, a bit of a busybody at times."

"You're an older sister, and the oldest cousin," Teddy said. "Are you describing Rose, or you, or both of you?"

"Grandma Weasley is the one with her nose in everybody's life," Victoire replied. "I'm a pale imitation of her."

"You're taking lessons, though!" Teddy exclaimed. "You even look like her."

"I'm fourteen, and she's an old lady," Victoire exclaimed. "I don't look like her. She's sort of fat. Look at my waist. It's thin!"

"Look at your hair, Victoire" Teddy said.

Victoire looked at a strand of her long hair. Over seventy five percent of it was various shades of deep reddish brown, a really pretty color and lighter than darker, not orange but much more dark red or brown with red highlights. The rest was various shades of medium to dark blond, much darker and thicker than the light blond hair of her mother and sister.

"You're a lot bigger on top and bottom than your mother or sister too," Teddy said.


Victoire kind of looked at her bust line, sort of measuring it with her hands. "Only three or four centimeters bigger," she said. Teddy looked at her intently.

"Maybe only four or five centimeters bigger?" Victoire questioned. Fleur had a beautiful bust line, and she was not small, but neither was she extraordinarily large. Victoire had passed into the voluptuous territory, not insanely large but definitely BIG.

Teddy looked down at Victoire's hips. The situation there was the same; Fleur had nice ample hips, not small but not extraordinarily large either.

"Maybe six or eight centimeters bigger?" Victoire questioned. Teddy kept looking. "Maybe ten?" Victoire said.

Teddy said, "Your mother" and waved his hands in the classic feminine hour glass shape, with a modest hour glass. "You," he said as he exaggerated the bust and hips. "You are a beautiful cross between Grandma Weasley and a Veela."

"Is that what you and Rose talked about, my shape?" asked Victoire.

"No, about you dating, and me dating," Teddy replied. "And if we are dating, and if we are not that we ought to be dating other people."

"She IS a busybody," Victoire said. "It's NOT HER CONCERN."

"I want to be an Auror, Victoire," Teddy said. "I want to serve some time overseas to prove myself, and may even be under cover for a year or two. What if something happens to me?"

"Like what?" asked Victoire?

"Like I come back missing body parts, ugly, hard to look at," Teddy said.

"Have anyone ever told you the story of when my father had his face shredded?" asked Victoire. "Not the battle, but afterwards. Mum and Dad were engaged, but not yet married."

"I know about the battle. What else?" asked Teddy?

"Grandmum Weasley did not like Mum. Too high class nose stuck up in the air, thinking she was better than the poor Weasley family," Victoire said. "You've seen pictures of the old Burrow. Grandmum and Grandpa Weasley were really poor, and Mum was rich and beautiful."

"I sort of knew that," Teddy said. "My Dad was poor too, and my Mum."

"Well, when Dad's face was shredded, Grandmum assumed that the wedding would be off. Why would my Mum want to marry a man that had gone from being very good looking to really pretty ugly, pretty hard to look at. Grandmum was putting lotion on Dad, and Mum took over because Dad was going to be her husband, and Grandmum said something, I don't know what it was, but when Grandmum told me she said that she though Mum would not want to marry Dad because Dad was no longer handsome. And Mum said she would just have to be pretty enough for both of them, because she was still going to marry Dad. And from that day on Mum and Grandmum became friends. That is when Mum felt she became part of the family, not at the marriage ceremony, but when she tended Dad's shredded face and announced that she still loved him."

Victoire took Teddy's two hands in her two hands, and looked at him hard for what seemed like a long time. Teddy could not speak; he knew what Victoire was going to say. Finally Victoire said, "I hope you can have a fantastically successful time in the International Aurors, and learn a lot, and help our world become a better place. If you can come back all in one piece that is all the better; I really hope you do. But if I am lucky enough to have you back, even if you are in worse shape than my Dad, it doesn't matter. You should know that. I've told you that before. I love you, and I really don't want to play around going to dances and holding hands and kissing other boys."

"What if I'm killed?" asked Teddy.

"Then it will be time for me to look for someone else," Victoire said. "But Teddy, only then. Meanwhile if you come back ugly I will just have to be pretty enough for both of us, just like my mother."

Teddy and Victoire just sat there looking at each other for quite a while, each waiting for the other one to speak. Finally Teddy said, "I would like to invite my girlfriend to the Christmas Ball, instead of my sort of cousin. Victoire, would you go to the Christmas Ball with me? Don't say anything. Kiss me or walk away."

Victoire leaned over to Teddy and gave him a light but lingering kiss. Teddy looked at the portraits of his parents and Uncle Fred. His mother and father had moved into one of the frames, and were holding hands. "We approve," they said in unison.

"Good show, Teddy," Fred said. "Kissing the prettiest girl in the school. Good show!"

Teddy pulled Victoire close to him, and she gladly snuggled against him. Their lips met, and pressed hard against each other. Mouths opened and tongues found each other, and for the first time Teddy and Victoire didn't just kiss, they snogged. They only came up from air when another couple walked by.

Teddy and Victoire walked to breakfast holding hands.

Rose Sprout noticed, and thought to herself 'job well done. … Again.'

hr /

It was Saturday morning; a week after Teddy and Victoire had agreed that they were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and not just 'cousins.' Teddy thought as he came downstairs to meet Victoire for breakfast and dancing lessons that it was little more complicated that he thought it would be. Easier to entertain thoughts of he and Victoire naked in bed together doing what husbands and wives do, making babies, or at least enjoying each other's bodies. Harder to have casual contact. Harder not to have Victoire touching him.

Merlin what a sexy body! What a beautiful smile. Willing to wait for him! How did he get so lucky?

"Hi Victoire," Teddy said grinning at her.

"Hi Teddy," Victoire answered back, with a big beautiful 'happy to see you' smile on her face. There was always the hint of reserve in Aunt Fleur, and Dominique. Victoire was like Grandma Weasley, no reserve when it came to the ones they loved.

Fast dancing was about the same, but slow dancing, especially really slow hold your partner close dancing, was different, Teddy thought. Something about the way she rubbed her bosom against his chest, something about the way she held him, that was definitely not cousins dancing.

Oops! Teddy stumbled. They almost fell on the floor.

"Teddy," Victoire whispered. "What were you thinking? Keep your mind on your dancing."

Teddy's face had gotten red, and Victoire saw the hair color that usually meant that Teddy was embarrassed. Victoire grabbed Teddy close and whispered, "What WERE you thinking about, Teddy Lupin?"

"You," Teddy said.

"What about me?" asked Victoire, grinning and pressing harder against Teddy.

"Making babies," Teddy whispered. "What you do to make babies, and how sexy you feel rubbing against me."

They had stopped dancing and were looking at each other. "I'm glad we are not cousins," Victoire said. "We need to talk after dancing class, private, real private."

Teddy did his best to keep his mind on the dancing for the next half hour as the dancing classes finished. When they were done Victoire and Teddy's hands sort of naturally went towards each other, and they left the room hand in hand.

"You must know of some really private rooms, Teddy," Victoire whispered, a sneaky look in her face. "You've been mapping the school."

"Want to see the rooms Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny stayed in when Aunt Ginny was in her last year at Hogwarts?" Teddy asked, smirking.

"I thought they were real hard to get into?" Victoire asked.

"They are, but Uncle Harry and Albus have helped me find all sorts of secret rooms, and get in them," Teddy said.

"Albus doesn't go to school until the year after next, a year and a half," Victoire said. "What does he know?"

"A lot. I probably should not say too much. Albus has really worked hard learning whatever his father is willing to teach him," Teddy answered. By this time they had gotten to the floor that the entrance to Gryffindor Tower was on, and Teddy went a little beyond the entrance and around a turn in the corridor. He waved his wand next to a wall, and suddenly a door appeared. Teddy opened the door and showed Victoire in.

They were in a hallway. "That way leads to the Gryffindor common room," said Teddy pointing. "These rooms," pointing to a study and a bedroom beyond, "are where Professor and Mrs. Longbottom and stayed the same year Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny were here. This is the common kitchen, pretty small. And here," going through a door at the end of the hall, "is where Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny stayed."

They walked into the bedroom. "It's private enough for you?" Teddy asked.

Victoire pulled Teddy into herself and gave him a big kiss. Teddy returned the kiss, and they spent several minutes deepening the kisses. Finally they broke apart.

Teddy took a big breath, and looked around the room, thinking, 'Merlin would it be easy to, to, to … Teddy, you should not even be thinking in that direction!'

"Victoire, we're going to have to wait until you are out of Hogwarts, two and a half years, almost three years away," Teddy said.

"Wait for what?" asked Victoire.

"Making babies," Teddy said. "Doing the baby making thing. Sex."

"Not sex like kissing and rubbing up against each other and making each other feel real good," Victoire said cautiously.

"No, I guess not," Teddy answered. "Sex, like getting naked and doing the stuff that makes babies."

"You don't want to do that?" asked Victoire.

"Oh, I really want to do that, and," Teddy looked a little sheepish, "something in me is saying 'you know this really is a hidden room, and you could get away with it' or maybe 'you could get away with it after learning some birth control spells' or," Teddy looked at Victoire with a horrified look on his face, "what would happen if you told your mother you needed birth control potions so Teddy didn't get you pregnant?"

"Oh," said Victoire, sitting down on the bed. "Oh, Oh, Problem!"

"Victoire, I really don't think we should have sex, not sex like kissing and hugging but like making babies sex, until I'm back from the Foreign Aurors," Teddy pleaded, sitting down next to Victoire.

"But as long as we keep our clothes on we can play," Victoire retorted playfully, rolling onto the bed, stretching her body out in a way that was just unbelievably sexy.

"As long as we keep our clothes on," Teddy said, as he proceeded to roll onto the bed himself.

Victoire was the first girl down the stairs, bouncing excitedly. The Christmas dress sort of looked like last year, but Teddy thought it had straps last year, and it showed a lot less bust. Well, the last twelve months Victoire had gone from nicely curvy, about as big as her mother, to really busty, and plenty of the bust was showing.

Victoire twirled around, showing off the dress. She was bigger around on the bottom too, really curvy all over.

Victoire said, "I had the Middy twins alter the dress. I've gotten bigger, and I wanted to show off."

"I like it," Teddy said. He was a little concerned about Victoire's parents, though.

Harry and Ginny always went to the Hogwarts Christmas Ball as chaperons, as did Bill and Fleur. From her first year at Hogwarts Victoire went to every dance with Teddy, but they made it obvious that they were just going as cousins.

This year Teddy and Victoire were among the first to enter the great hall. They went right over to Bill and Fleur, and Ginny whispered to Harry, "Something is going on between those two."

Teddy cleared his throat, and then said, "Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Sir, Mam." This was unusual; he always called them Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur. "Victoire has always been my best friend, but, well, it is like this." He looked to Victoire for support. She squeezed his hand. "Well, Rose Sprout talked to me …"

Victoire stared at Teddy and said, "It's NOT about Rose Sprout, it's about US."

Teddy said, "It is just that if I want to be an Auror and go on an overseas assignment, Victoire might have to wait and wait, and I'm just worried that maybe something will happen to me while I am on assignment, and that wouldn't be fair to her, and, but, …" Teddy turned to Victoire again, and said, "Torie …"

Victoire said, "Teddy is worried that he may be hurt if he is in the International Aurors. He may not be as pretty as he is now, or something else may happen. And I told Teddy about how, after Daddy had his face shredded, Grandmother Molly did not think Mum would want to marry Daddy, but Mum said she would just have to be pretty enough for both of you. I told Teddy that if he comes back to me I would just have to be pretty enough for both of us, and I didn't care what would happen to him in the International Aurors."

"We are not engaged, or anything like that," Teddy said, "but I did let everyone know that I was inviting my girlfriend, my one special girlfriend, to the Christmas Ball this year."

"And I made it clear to everyone that I was not in the market for another boyfriend, because my best friend in all the world was my boyfriend now…, too,,,, as well…, so there," Victoire said.

"I am so grateful for your mother," Bill said. "I often marvel at us, the prettiest girl in the world married to one of the ugliest men."

"You are beautiful inside, where it counts, my hero," Fleur said to Bill, and she kissed him. She turned to Victoire and said, "Your father gave me my life back. I do not think I ever told you the story. Sit down. It is time."

"Why?" Victoire asked as she and Teddy sat down.

Fleur said, "My last year at Beauxbatons I was raped, publicly, in front of a small crowd. I was abused and humiliated. I filed charges, and the SOB had to pay a dowry price as a fine, like I was a piece of meat that could be purchased. I was angry and humiliated. I thought I was ruined, and that no self-respecting wizard would ever want someone as ruined as I was. My boyfriend at the time did not know how to handle it. I fled to England, but hid my shameful secret. I went out on a few dates, but I was always too angry and ashamed to want to go out with a boy a second time."

Harry and Ginny knew the story, but Victoire and Teddy were horrified.

'Oh Mum," Victoire said. "I had no idea."

"It is not exactly something you tell a young child," Fleur said. "Then I met your father. He was so patient with me. He let me rage. He let me tell him just how I felt. He let me cry, and eventually, one night, I cried and cried and cried, and he cried with me, and something broke, or healed, and I saw that I could be loved again. I saw that I could love that amazing man who listened to me, and loved me, and didn't judge me."

Fleur was crying now. "The face, that's a little thing. Your Daddy, Victoire, your Daddy gave me back my LIFE."

By this time everyone was crying. "I've made you ruin your makeup," Fleur said. "We had better go to the ladies room and fix up Teddy's beautiful girlfriend."

"I'll help you, Aunt Ginny," Victoire said. Ginny's house elf was not with her, and she was still unsteady on her feet. Together the three women left for the ladies room, Victoire helping her Aunt Ginny with her balance.

"She is always so nice, so helpful," Teddy said, as he watched Victoire helping Ginny.

"I'm still Uncle Bill, Teddy," Bill said. "Is it different when she is your girlfriend?"

Teddy's hair color changed to the 'I am really embarrassed' shade, and he nodded yes.

Bill said, "She is only fourteen. Keep your pants on. I know she wants to have your babies, but we don't want any babies until after you are married, I hope nine months after you are married."

Harry said, "You do not get overseas Auror assignments if you are married, OR if you have a child."

"Don't start, or you will not be able to stop," said Bill. "And don't even think of asking me about birth control before you are married. I'd throw you out of the house. Ask Uncle Harry."

"Thanks, Bill," said Harry. Harry was not looking forward to Teddy being an undercover Auror. He sure was not looking forward to teaching him about birth control before Teddy and Victoire were at least engaged.

Teddy sat there with Bill and Harry waiting for the girls to come back.

Meanwhile the Fleur, Victoire and Ginny had arrived at the ladies room.

Ginny sat down and started to fix her makeup, and listened to Fleur and Victoire.

"How did this happen, you and Teddy?" asked Fleur.

"It really was Rose Sprout," said Victoire. "She told Teddy that lots of boys wanted to date me, and lots of girls wanted to date him, and if we were not dating each other, it was past time to go to the Christmas Ball with other dates and announce that we were available.

"I think Teddy thought about it overnight, but he said it just didn't work. Except that he is worried about how long I will have to wait, and he is worried that he will get a dangerous assignment, not that he doesn't want one, but he is worried what that will do to me, to us.

"You heard what I told him, Mummy. I will wait for my Teddy."

Fleur looked at Victoire's dress. "You are showing a lot of bust."

"I have a lot of bust," Victoire said, pointing out the obvious. "It's not like Teddy doesn't see more of me when we are at the beaches in France." Victoire was obviously a little embarrassed, but she was not about to change the way she was dressed.

Fleur said. "I want a wedding before grandchildren, and not a last minute wedding. I like Teddy, but I would hope you would graduate from Hogwarts a virgin."

"Teddy said the same thing, Maman" Victoire said. "He said the alternative was to ask you and Daddy about birth control, and he could not see doing that."

"I cannot imagine Teddy asking your Daddy about birth control, so he can bed Daddy's oldest daughter," Fleur said.

"I'll just ask Aunt Ginny," Victoire said, trying unsuccessfully to imitate a Ginny Potter smirk. When she saw the expression on the faces of her mother and aunt the grin was gone.

"You are fourteen, Torie. Keep your knickers on," said Ginny.

Victoire said, "Do Dominique and Louis know about you getting … Oh Maman, it must have been so horrible. Do they know?"

"I do not think so. We will have to tell them over Christmas break," Fleur said.

The three women went back to the table where Bill, Harry and Teddy were sitting. People were still coming in, and the music had not started.

"I think you can join your friends, Teddy, Victoire," Ginny said. "Us old people will just watch you, and gossip about you."

As Teddy and Victoire went over to see their friends, Victoire had the biggest victory smile.

Rose Sprout spotted them, and, pulling her date Robert Coote along, joined the group. "Did you tell your parents that you are officially dating, and not just 'sort of' cousins?" Rose asked.

"Yes!" Victoire exclaimed. "I think they approve."

"What else did they tell you, Torie?" Rose asked. "I could tell you were a little embarrassed about something."

Victoire whispered, "Keep my knickers on." She looked at Teddy, who was, Victoire could tell, very embarrassed, and trying to hide it.

Teddy said, "Same thing, pretty much."

"Let's dance," said Victoire as the music started. Once they were together on the dance floor she said, "I didn't want Rose to ask any more questions. I really don't mind that she knows we are exclusively dating, though."

Teddy didn't say much, but just basked in the joy of being with this exuberant, sexy female.

It was a good evening for both of them, even though Teddy kept his boxers on, and Victoire kept her knickers on.