Chapter 1

This Isn't Over Yet!

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"Demon/Summon/Angry God or Goddess"

[Warning: Contain Spoiler for who hasn't read 700 chapter of Naruto yet.]

The ground was trembling, the air tasted of dust, and the sky was blotted out by the dust and debris. Sixteen years old Sasuke Uchiha felt a warm sensation spreading through his body, yet it didn't lessen the pain he was feeling, as he lay on the ground, dazed and bruised. Exhaustion, and pain was battering his body. His black hair, matted and dirty, draped his face, hiding his left eye and bruised cheek. A small hole that was no bigger than a coin was going through his chest. The grey high-collared short-sleeved shirt he wore was torn in several places and blood was seeping from the wounds. Above him was his blond haired and blue-eyed teammate Naruto Uzumaki, only person he could call his best friend. Naruto wasn't in better shape than Sasuke was. His trademark outfit — an orange tracksuit with a Leaf's standard blue forehead protector and matching high-top sandals — had been tattered from the fight, blood stained in many places.

"Naruto," Sasuke said, his visible onyx coloured eye watching his blond teammate trying to heal him, a brilliant green glow that surrounding the blond's right hand. A bolt of pain shot through his chest when he tried to sit up, making him groan and wince.

"Don't move, Sasuke. Just save your strength," Naruto said, pushing his friend slowly down. He sent more chakra in his right palm and the green glow increased in intensity, morphing into a dark-green glow. "Why isn't this working?" He gritted his teeth and watched helplessly his friend's body slowly disintegrating before his eyes.

"Naruto, please, hurry up!"

"I am trying my best, Kakashi-sensei!" Sweat dripped off Naruto's forehead, but he did not pause, nor did he look toward his teacher, Kakashi Hatake.

Kakashi was fit and relatively tall shinobi, whose face was framed by seemingly gravity defying silver hair. Being a Leaf-nin, he was dressed in a standard uniform of the Leaf village with a pair of gloves and a flak jacket. Surrounding him was a gigantic, transparent, humanoid being dressed in full samurai-esque armour. Wings wide to cover as much space as they could do, feet spread to act, hands on the swords ready to draw from the scabbard, the being stood as a shield between Kakashi's students and their opponent.

I hope, Obito, your parting gift Susanoo will handle Kaguya's attacks, Kakashi thought while his blood-red eyes containing black coloured pinwheel patterns around the central pupil locked onto the women floating in mid-air.

Kaguya Ootsutsuki had a cold, emotionless expression on her face while her piercing white eyes focused on Naruto and Sasuke. Her extremely long white hair was flowing all around her, taking up much more space than her body itself. No one knew where she came from and whether she was human to begin with, but she had two horns like protrusions, which stuck out from her head, and a third eye in the centre of her forehead that's eyelids parted vertically. The eye held a ripple-like pattern spread over the eyeball, with red sclera and irises, containing a pattern of nine coma shaped tomoe.

Kaguya pursued her dark lips and pointed her long fingernail painted dark shade of nail polish at Kakashi's Susanoo. A big ball of compressed wind shot out of her finger at an incredible speed. The Susanoo quickly brought his swords up and stopped the ball with a crisscross move with his blades, but stumbled back a couple of feet from the power in the attack before finding his footing. He shifted his weight to his left foot, twisted his blades, and directed the ball toward his left.

I don't think the Susanoo will hold another one like it, Kakashi thought, panted as he fell on his knees. His Susanoo distorted slightly, but he stabilized the flow of chakra again.

The compressed wind ball hit the ground and produced a blast equivalent to the detonation of several explosives, sending violent rushing wind everywhere. Kaguya's transitional high-collared hime-kimono, which was adorned with intricate lines and tomoe, fluttered in the wind, but her steady gaze didn't waver from Naruto and Sasuke.

"Mom, this time add more chakra into your attack," Black-Zetsu said, its malleable black body hiding in Kaguya's left arm sleeve. The will of Kaguya smiled maliciously, flashing all of its razor-sharp teeth. "His defence won't stand against your another powerful attack."

"No need to waste my chakra on it," Kaguya said, as she stared down at Sasuke. "Once one half falls, they all will fall."

"Why should we take that risk? That blond brat with Yang half is still alive."

"Yes," Kaguya shifted her gaze from Sasuke to Naruto, "but without help from Yin half, he cannot start the sealing ritual." She kept her Byakugan fix on Naruto. She couldn't pinpoint what was wrong, but plainly something was.

"Sasuke-kun." A kunoichi with bright pink haired said. Her beautiful green eyes glistened with tears. Bending down slowly with trembling hands, she brought her glowing green hand down to check his health.

Pink haired girl fisted her free hand into the side of her pink apron skirt. Sasuke's health condition was bad and was getting worse and worse. She placed her hand over his heart. Her all healing chakra concentrated in her growing hand as the soft green glow turned into a deep nearly black shade of green. A few tears slid down her cheeks and splashed onto her red top. Not a single healing technique she had learned from her master Tsunade Senju, one of best healer in the Elemental Nations, was working on him.

"Sakura-chan." Naruto gave his teammate Sakura Haruno sad look, as he knew exactly how she was feeling.

Sasuke said, "I finally acknowledged you, Naruto."

"Huh, Sasuke?" Naruto responded. He looked down at his rival and friend.

"If I die now, the destiny that according to the Sage has bound us so far will end too," Sasuke continued. "However, we can... No, you can still win after I die by taking my eyes and Yin Sage Chakra."

"I won't let you die, Sasuke."

"Naruto... you and I, we both know... even with your Yang Sage power, it is impossible to save me now."

"Sasuke is right, Naruto."

Naruto turned his head to see a tall, pale-skinned elderly man floating in the air, sitting on some sort of elevated invisible ground. He was dressed in a white, full-length kimono with a pattern of six red magatama around a high collar, beneath which he wore a necklace, which was also made up of six red magatama. "Old man?"

That was when Naruto noticed he and Sasuke were no longer in the Kaguya's dimension. He looked around quickly, taking in his surroundings. The new place was nothing like Kaguya's mountainous region; it was literally empty. There was only a purely white field that held no ground, no sky.

Naruto turned back to the person and asked, "Old man, can't you help Sasuke?"

This old man was Hagoromo Ootsutsuki, known to the world large as the Sage of Six Paths. He was the son of Kaguya and alongside his fraternal twin brother Hamura, were the first to be born with the same powerful chakra inherited from their mother. He was a legendary godlike figure founded Ninshū which led to the creation of the Ninja world. He had spiky, shoulder-length, pale-red hair, with a chin-length braid hanging in front of his left ear and a long beard, of the same colour his hair, down to his waist. He also had horn-like protrusions on his forehead, which he inherited from his mother.

The Sage descended to Naruto and Sasuke's level. Floating behind him were nine black balls the size of balls up fists — Truth-Seeking Balls. His legendary Rinnegan eyes locked onto both boys' faces. His doujutsu literally looked like Kaguya's third eye, but it was purple in colour and lacked of tomoe. "I'm sorry, Naruto, I'm afraid I can't do that."

The Sage gave Sasuke a sad look. He always hated to see his descendants die at a young age. Over the centuries, he watched many of them die and now, he had to do that again. "My mother is the Progenitor of chakra. Her chakra is far stronger than mine," he continued. "The attack she used on Sasuke is one of her strongest attack. It disintegrates whatever it touches instantly. It's only Sasuke's sheer will power is slowing down its effects and keeping him alive." He closed his eyes. "There is nothing else we can do to save him."

Sasuke already knew that. "Naruto, take my eyes and Yin Sage Chakra. This is the only way."

Naruto wanted to protest. "But —"

"Naruto, I'll support whatever you decide but keep in this mind, only your and Sasuke's combined powers can defeat my mother and release the Infinite Tsukuyomi," Hagoromo said.

"You have to make a decision, fast... very fast, Naruto." Sasuke's right side started to crumble away into dust. "I can't keep holding this for much longer."

Naruto closed his eyes. The Infinite Tsukuyomi was Kaguya's strongest technique, a weapon to bring her "Ideal Peace" to the world. It was an endless illusion, in which its victims would experience a dream world based on their individual desires. That peace is lie, the blond thought. Thanks to Sasuke's enchanted Susanoo, Team 7 hadn't been caught in this illusion. He couldn't say the same thing about people of the Elemental Nations. They had to defeat the Demon Goddess and save all victims of the deadly illusion, or else they would turn into her perfect soldiers, White Zetsus. He took a deep breath and went silent for a minute as he recalled the chain of events that led to the current situation: Orochimaru's attack, Sasuke's deflection, Pain's attack, Fourth Shinobi War. He made his decision. He opened the eyes and looked at the God of Shinobi.

"Let's do this."

"Good. Combine your Yang Sage Chakra with Sasuke's Yin Sage Chakra," Hagoromo said. "I'll do the rest."

"Are you ready, dobe?" Sasuke said as he raised his left hand, open palm toward Naruto, showing a dark-coloured crescent moon representing Yin Chakra.

"Teme, I was born ready," Naruto said, giving his brother in all but blood a weak smile. He bent down slightly and opened his right hand to display a light-coloured circle representing Yang Chakra in the centre of the palm.

"Yeah, right," Sasuke said, finally putting his trademark smirk on his face.

They clapped the hands together, combining Yin and Yang together.

The Sage raised his black coloured dual-headed Shakujo. Its one end had a ringed hoop while the other end possessed a crescent shaped curve, representing the sun and moon respectively. "I'm leaving everything up to your hands, Naruto," he said, bringing the Shakujo over their hands.

"I'm watching you, dobe. Don't do anything stupid."

Naruto felt his body tingling, and then a bright flash blinded him. When his vision finally cleared, he was back in the Kaguya's dimension.

"N-Naruto..." Sakura couldn't hold back tears any longer; they were now flowing heavily down her soft checks like warm rain. "Sa-Sasuke-kun, h-he is..."

Naruto looked down at the pile of ash, the sole remaining of his brother in all but blood. A single tear dropped from his left eye, slid down his whiskered cheek, and fell off his chin. He turned around, fixing on Kaguya with a steady, intense gaze that didn't shift or waver.

"He he, Mom, we won," Black Zetsu said, cheering with excitement.

Something isn't right here, Kaguya thought. Her Byakugan caught traces of a familiar chakra inside Naruto's body. "Hagoromo."

In the blink of an eye, Naruto was in front of Kaguya. Her white eyes widened. She had no time to react, it happened so fast, when he punched her in the face and sent her flying through the air. He disappeared again, reappeared above her, and kicked her toward the ground. Once she crashed into the ground, a large cloud of dirt and dust shrouded her.

Naruto hovered in mid-air, gazing down for the dust to clear. He knew such a simple attack would never harm her.

"Sakura." Kakashi walked toward his only female student and stood next to her.

"K-Kakashi-sensei." Sakura sniffed, tears running down her face. "I couldn't… I couldn't do anything to save Sasuke-kun."

"Sakura." Kakashi placed his hand on her shoulder. He knew how much she loved Sasuke and his death was tearing her up inside. "Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault. I know you tried your best."

"But Kakashi-sensei —"

"He lived a warrior and died a hero," Kakashi stated. He moved his head toward another hero, who was facing the most powerful being to exist in shinobi history.

Kaguya had emerged from a rift in the fabric of space-time and was hovering in mid-air. "I should have listened to you, Black Zetsu," She held out her hand and a bone blade came out of her palm, "but it's not too late to make it right." She gazed at Naruto. "All chakra… belongs to me. Once again, all chakra shall become one!"

Kaguya entered another dimensional void and transported herself behind Naruto. She swung her bone blade in to finish him off. As soon as her blade hit 'Naruto', he turned into a wooden log that quickly reduced into the ash. Not really surprised by this, she spun around and fired a bone projectile toward her left, the same attack that killed Sasuke.

Her Byakugan can see further than Hinata and Neji's, Naruto thought, I was barely managed to dodge that bone bullet.

"Such a childish trick won't work on mom, brat," Black Zetsu said in a mocking tone.

"Then maybe this will." Naruto closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again.

Kaguya froze in her tracks, her eyes bulging in shock and rage. "How?"

Naruto's right eye had deep crimson iris with three black tomoe in a triangle shaped formation around the pupil, Sharingan. However, what truly made the Rabbit Goddess' blood boil with rage was his other eye. He had the same doujutsu in his left eye she had on the centre of her forehead.

"What the heck!" Black Zetsu shouted. "How does he have the eye like you, Mom?"

Naruto's eyes narrowed and the tomoe in his eyes began to spin hypnotically. Nine Truth-Seeking Balls appeared his back in a halo-like formation. He moulded one of them into a blade. With a tremendous burst of speed, he crossed the large distance, and swung the blade to chop the Demon Goddess' head. He missed; she sacrificed her left limb carrying Black Zetsu to save her head. The arm was separated from her body and flung toward the ground. Naruto swung up the blade and once again, he brought it whistling down. This time, Kaguya was ready and blocked his blade, countering with summoning a bone blade in her right hand. She pushed the blade away.

Naruto gripped the blade and lunged at Kaguya. He swung the blade again, and she blocked again. He struck again and again, with all his might. She blocked each attack as it came. Despite having no formal training on how to fight with a blade like Sasuke had, he was doing well with it.

Locking his blade with her own, Kaguya shot Naruto a glare filled with anger. "How did you get that eye? How did you get Rinne-Sharingan?" she asked. "The power of that eye belongs to me and only me."

Naruto had no idea what she was talking. What the heck is this Rinne-Sharingan? Some kind of Sharingan? He pushed away Kaguya's blade with his own. OK. Note to self: Learn how to wield a sword. He barely blocked the blade that came too close to his head. Only if I survive after this.

"He he, this is my chance." Black Zetsu chuckled as it saw the golden chance to remove the obstacle of its mother's "peace." Using the severed arm of its creator, it shot a bone projectile toward Naruto through a tiny dimensional rift.

Move! A feminine voice screamed in Naruto's mind.

Naruto didn't waste any time to figure out anything. He moved and the bone projectile narrowly missed his head by centimetres. "Black Zetsu," he hissed.

"Damn!" Black Zetsu said. "I almost had him."

Naruto's clone appeared, suddenly, above Black Zetsu. He used two of the Truth-Seeking Balls as rods to pin it down, making sure it wouldn't interface again. "You! Stay out of my way!" he warned before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Kaguya had managed to regenerate her severed arm back, and was staring at Naruto, her face still and icy. She glared at him and slowly raised both arms in front of her with her palms facing up, causing blunt chunks of earth to rise up into the air around Naruto.

"Shit!" Naruto cursed under his breath as he watched the blunt chunks of earth begin orbiting around him.

Kaguya clapped her hands and the chunks of earth followed her, crushing Naruto in between them. Her technique didn't just stop there. It pulled everything in until it expanded into an enormous earth sphere that floated several meters above the ground.

"Old man, your mom is super strong," Naruto said to himself. In the last second, he had formed a defensive shield of Truth-Seeking Balls around himself to avoid being crushed inside Kaguya's miniature moon.

Yes. After all, she's my mother in everything, Naruto, a sage-like voice said.

Naruto recognized the voice. "Hey, old man, is it you?" he asked.

Yes, Naruto. It's me.

"Good. You're here. Well — could you please tell me what I should do to get out of this?"

If only you had some control over your new eyes, you wouldn't have this problem now.

"Huh, I don't get it," Naruto responded, scratching the back of his head. "But speaking about my new eyes, what the heck is this Rinne-Sharingan?"

Have you seen the third eye on my mother's forehead?


That's the Rinne-Sharingan — and you've the same eye in your left eye socket.

"What?" Naruto said, stunned, his eyes wide open in shock. "How do I have that eye? Sasuke didn't have it."

Because neither Sasuke nor I have taken into account a bit of all the Tailed-Beast's chakra inside you — I hope you'll not become like my mother.

"What was in the last?"

That isn't that important.

"Hey, you haven't answered my question yet."

Use the Rinne-Sharingan.

"But I don't know how."

That's why I am here.

Outside the sphere, things were strangely quiet, but not in the sense of the Sacred Silence. Instead, it was more like the proverbial calm before the storm.

"Almighty Push!"

The entire planetary mass shook, large cracks breaking out over its surface, only for it to stop shortly. A moment later, it exploded out in massive eruption sending debris and molten rock miles away from the epicentre. Kaguya flared her godly chakra and Kakashi covered himself and Sakura under Susanoo's wings to shield themselves from the incoming Shockwave and pyroclastic flow of the falling miniature moon.

However, one person didn't have the resources like them.

"Hey! Watch where you're throwing those things!" Black Zetsu shouted. Two large rocks had almost hit it. Suddenly, a big shadow fell over it. "Mommy, help me!"

While hovering in mid-air, Naruto gazed at Kaguya with the Sage's Shakujo in his hand. He pointed with his free hand, palm facing Kaguya and shot out multiple golden chakra chains having tips like sharp talons. In an effort to avoid them, Kaguya flew up. The chakra chains took a sharp turn and followed her up there. She moved, but they still followed her. She was losing patience with this cat and mouse games. She stopped, summoned several white coloured arms made of her pure chakra, and cut all chains that wanted to restrain her. To her surprise, the chains still followed her even after being separated from the source. As a last resort, she tried to teleport away through a dimensional void. That also failed as the chains went after her through the half-closed rift. Kaguya hissed pain between the teeth when the talons dug deep into her flesh. The chains then dragged her out of the portal.

Naruto immediately moved toward her, ready to seal her. However, sealing Progenitor of chakra wasn't that easy. Before he could reach out and touch her, the Goddess flared her chakra. She broke all restrains and entered another dimensional void.

Naruto, right behind you! The same feminine voice from earlier warned him again.

Kaguya tried to drag Naruto into another dimension, but her hands met empty air. The blond had swapped places with a small rock at the right time. He quickly made a T-shaped hand seal. "Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Fifty clones puffed into existence. All of them flew up, charging directly into their common opponent.

Kaguya extended her fists and randomly began launching chakra arms. They instantly vaporized the clones that they came to contact with. When she finished, only ten Naruto were left. In their hand, each of them was holding a giant black orb of chakra with shuriken-like blades around it.

Nine of them threw their respective Rasenshuriken at the same time. "Multiple Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken!"

"This is for you, Sasuke," The remaining one, the real Naruto, said. The Rasenshuriken in his hand was slightly than others. It was black like Tailed-Beast Ball Rasenshuriken, through exception on having shuriken-like blades cracking with red electricity, giving off a sound reminiscent of birds flapping their wings. "Red Lightning Release: Rasenshuriken!" He tossed it. His Rasenshuriken quickly got in the line of the other as they moved at great speeds toward Kaguya. When they hit the target, they expanded and enveloped her with a bright white light that stretches the full length of several kilometres.

The blast was much bigger than Naruto expected as he peered up at the thinning dust cloud. "What the...?" he nearly shouted, when he saw Kaguya slowly standing up on her feet, looking like nothing had happened.

Kaguya suddenly let out a blood- curdling scream. White Chakra began to bubble up from her skin. Her body exploded in the form of a raw chakra, blinding everyone. When Naruto's vision cleared, Kaguya was gone, and a monster had taken her place. Naruto had no idea what kind of beast it was, only that was resembled a giant rabbit crossed with all tailed beasts. This wasn't the kind of result he had expected. He could only describe the creature as a conglomerate of all Tailed-Beasts.

The gigantic rabbit creature was very fitting with Kaguya being known as the "Rabbit Goddess." It possessed the upper-body structure of a human with jagged teeth, and had Kaguya's signature Rinne-Sharingan on its forehead. Its lower part contained a great spherical mass of chakra with the heads of the nine tailed-beasts emerging from it, along with several chakra arms.

Mother has lost control over her chakra, Naruto. We can't seal her in this form, but we can weaken her, Hagoromo told Naruto.

Got it, old man.

Three golden chakra chains shoot out of Naruto's body and pinned the beast down to the ground. The rabbit creature began to struggle to free itself, so Naruto tightened the grip around it. Then the Beast's chakra slowly began to seep out of the body through the chains and wrap around Naruto like a warm blanket, emanating a brilliant white glow that surrounded the both of them.

This chakra is so strong and powerful, Naruto thought, nearly falling on his knees due to the weight of the demon goddess' chakra. I don't know how much chakra I can handle without losing control on myself.

After losing a large amount of chakra, the beast shrank down to more than half its original size, causing the chains' grip to loosen around its body. It gave the Beast enough time to perform a counterattack. Unbalanced form of Progenitor of chakra roared, lifted the hand, and brought down. It was about to crush Naruto under its large hand, but Kakashi's perfect Susanoo swiftly moved in between them and grabbed blond. Armoured clad warrior then flapped his large wings and flew up high into the sky at high speed.

"Are you alright, Naruto?" Kakashi asked, bringing Susanoo's arm up where he and Sakura were hovering inside the armoured warrior.

"Yeah, I am fine, Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said as he stood up on the Susanoo's shoulder.

Kakashi moved his head and his Sharingan eyes locked onto the creature not far from them. "What's happened to her?" he asked.

Naruto turned and looked straight at the transformed form of Kaguya. "Her power has gone out of her control, Sensei," he answered. He made the ram seal, tightening the grip of the chakra chains and imitating movement of the beast once again.

Suddenly, the chains lost their golden glow, grew dark, and started to shrink. They slowly absorbed into the beast's body, causing them to vanish. The beast was once again free. It roared and turned into a mass of chakra. The mass twisted, turned and started to shrink down to a human size, signalling that Kaguya had regained control over her power. In a flash, she got back into the game. She spun toward Naruto with a murderous look in her cold white eyes.

You shouldn't have taken her chakra, Hagoromo said. He hoped Naruto wouldn't hear the nervousness in his voice.

That was your idea, old man, not mine, Naruto yelled in his mind.

Yes, but Mother doesn't know that.

Kaguya lifted her arms up and formed the tailed beast-mass, which had caused her to lose control over her power, into a giant black coloured ball.

Naruto gulped; he immediately recognized the giant Truth-Seeking Ball in her hand. "Kakashi-sensei. We're doomed if that ball hit us," he said.

Kakashi realized how serious the situation had become. "Naruto, prepare to catch us," he said before he turned his head to Sakura. "I need your chakra for this, Sakura."

Sakura nodded. She pressed her glowing hand on Kakashi's back. Kakashi took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and then opened again. He concentrated on his eyes, channelling all chakra into the Sharingan. His vision distorted through the eyes, his stance faltering slightly as the eyes fed on his chakra. Susanoo's feet slowly started to disintegrate, but he didn't stop. He gritted his teeth behind his mask. For a split second, he closed his eyes and when he opened up it back, everything became clear to him. He focused his gaze on the giant Truth-Seeking Ball.


A giant vortex formed and began to eat the giant Truth-Seeking Ball. It consumed the whole ball before it disappeared without leaving any trace behind. Due to lack of chakra, Susanoo disappeared. Two Naruto's clones acted quickly, and caught Kakashi and Sakura before they actually started falling. The clones slowly floated down until their feet touched the ground.

Kakashi sat heavily on the ground. Exhaustion swept over his face as he rubbed his eyes. When he looked up, Sakura gasped in surprise. "Kakashi-sensei, your eyes!"

Kakashi looked at down, his original dark-coloured eyes had forever replaced his Sharingan eyes. "Yeah — Guess Kakashi of the Sharingan ends today."

Meanwhile, real Naruto and Kaguya were attacking each other. Kaguya launched bones bullets at Naruto who surrounded himself in a sphere formed from the Truth-Seeking Balls. Seeing her attack had failed, she held her palm up as chakra was gathered at the centre of it. The chakra gathered formed into a basketball-sized white sphere before shooting out at extreme speed forming into a spear in the process. In the same time, Naruto held out his hand and the staff he had dropped earlier somewhere flew back into his hand. He threw it in the direction of Kaguya. Both attacks collided in mid-air, resulting in an explosion like a giant volcanic eruption, which sent a cloud of smoke up that covered the area. The Shockwave generated by it was so intense it blasted Kaguya and Naruto in opposite directions.

After the onslaught, Naruto had shakily stood to his feet, his head still ringing. His clothes were torn, dirty, and still smouldering in numerous places. He opened his senses to locate Kaguya. "Where are you?"

A rift slowly opened behind Naruto. Kaguya did not give mercy a second thought as she plunged her bone sword in his back right through the heart.

Naruto coughed up a small amount of blood. "He he, just like Neji."

A puzzled look appeared on Kaguya's face. Naruto smirked and disappeared into a puff of smoke. The real one suddenly shot out of the ground, a smoke enveloped fist slamming into Kaguya's chin. He didn't waste another second. He whipped a chakra chain and wrapped it around the demon goddess. He tugged it hard to pull her toward him and pressed both palms onto her shoulders.

"Six Paths — Chibaku Tensei!"

Naruto activated one of the most powerful sealing techniques and both halves, Moon and Sun, slowly came together, like puzzle pieces. Lunar eclipse began to form on Kaguya's third eye, slowly sealing off her third eye along with her chakra.

"Again… I, the ancestor of all chakra… am defeated by these scattered chakras… Why?" Kaguya said weakly as she felt the last bit of her strength to leave her. She looked up and saw her son, Hagoromo, instead of Naruto. "Hagoromo, you... I... I hate you!" Those were her last words before her prized doujutsu and chakra sealed off completely. Her body slowly ascended into the air.

Naruto, we've to retrieve all tailed beast, so get ready, Hagoromo said. He instructed through their mental link.

Naruto followed Sage's instruction and clapped his hands together. Kaguya's body changed back into the Ten-Tails, with each tail ending with the head of one of the Tailed Beasts and the tenth ending with the rabbit head, sans Rinne-Sharingan. He concentrated more, sweat dripping off his forehead, and split the Ten-Tails' chakra into the nine tailed-beasts. Madara Uchiha, whose body Black Zetsu used to revive its mother, was also separated from Tenth Tail. He crashed to the ground, leaving behind an earthen-coloured humanoid entity with a decayed appearance and a number of spike-like protrusions on its back. It was Kaguya's Depowered form.

"Finally out! Kurama! Your Jinchuuriki is nice," Son Goku, the Four-Tailed, red coloured Monkey, said. In return, he got a smirk from the Nine-Tailed Fox.

It's time to seal away my mother forever from everyone's reach, Hagoromo said.

It was chaotic.

The earth itself was ripped open as huge masses of earth were pulled up toward the body of the husk. Everything was mercilessly crushed against it, creating an enormous earth sphere that was getting bigger and bigger with each passing moment.

The Will of Kaguya was like a shadow. Just like a shadow, it could twist and bend, as its body had no true form thus making it extremely tough to kill. This malleable physiology had helped it survive on the battlefield. I don't have a choice… I will have to wait until for my mother to be revived again, Black Zetsu thought while watching the blond brat sealing its creator's body inside a gigantic earth sphere. A long shadow fell over it, so it looked up. "Y… You! What do you want now? Haven't you done enough damage?"

"Black Zetsu," Clone of Naruto said slowly, venom dripping from his words. He rarely disliked someone, but the thing in front of him was an exception. "You are the culprit behind all this." He gazed down at the Kaguya's will with his cold eyes. "You tempted the Sage's eldest son Indra to go war with his younger brother Asura. You didn't stop there. Over centuries, you manipulated both brothers' reincarnation and their descendants for your own gain."

"So, what?"

"You used Obito... you used Madara. You used everyone as a tool of reviving Kaguya." Naruto's head was down and facing the ground, with a heavy shadow casted over his head covering his expression entirely. "Because of your action, many ninja died… my friends died in my arms."

Black Zetsu sneered. "I don't care how many human dies. I won't stop until I revive my mother once again."

"You didn't want to leave your mom, right?" Naruto stepped forward and leaned to grab the sleeve of Kaguya's severed arm.

"You're just a part of the shinobi history I've created so far. You're just a brat, you can't —"

"The shinobi history was made by the lives of many ninja and their deaths." Naruto hurled Kaguya's severed along with Black Zetsu toward the gigantic earth sphere. "A brat who can't even leave his mother side won't understand a thing about it!" he screamed, and he dispatched the last obstacle of world peace, making sure Kaguya wouldn't come from her grave ever again.

Naruto dropped heavily on the ground, and lay there panting on the soil with his eyes close. When he was finally able to get his breathing under control, he opened his eyes and looked up at the second stone prison of Kaguya he had created within her own dimension by ripping off a huge portion of the planet. The prison was now orbiting around the planet as a satellite.

"That was quite tiresome," he said to himself, panting as he sat up.

Because you don't have control over your power, Hagoromo said.

Whatever, Naruto said. He noticed the bright sun mark on his right palm and the dark crescent moon mark on his left palm. Hey, old man! I thought those marks would disappear after the sealing.

Naruto, you've established peace to the Elemental Nations but your destiny isn't over yet, the same famine voice that had warned him about Kaguya's attacks said.


A white light consumed Naruto and everything around him. He was temporarily blinded by it — it was so bright!


In the Elemental Nations, the Infinite Tsukuyomi casted by Madara and later sustained by Kaguya's power ended immediately after the sealing. Upon the technique's cancellation, the roots of the Divine Tree used to bind the victims withered, as did all remaining White Zetsu, who were also victims of it.

"So it's finally over," Tobirama said while looking up at bright full moon.

Tobirama as Tobirama Senju was the Second Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. He was a tall, fair-skinned man with white, shaggy hair, dark-coloured eyes, and three red markings on his face. He wore a blue coloured war armour emblazoned with the Senju symbol and a happuri engraved with the Leaf emblem, in the place of the more traditional forehead protector. The Second Hokage tilted his head to his right at his brother Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage of the Leaf Village. Hashirama was slightly taller than he was, and had tanned skin, dark eyes, and waist-length black hair typically styled in a centre-parted fringe that framed his face. He wore a traditional samurai red coloured armour, along with a leaf forehead protector. Being reincarnated by Edo Tensei, he also had grey sclera in place of white sclera like his brother.

"Grandfather, Granduncle!"

They turned around and saw the Fifth Hokage Tsunade Senju, along with a large army of the Allied Forces behind her. Tsunade was a light-skinned woman of average height with brown eyes and straight, blonde hair. She was dressed in grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matched her pants.

Seeing his granddaughter, Hashirama grinned, throwing his arms up in the air. "Hey, Tsunade! We won!" he shouted out in a cheerful tone. All shinobi, including his own brother and granddaughter, sweat dropped on carefree and easy-going attitude of the legendary shinobi like him.

Brother, what am I going to do with you? Tobirama shook his head.



The Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi was a dark-skinned man of below-average stature with grey spiked hair, and had a small goatee. The Snake Sannin Orochimaru was a tall shinobi. He had extremely pale skin, waist-length black hair, long face with pronounced cheekbones, and golden slited eyes. They stood not far away from the previous Hokage.

They stared at each other for a few minutes before Hiruzen broke silence. "Orochimaru," he said, "why didn't reincarnate Minato? If he had been here, a lot of things would have gone much easier."

"Sensei, it's not like I haven't tried that, because I have. It's just that I... Minato's soul wasn't in Shinigami's stomach."

"What's that meant?"

"I don't know. I tried to summon Minato multiple times before but failed every time. First I thought it was due to his soul being inside Shinigami's stomach, but now..." Orochimaru shook his head. He didn't understand why he couldn't summon the Fourth Hokage.

"Tsunade-sama, we've found them!" one leaf Jounin shouted, getting everyone's attention toward him.


"Oh, my head," Kakashi said. He sat up, one hand rubbing the sore spot on his head. He looked up and found himself surrounded by all Hokage, sans his sensei the Fourth Hokage. "Hmm, Tsunade-sama."

"Kakashi, where are your students?" Tsunade asked with authority in her voice.

"They must be here... somewhere."

"Kakashi," the Third Hokage said. "We found Sakura. Unconscious, pretty badly injured, but alive."

"And Tailed Beasts," Hashirama said as he pointed behind Kakashi.

Kakashi looked his back to see the Tailed Beasts. All of them appeared to be unconscious.

Tsunade asked again, "Where are your remaining students, Kakashi?"

Kakashi looked down. "Sasuke died as a hero," he said.

"And Naruto?" Tsunade asked, fearing the worst.

"The last time I checked he was perfectly fine."

"I can't sense his chakra," Kurama said. He got up on his feet and closed his eye to sense his container's chakra. His eyes shot open in surprise. "I-I can't find Naruto."

Suddenly, there was a puff of smoke and a small green toad with white hair styled appeared. The Toad had very thick eyebrows and a small goatee. He had a sage staff in his hand.

"Fukasaku-sama," Hiruzen said as he recognized one of the great sages of Mount Myōboku.

Fukasaku turned toward Tsunade. "Tsunade-chan," he said. "Naruto's name has vanished from our contract."

Tsunade's eyes widened in shock as she realized what he was hinting at.


Our hero's body was sailing through a dark empty space. He didn't have any bruises or scratches, but his hair was matted and dirty, clothes were dirty and torn, and didn't have shoes on his feet.

"Naruto," a soft feminine voice spoke. When she got no response from him, she slapped him hard across the face. "Naruto! Wake up!"

Naruto jolted awake and sat upright, rubbing his cheek. He stood up and glared at the person who had slapped him. "What the he — Mom?" His eyes were bugged out, and he wasn't moving. His mother Kushina Uzumaki, who had died shortly after his birth, was standing before him.

Kushina was beautiful, and looked like she did not age a day in seventeen years. In fact, she looked much younger and fit. She had a slender, but a feminine build, fair skin, fiery red hair with strands that framed both sides of her face and a black clip that parts her hair to the left, keeping it out of her eyes. She wore the outfit consisting of a high-collared, sleeveless blouse under a long, loose-fitting dress. Naruto noticed that she had white Sclera, along with her normal violet eyes, which meant she wasn't an Edo Tensei.

"Mom!" Naruto said again. He enveloped her in his arms, giving her a bone-crushing hug, which she gladly returned. After parting from the hug, he asked, "Mom, you're alive?"

Kushina asked, "Naruto, do you realise where we are?"

"Huh?" Naruto looked around him. To his surprise and shock, he found himself dark and seemingly empty space. He turned his head back toward his mother's face. "Am I dead?"

"No, you are not."

Naruto breathed a sigh in relief. "Then where are we and what is this place?"

"This place is nowhere. It is in between the Ninja world and Earth. You can call it the Dimensional Gap."

"The Dimensional Gap? How did I get here?"

"Naruto — I summoned you here to take you to your rightful place where you belong." Kushina smiled and touched his cheek. "I've waited so long for this day to come. You see, you do not belong to the Ninja world, neither do your father and me. That place isn't your home, the Earth is."


"We wanted to take you with us after your birth, but you being the child of prophecy prevented us from doing that." She smiled again. "Now the prophecy is over, so I can finally take you to your actual home and give your rightful place where you should have been." She moved ahead and kissed him lightly on his forehead. A blinding white light enveloped him. "It's not goodbye, but see you soon. And one final word of advice, though, my son: Get a book on Greek god and goddess. Trust me, you will need that information."

One second, Naruto was standing in front of his mother, and the next second, he found himself in an endless sky of blinding blue, falling and hurtling toward the ground at breakneck speed. Instead of his dirty, tattered old clothes, he was in an entirely new outfit that would perfectly fit into Earth's modern fashion: A burnt orange-black-white jacket, a black T-shirt, fingerless gloves with metal plates on the backhand, black leather pants, black Ninja pouch on left thigh, and black shoes.

"Mom! Are you trying to kill me?" he screamed.

Suddenly, everything seemed to freeze. Time itself stopped. Once again, Naruto was in the white world, in front of the Sage.

"Old man, you are still inside my mind?"

"I have decided to stay and help you with your powers until you know how to use them properly."

Hagoromo looked at the blonde-haired boy carefully and noticed his physical changes: his new golden blond hair and slightly faded his trademark whisker mark. Having Naruto's duel doujutsu off, he was able to see the most noticeable change in his physical appearance. The blond had two different-coloured eyes now. His right eye had retained its original sky-blue colour, but his left eye had turned a blood-red colour.

My mother was once a rather widely worshiped Goddess and I don't know what changed her so much to the point she was referred to as a demon. Something must have happened when she ate the chakra fruit, he thought. Naruto, you might have the exact same power like my mother. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you don't turn out like her.

"Hey, old man! Are you here?" Naruto said while waving hand over Sage's face.

"Sorry, Naruto. I was thinking about something," Hagoromo said. "Anyway, why were you screaming earlier?"

Naruto's face turned ashen white as if he had seen a ghost. "Old man! You have to help me. I'm falling from the sky!" he shouted.

"Naruto, calm down. You can fly, remember?"

"Huh?" A sudden realization hit him. "Oh, yeah." Naruto smiled and gave the old Sage a nice guy pose. "Thanks, old man. You are the best."

Naruto found himself back in mid-air, falling toward the ground again. However, this time, everything was in his control.


"Now do you see how hopeless it is? Yield, little heroes." A human-animal hybrid laughed. He had the face of a man, the body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion. A Manticore, a monster in Greek mythology.

Five demigods — two boys and three girls — and one Satyr felt helpless as they were trapped between the monster and the fully armed helicopter. Most of them knew that the chances of getting out of this situation alive were abysmal.

However, miracles happen every day all around the world.

A clear, piercing sound of a hunting Horn being blown froze the monster in his place. For a moment, no one moved. There was only the swirl of snow and wind and the chopping of the helicopter blades.

"No," the monster said. "It cannot be —"

His sentence was cut short when he was shot in the shoulder by a glowing silver arrow. He staggered backward, wailing in agony.

"Curse you!" the monster cried, unleashing his spikes, dozens of them at once, into the woods where the arrow had come from, but just as fast, silvery arrows shot back in reply. The arrows had intercepted the thorns in mid-air and sliced them in two.

The monster pulled the arrow out of his shoulder with a howl of pain. His breathing was heavy. Taking advantage of his distraction, a fourteen-year-old boy with black hair and sea-green eyes ran forward. His name was Percy Jackson, a demigod son of Poseidon. He tried to swipe at the monster with his sword, but the monster wasn't as injured as he looked. He dodged the attack and slammed his tail into the shield in Percy's hand, knocking him aside.

Then the archers came from the woods. They were dozen of girls. The youngest was close to ten years old. The oldest, about fourteen years old. They wore silvery ski parkas and jeans, and they were all equipped with bows. They advanced on the monster with determined expressions.

"The Hunters!" the demigod daughter of Athena cried. Her name was Annabeth Chase. She had curly blonde hair, stormy grey eyed like most of Athena's children had.

"Oh, wonderful," the girl standing next to Percy muttered. Her name was Thalia, a demigod daughter of Zeus. She had spiky black hair, electric blue eyes, and freckles across her nose.

The son of Poseidon was confused because he didn't know what was happening around him. He even didn't get a chance to ask his companions about it as one of the older archers stepped forward with her bow drawn. She was tall and graceful with coppery coloured skin. Unlike rest of girls, she had a silver circlet braided into the top of her long dark hair.

"Permission to kill, my lady?" she asked without taking her from the monster.

The monster wailed. "This is not fair! Direct interference! It is against the Ancient Laws."

"Not so." Another girl came forward. She also seemed to be about twelve or thirteen years old. She had auburn hair gathered back in a ponytail and strange eyes, silvery yellow like the moon. "The hunting of all wild beasts is within my sphere. And you, foul creature, are a wild beast," she said, her facial expression quite dangerous. She looked at the older girl with the circlet. "Zoe, permission granted."

The Manticore growled. "If I cannot have these alive, I shall have them dead!"

Before the monster could do something, a loud voice got everything attention.

"Hey, watch out!"

Everyone stopped what he or she were doing and looked up. They caught sight of a black object rocketing down toward them. Everyone, excluding the Manticore, instinctively took several steps back from danger. When the monster realized what was happening, it was already too late to avoid it. The object crashed down next to him. It created a small Shockwave that was enough to send the monster skidding across the ground.

The object that had crashed to the ground was none other than our hero, Naruto. He stood up from his crouched position inside the small crater he had left, and brushed off the loose dirt from his jacket. He looked around and took notice of his environment. He was on a cliff, but he could hear the waves churning and smell the cold salty froth, so he concluded he was near the sea. He sweat dropped when his eyes fell on a bunch of young girls with their arrows pointed at him. They had angry, disgust, and... curious expression on their faces. He looked behind him to see what else he had done.

"OK, what's a failed experiment of Snake-Freak doing here?" Naruto asked, mostly himself, looking at the Manticore.

The monster stood up and glared at Naruto. "You!" he cried. "I am going to kill you!" He fired his half-dozen spikes at once toward Naruto, but they only hit the ground where their target was a moment ago. "Wh—" He felt pain. He looked down to see Naruto, who'd punched him in the stomach.

"Man, you are too slow," Naruto said, smiling. Then he was gone once again and appeared on the monster's back. His extra weight made the monster stumble forward before falling face first onto the ground.

Two demigod siblings, Bianca and Nico di Angela, shared some similar physical characteristics like dark silky hair and olive skin, but they had completely different expression on their faces while they watched the fight.

"That was so cool!" ten years old Nico shouted, with beaming smile. He turned his head to look at his twelve years old sister, who had a rather surprised look on her face. "Did you see that one second he was there... and next, he was there," he explained, using his hand for pointing the places and making the gesture.

"Shut up, Nico!" Bianca scolded him before turning to other demigods. She pointed her finger at Naruto. "Do you know him?"

"Well — No," the satyr named Grover Underwood said. He had curly brown hair, brown eyes, white pimply skin. His extra nonhuman features were hidden behind fake human feet and cap.

"My lady?" Zoe asked while not taking her eyes from the fight.

The auburn haired girl said, "Wait, Zoe. I want to see what he can do." She narrowed her silvery-yellow eyes at the blond boy.

Naruto stared at the half-beaten monster, which was surprisingly still standing on his feet. His heightened sense of hearing caught the sound of snap-snap-snap. He back flipped, putting distance between himself and the monster. Tiny holes appeared in the snow where he was a second before.

Naruto looked up. What is it? He thought.

Naruto, Earth is far more technologically advanced than the Elemental Nations. That thing you are seeing is called Helicopter. It's a machine, Hagoromo explained.

How did you know that?

In my life and even after my death, I visited numerous places. Earth is one of the places in them.

Naruto let his senses roam. From inside the helicopter, he could sense a large amount of negative emotions, which were screaming, "We are the bad guys here!" So any suggestions? he asked telepathically. He moved forward, kept dodging the bullets until he came close to the helicopter.

Yes. Separate its tail from the main body.

Got it.

Several chakra chains shot out of Naruto's palm and wrapped around Helicopter's tail rotor. "Goodbye." He tugged the chains and separated the tail rotor from the helicopter's main body.

The effect was instant. The helicopter began a violent left hand descending spin toward the ocean. Then it crashed into the ocean without a trace.

That was very good advice, old man, Naruto said. He turned around to see the Orochimaru's failed experiment, with a blonde girl on his back, fall from the cliff.

"This is not the end, Huntress! You shall pay!" the monster had shouted.

Hey, old man. How did I understand what snake-freak's failed experiment said? Naruto asked.

I think your mother has done something about it, the Sage said.

You think?


Man, my mom is awesome.

Naruto, keep attention on your front. That auburn haired girl is saying something. And be respectful.

Naruto looked down at two girls. The girl with auburn hair looked perfectly calm, but he clearly sensed her irritation. The next to her was a different story. He didn't require anything to sense her emotion. The death glare she was openly giving him told him everything. "Hmm, did you say something?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Yes," the auburn haired girl said, now her face clearly showing irritation she had been hiding before. "I asked your name."

"Oh, sorry about that. My name is Naruto Uzumaki."

"I am Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Hunt."


Zoe finally had enough. "Show some respect toward Lady Artemis," she said. Her glare increased tenfold.

"Zoe, stand down. I sense no disrespect," Artemis said as she held up her right hand to stop her from doing anything reckless. "Yes, I am real Artemis."

"Well, then I suppose you can tell me," Naruto said, one hand rubbing the back of his head, "what this Greek is?"

"Huh?" Artemis, for the first time, was truly left speechless.


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