Carrina sat in her room, going through her contacts on her phone.A message popped up-2 from her older sister Vanessa and the other one from her older brother Donn.

Vanessa:I would totally lu stay with me, but I have guest over & not enough :(

Donn:Srry,my GF is staying with me

Carrina threw her phone on the , she knew her brother and sister didn't like her, neither did her because she's not all peppy and boomed outside as she looked out the window.

"They're not gonna mind if I leave, they won't even notice."She said as she slung her purple and black bookbag over her opened the window, climbed down, and looked back at the house.

"They're gonna regret not caring for me."With that she left, rain being the only company she had.

(My Other Oc's are going to be in here but I'll have stories on how they met who)

Sayonna(Say-anna) was drinking a slurrpy and was trying to count how many sit ups Zero and Shinobu were doing.


Both boys laid on there backs breathing heavily."I...hate...this...kind...of training, but it's worth 's next?"Shinobu asked as he sat was about to check through her NotePad when a droplet fell down on her another and another then it started full out raining.

"The next thing we do is run to the B-Pit, like now!"Zero,Sayonna, and Shinobu got up and ran they were running Shinobu noticed someone that was standing by a sign in the was a girl, she had long black hair that was now soaking wet, light blue eyes, pale peach skin, and a beauty mark was on her was wearing a half hoodie that was black with a white skinny line on the side of the sleeves, black shorts, and black and white high top hoodie was over her head do he couldn't see get face clear enough but her eyes were radiating off the dark rain.

"What are you doing?"He looked up, her face a bit red.'Was she crying?'He thought."...waiting."

"For the bus?"

She nodded and looked back down."You should come with me, you're going to be waiting for a long time."Carrina thought for a moment before walking behind him.

Shinobu decided to take Carrina back to his house so she could opened his door and invited her in.

"W-what?"Shinobu smiled at her and took her hand.

"It's okay, no one else is here."He guided her into the house and she squinted her eyes at the bright eyes adjusted and she saw his was pretty nice and big for only one person.


Well that's answered her question."Hey Sayoona,I thought you were at the B-Pit."

"I was but-who's she?"Carrina looked up at her and pushed some of her hair behind her ear.

" names Carrina."Sayoona smiled."Well hi! I'm Sayoona!"She went over to shake her hand which Carrina hesitated for a bit before shaking it.

"You're like super cold! Were you two out in the rain still!"Shinobu nodded.

"Yeah, we idea but she didn't seem like she wanted to run."He said as he went to get done blankets from a nodded and turned back towards Carrina, who was twiddling with her fingers.

"You're really quite, are you shy?"

"N-No just r-really cold-ACHOO!"Carrina jumped a little when she felt something wrap around her."Here this should keep you warm."

"Do you like Beyblading?"Sayoona asked as she drank her hot chocolate."Yeah,I have a ."She showed her, Mist Arachne who gleamed in the light."Oooh, cool bey! Here's mine!"She pulled out a red and tan bey."This is Earthly Falcon!"Carrina smiled a little.

"That looks cool."Shinobu was in the kitchen making something to eat for the three as he took notice of the girls talking."So you've made friends."The ravenette looked at him, confused."Friends?"