"This has got to be a fucking joke!"Kristen exclaimed as she looked through one of the many computer softwares in the Deckers Headquarters."Something wrong?"A British like voice turned around to face the gang's leader, Matt Miller.

"Yes, believe it or not, someone's broken through our system's security program." "That's not possible-unless that Kesington broke in again..."Kristen shook her head."Can't be, Kinzie had a specific code but this...whoever they are...there code is just...fucking bonkers!I can't even-"


Matt looked up on they huge monitor to see a girl's had pale-ish skin, black wavy like hair with blue streaks, and purple wore a smirk on her face, looking quite pleased."Hello Deckers, I have to say, your software is advanced...close enough to be as advanced as STAG."Kristen put her hands on her hips, a small scowl on her face."Who are you kid?"

"Skylar, Sky for short."

"Kristen,now get out of our system!" Sky's smirk lowered a bit at the demand but she shook it off.

"Now,now, Kristen don't be so Sky here had broken into our system, who knows what else she could hack into..."Matt said intrigued by the Emo looking girl on the monitor."Are you seriously suggesting that we should have her here?"Kristen asked."Sky?"

The purple eyed girl was daydreaming when she heard Miller's voice."Yes...?" "Ever thought of putting those hacking skills for better use?" Fixing her slouching posture, Skylar raised an eyebrow."You asking me, what I think you're asking me?"Matt nodded, hoping that the cybergirl would agree."Alright, sure I'll join." Matt smiled a bit deviously."Meet me and Kristen at The Park, we'll head here afterwards."

"Ta Ta, too Kristen."And with that,Sky had left from the monitor,which now showed the Deckers's Symbol."Matt..." "Don't fret Kristen, everything will be fine."Kristen shook her head, her dark blue hair waving slightly."Sure..."


"The fish has taken the bait Ivory, now what?"

"Let nature take it's coarse, we'll call with more instruction."Ivory, a saint with dark red hair in a ponytail and green eyes, said as she hung up her phone.

Ivory wasn't just any saint...

She was the leader..