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I Am Serious

Honki Desu

[Part Two]

"Well that went well."

"Haha, yeah."

"How are you not surprised at Aida's antics?"

I looked at Hyuga, as a vein began to pulse on his forehead. He sighed heavily, as I laughed nervously, "I'm surprised… but I'm not reacting as much as I thought."

"Well, I guess that's good," he said with a dismissed shrug. I felt him glance at me, and he smiled a bit. I wasn't going to say anything about that, since I didn't want him to be mad.

But… what was that? Did he smile at me, or something going on in his mind? Or was it something else?

… Why was I wondering about that?

"I have to go," I told him with a wave. "I'll see you tomorrow, Hyuga-senpai."

Before I left, I heard him say behind me, "You've grown some, Yukishiro."

I felt my face heat up. It wasn't because I liked Hyuga, or anything—in fact, I held neutral feelings for this guy. It's just that—how to explain it?—I was feeling upset.

Growing up was a touchy subject back when I was in junior high, and yet I was really mature. I've disliked the idea of going into the monster's mouth that is adulthood, and looking into the sharp teeth that are my problems, whether it's career, marriage, motherhood, and much, much more.

Well, I'll leave it at that.

Before I knew it, I was at Maji Burger.

As I seated myself beside Kuroko, I sighed happily and smelled the air. It smelled like burgers and fries, yet it had this Japanese style to it, in a sense. Maybe I should've gone to McDonald's if I was so America-homesick.

"He was too mad in my opinion," Kagami grunted, as he sat down with a try full of burgers. It was at least twenty or so, no doubt. Other customers stared as Kagami reached out to grab and unwrap a burger.

Kuroko sipped his vanilla milkshake, and said, "I didn't even say anything, and I got in trouble."

"Wait, r-really?" I exclaimed in surprise, while Kagami choked on his burger, surprised at Kuroko's presence (for the nth time). "Wow, right when I left. I must be lucky not to be in trouble."

"Feel bad for us," ordered Kagami.

"I-I feel bad for you."

Kuroko sipped his milkshake again, and handed it to me. I eyed the straw for a second before hesitantly sipping it. No matter what, this felt weird.

"By the way," Kagami spoke, switching to a serious demeanor as he leaned forward to Kuroko, "Why didn't you go to a well-known school like the other miracles? You could've, being the rumored 'Phantom Sixth Man.' Is there even a reason you play basketball?"

I turned to Kuroko, looking at him with a slightly pained face. Kuroko took the milkshake from my hands, sipped, and said, "My middle school's basketball team were taught this core knowledge: 'Winning is everything.' We didn't have teamwork, and instead grew and enhanced the raw talents of the Generation of Miracles to win games."

Kuroko looked at me, as if asking me if he could continue. I breathed slowly, my jaw tightened as I nodded quietly. I turned to Kagami, "As a student of the same junior high, I watched as the miracles do their own thing with no teamwork and no cooperation. We had winning locked by our side, but none of us were really having fun the way we're supposed to…"


"It's… h-hard to explain."

Kagami went at another burger. "So what you're telling me is that you want to defeat the miracles by making a team out of us?"

Kuroko nodded. I was silent.


"I am serious," Kuroko said with no hesitation. My mouth parted, but I couldn't speak. "Your words and the coach's words really struck me. Now, the reason I play is mainly to try to make you and our team the best in all of Japan."

Kagami scowled. "You're kidding."

I shook my head. "Kuro-kun wouldn't kid around about this. You don't know Tai-kun. You just—you don't know."

"Know what?" he asked with a look of confusion. It wasn't his fault for not understanding, so I took one of his burgers and tore off the orange wrapper. My fingers felt the little sesame seeds on the bun, and my eyes stared at it as if I've never noticed it before.

Then, Kagami stood up, and with a serious glow in his red eyes he roared, "We're gonna be the best in Japan. Stop saying things like 'trying.' That's weak."

Kuroko and I looked up in awe. Did—did I hear that correctly? What was this all of a sudden?

Then, we smiled. Kagami left after that, but we understood what was to be done.

Wait. No we didn't—

The next morning, Kuroko had written on the dirt outside of school big words that said, "We will be the best in Japan."

"Did you see that, Tsu!"

"Yeah!" I exclaimed, my smile wide. "Kuro-kun… he sits in the back of your class, right? I wonder what he's thinking right now."

I felt Kagami stare at me with a big grin on his face. We high-fived, and he ruffled my hair.

My smile was gone.

"Um, excuse me…"

I entered the boy's changing room in the gym, while turning my head and averting my eyes. I wasn't blushing, since I've seen shirtless boys countless times, but I felt awkward still.

I looked up at Kuroko slowly, then at the others. They were all fully clothed, so I released a breath. "Okay, so uh—oh yeah. Aida-senpai is here. She said something about a p-practice match?"

"A practice match!" Koganei chirped. "With which school?"

"Beats me," I muttered. "Aida-senpai has been skipping across the halls, but I have no idea w-what she's…"

Hyuga twitched at this and repeated, "Skipping? Do you know what that—dammit! We must have a tough opponent."

"B-But she's smiling and cheerful… and it's a scary cheerful—"

"I know," interrupted Hyuga with a shudder. "Believe me, Yukishiro. This kind of Aida is scary as hell."

After an uncomfortable pause, I turned around. "Well, time for a practice match. We'll split into two teams."

Who's team, I wonder, I couldn't help but think. Something from Aida's face to Hyuga's reaction caused an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"K-Kaijou?" echoed Hyuga with a surprised look.

I froze on the spot.

"Yep!" exclaimed Aida with a creepy grin. "We'll put plenty of first-years on the court."

I felt myself able to finally speak after a moment of imitating stone. "Wait! A-Aida-senpai, we can't! You don't understand, they're at national level… and plus…"

"Plus what?"

For some reason, I couldn't tell them. The man on Kaijou's team was an unspeakable name, because I couldn't stand Kise a lot. Don't get me wrong, though. He's a nice, kind young man, who's talented and good-looking. But, on court, he's…

"I, erm—it's nothing."

"Shiro-san would rather not talk about it," said Kuroko.

"Well okay… Anyway! Kaijou participates in the Inter High every year," Aida continued. "And this year, they might be stronger. They have their hands on one of the Generation of Miracles, Kise Ryouta."

Everyone reacted as if there were already flames in a building and it just exploded. As for me, I was like a still lake becoming ice.

I couldn't move. It was like a number of people restrained me and forced me to listen to torture. I mean she spoke the unspeakable. I repeat—the unspeakable.


Kise Ryouta.

"I think I'll go," I laughed nervously, as I inched away from everyone. "Haha. See you later. Like next week. You know… after the match. Because. Yeah! So."

"What's wrong, Yuki-chan?" asked Aida suspiciously. "Does it have to do with Teiko?"

"Whaaat? Teiko? What's that about, haha?" I was halfway to the door, whew. "I'm tired, haha. I think I'll go rest, haha."

"'Haha'?" Koganei repeated. "Uh, Yuki…?"

From the corner of my eye, I saw Kagami smirking to himself. He must've been excited to play against a miracle this soon, so much that he's drowned in his own thoughts. Even though I've seen Kagami play and he's amazing, he's still not good enough to play against them yet. But I didn't want to say anything right now, not when he was in a good mood.

Hyuga spoke up, "I think Kise's a model on top of everything. Right, Yukishiro?"

"U-Um, yes! Haha!" I was nearing the door.

"Yuki-chan, is something the matter? Seriously tell us," Aida demanded.

I shook my head quickly, "Nope, haha! Just tired haha—oomph." I rubbed my head, as I turned to see a crowd of girls. Things clicked in my head rather easily, and I found myself fleeing to Aida and hiding behind her. "Oh no. The world is falling on itself."

"The hell!?" Aida yelped. "What's with these girls?"

Then, I could hear his voice. It was a bit lower, a bit wittier, a bit kinder—but it didn't change from before overall.

Aida muttered, "What is the Generation of Miracles Kise Ryouta doing here?"

My heart stopped. The unspeakable has cursed me once again.

"It's good to see you," Kuroko finally said. Kise looked up after signing a few autographs, and he said the same before pausing. His eyes were wide and his face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Yukishirocchi? Is that you!?" Kise seemed so happy, his catty golden eyes sparkling. "I found you! Ha! How wonderful!"

I sulked. Aida turned around to look at me, then at Kise. "Are you two—?"

"No! We're nothing! Not anymore!"

"So he is your ex…"

"… W-What?" I sputtered. "That's n-not it! Not at a-a-all!"

What the hell's going on right now!?

"What are you doing here?" Hyuga prompted.

Kise laughed, and rubbed his neck. "Well, when I heard that I was playing against Seirin in a practice match, I remembered Kurokocchi was here. So I wanted to visit him and see how he's doing. But heck, Yukishirocchi is here too! You're not still mad at me, are you? 'Cause I still don't know what I did that made you upset—"

Oh lord. I slapped him.

"A-Aren't we the best friends of the best friends, Kurokocchi? Yukishirocchi…?"

"Not more than anyone else," said Kuroko.

I sucked in a breath. "I admit we were close back then, but things are different now, Ki-kun."

After crying, Kise stopped and smiled a bit. "At least you still call me 'Yellow-kun.' It's so cute coming from you."

I pointedly looked away.

One of the first-years in the back looked at the magazine in his hands and said, "Kise Ryouta is an all-rounder who got into the Teikou basketball team in a heartbeat. While he didn't have as much experience, his abilities and raw talent made up for it and he was put as a regular really quickly."

"All of that is true," Kuroko confirmed. Kise said that it was over-exaggerating. I contemplated this and realized that these events happened before I was transferred to Teikou. I wonder if…

… Wait, was it my fault that the Miracles became like this? If I had never met them, would events be the same up to here now? Would it be worse, or better? I couldn't help but widen my eyes in alarm at this.

"Shiro-san?" Kuroko called out. I blinked, and rubbed my head.

"I'm sorry," I muttered. "M-My head kind of hurts right now."

Kise walked up to me and hugged me rather tightly. His scent was overwhelming and actually pretty nice, but no part of my mind was in the clouds. I didn't do anything though, as I just stood there, enveloped by a large body clad in a grey suit.

"They're not treating you badly, are they Yukishirocchi?" Kise asked worriedly, his voice vibrating his chest on my face. "You can always transfer to my team, you know. We'll take good care of you."

I pulled away, and looked at Seirin's faces. All of them were worried at this. Did they like me here? Was I a burden to them so far? Would I just be a burden later on, for the rest of the time—?

Kagami roughly took my arm and pulled me to him. "No one's taking Tsu. Not when she's a part of the best team in Japan, that will beat you 'til you're on your knees."

I wanted to face palm. How could Kagami be so confident?

"You weren't actually considering his offer, were you?" Koganei exclaimed. I shook my head.

"No! It's not like that! I just… I thought that you might not have liked me being the manager of your team i-is all."

The team froze for a moment, before they all shook their heads. "No, stay Yukishiro!" they all said. "You've been very helpful!"

"Aw, what?" Kise whined. "But Yukishirocchi! I'll even have us date if you come with me!"

"… W-W-Wh—" I blushed hard at this.

It reminded me of the time Kise confessed to me back at Teikou. He told me that I was a nice, beautiful, bright girl and that he'd liked me for a long time, ever since we met. He wanted me to be happy, and thought that he could make me happy with what he could offer. Kise was so sweet…

But I turned him down.

I didn't want to at first. I really considered him. He asked me if I needed some time to think about it, but I said no. I couldn't date him, after everything that's happened to me. It didn't seem right, and it'd never seem right.

To me, I think Kise deserved more than me. I couldn't offer much, really. He was a model, a Miracle, a smart, beautiful man with a kind heart (though not always). What would I be if I stood next to him?

I'd just wear him down.

"Why do you like Shiro-san, Kise-kun?"

My eyes widened, as I whipped my head to Kuroko. "Kuro-kun, please don't."

"Because she makes my heart explode! She still does! I haven't looked at any other girl the same way—"

"But you dated another girl after you confessed to me, did you not?" I interrupted. He looked as if I shot him.

"B-But I didn't like her. I still couldn't help but notice you…"

This was what I meant by sweet. Kise was too sweet. I'm going to fall over.

"I can't," I said. "I can't go to your team, and betray people I care about. These people have been kind to me, and I don't want to leave them ever. However…"

There's no way I could say this. No way, no how—

"I'll go on one date with you. That's it."

—Oh gosh I said it what do I do.

I've never dated before.

I'm going to die.

Kise looked like the sun, I had to look away. My face was burning. Kagami let out a, "Hah!?" and the team reacted rather strangely.

"O-Okay! I'm going now!" I yelled. "See you tomorrow! Kise, text me a time and day and I'll look at my schedule!"

Kise was so irresponsible. I couldn't help but think that, as I stepped out.

He was already so busy, juggling school with basketball and modeling. Could he really manage having a girlfriend and going on dates with her? And on top of that, wanting me to be his girlfriend? Has he lost his mind?

Kise really… was sweet. He was so serious about it too, from what I could tell—

Basketballs. I could hear one bouncing around in the court behind me. What's going on through that door now?

No. I had to go. I turned around and headed home.

Kagami and I sat down and talked. "So, what happened after I left yesterday?" I asked.

Kagami grinned, baring his teeth like a predator's. "I played against Kise for a bit. He's really amazing. The Generation of Miracles is amazing."

Wait, so Kagami wasn't angry about his loss? I thought this because he would've been arrogant or upset if he won against Kise. Also, he was against Kise. The winner was obvious from the start.

Then, he suddenly scowled. "Though he copied a move of mine," he grunted.

I smiled a bit. "Ah, that's what Kise's good at. He copies special moves from other players and makes it his own, though with more speed and power than the original," I explained. "It's a bit unfair, but it's not against the rules or anything."

"Were they this good in Teikou?"

"Yeah, they were," I said with a nod. "They were truly amazing, in a way that made you stop breathing. All of them were so distinct, and special, and it made me wonder how you and Tatsu-san were doing."

Kagami stared at me. "So you were thinking of us the entire time."

"No," I admitted, while tucking some of my hair behind my ear. "But I thought of you occasionally, especially during practice matches."

He looked up at the ceiling and grinned again. "Man, that pretty boy was really good. And he says he's the weakest. I'm pumped for the rest when I beat all of them."

"Wha... What makes you say that, Tai-kun?"

"I'll remind you one last time." He patted my head. "Little sis, when we become the best team in Japan, we'd have beaten everyone's asses—miracles included."

For a long time, those words just echoed in my mind. Then, I smiled and rested my head on his muscled arm. "Be serious, Tai-kun."

"I am serious."

And that was all I needed to hear.


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