Author: Writie

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in the WWE.

Stars: Jeff Hardy, Stacy Keibler Lita, Matt Hardy, Trish Stratus, Test, and more.

This story was requested by Mollie. I really hope you like it and thanks for being such a fan of my writing.

Stacy smiled as she filed her nails. She wasn't the greatest Women's wrestler, and some might say she wasn't the prettiest Diva, of coarse that would be the idiots talking, but boy did she have one hell of a business mind. "Testicles" really loved her. She was determined to make Test one of the biggest stars in the WWE, of coarse she would benefit as well. She stood up, adjusted her skirt and walked into the hall. On one side of the hall she seen Trish tying her boots and talking to Terri. She rolled her eyes at the sight. She wasn't jealous, she just couldn't stand Trish. Why did everyone love her anyway? She was the one with the killer legs. On the other side of the hall she saw Test talking to Rico. They had been standing next to the mirror, which Jeff Hardy had been using to put on his paint. What a freak! He wasn't extreme, he was weird. He wasn't in their conversation, thanks god. How could she make Test popular if he was talking to a weirdo? She approached them.

"Hi Andrew. Are you ready for your tag team match tonight?" Stacy asked with a smile.

"Of coarse, me and Jericho are gonna kick Booker T and Goldust's asses" Test replied confidently.

"There's no way Booker T and Goldust stand a chance." Rico chimed in.

"Well then looks like everything is going according to plan..." Stacy began "What the hell!" Stacy screamed at Jeff. He had accidentally slipped while he was painting his arm and got a gob of paint on Stacy's arm.

"Oh, sorry." Jeff apologized.

"Watch what you're doing!" Stacy yelled. Test couldn't help but laugh. "Don't you have a match to prepare for? If I'm gonna take you to the top you have to stay focused!" Stacy demanded. Test walked past her and Stacy shoved Jeff out of her way, so she could use the mirror he had been using first. She began to touch up her lipstick.

"Excuse me!" Jeff exclaimed. Stacy continued, pretending not to hear him. Jeff took the paintbrush and smeared it across Stacy's back.

"Ewwwwww!" Stacy screeched. Jeff grinned as he walked away. "You jerk!" Stacy yelled.

Jeff approached Lita, she had been sitting alone.

"Hey" Lita said as she looked up at him.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Jeff asked as he sat down.

"I know you and Matt haven't really spoken since he cost you the inter- continental title shot, and jumped to Smackdown, and I'm still a long way from being completely recovered from my injury. But when I come back, I wanna know there'll be a Team Extreme to come back too." Lita explained.

"I can't promise you that" Jeff sighed.

"Jeff..." Lita began.

"Don't blame me blame your boyfriend!" Jeff replied angrily.

"I know what he did was wrong, but he'll always be your brother." Lita reminded.

"That doesn't change what he did. When you come back, if you want the two of us to be Team Extreme, then fine. But I've had enough of Matt's "Mattitude" that's the last time he'll ever screw me over. I'm done." Jeff explained as he got up. "I'm sorry, I know it must be hard for you." He added before he walked away.

When Lita came back she didn't know what she'd come back too. What would her life be like without Team Extreme? Why did Matt have to be such an idiot sometimes? She loved him, but he could be stupid.

Stacy had washed the paint off her back, that creep even got it in her hair! She didn't know how Lita put up with it. Of coarse, why would it bother her? She was a freak too. Well at least the night hadn't been completely awful. Test and Jericho beat Boooker T and Goldust, which definitly pleased the "testicles" There was a time Stacy was attracted to Jeff. But that was just because she didn't want Trish to have him. Trish thought she could have everything. But luckily Stacy had come to her senses and realized how annoying Jeff was. It wasn't just because he acted as he if were interested. If she wanted him she could have him within the snap of a finger, just like that. Stacy walked out of the locker room after finally removing all of the paint. She couldn't believe he actually wore that willingly. When she walked into the hall once again she spotted the so- called "daredevil" He had been talking to Bubba Ray Dudley. They weren't facing her. She picked up a book that had been lying on a nearby bench. She couldn't resist. She loved being the center of attention and the cause of distraction. She dropped the book in front of Bubba and Jeff and bent over. Jeff rolled his eyes. He actually rolled his eyes at her! He wasn't even effected. He must be gay! That was the only answer! As Stacy angrily picked up the book, Bubba cocked his eyebrow at Jeff and Jeff did the same. They both smiled and slapped her ass hard. Stacy grabbed her butt and screamed as they laughed. That was the second time Jeff had slapped her ass! Once in the ring when she was trying to distract him and now. She turned around and was about to slap them both, when Jericho came from behind her and also slapped her ass. She screamed again.

"How you doin?" Jericho smiled. She smiled at him. Did he actually think that was a good pick up line?

"You want a dose of Vitamin C?" He asked with a grin. Did the inventor of the word assclown just hit on her? She ignored him.

"Your gonna pay for that!" Stacy threatened Bubba and Jeff.

"Were scared now." Jeff grinned

"Yeah, shaken in our boots." Bubba laughed.

"The two of you are lucky to even be in my presence! You could never have a chance with a girl like me. I'm beautiful, sexy, cute, sweet, and intelligent." Stacy boasted confidently.

"Your suppose to give people compliments, not give them to yourself." Jeff replied.

"No, Jeff see if she did that, then she'd never get compliments." Bubba joked. Jeff began to laugh.

"Ugh!" Stacy cried outraged.

"Hey, you two assclowns wanna settle this in the ring with me and Test?" Jericho snickered.

"Yeah! They'll kick your ass!" Stacy yelled.

"Your on!" Bubba accepted


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