I would like to apologise to everyone who got an email update and thought that I posted a new chapter. Please don't hate me!

*Ducks to avoid thrown fruit*

It was pointed out to me in a review that the format I used for the first few chapters was difficult for some people to read because of the lack of line breaks. I have now updated the first 5 chapters and prologue in order to change this.

The newest chapter is about 80% of the way done and I'm hoping that I can have it posted by New Year.

*Peeks around corner*

As of 2 hours ago I now have a tumblr under the name booksandreadingismylife if anyone wants to badger me about not updating there.

As I haven't posted a new chapter I've got a small snippet of the next chapter by way of apology:

Draco couldn't believe his father was allowing this! After his mother helped him remove his father's memories from the basin and explained to him how the pensieve worked, she touched his arm gently and told him to fetch her when he was done. He nodded eagerly and emptied the vial into the bowl. When they had all gone in, he hesitated. Was he really going to do this? Then before he could change his mind, he stuck his head in the basin and was sucked into the past.

That's all I've got without telling you explicitly what happens, sorry.

*Ducks back around the corner and runs for the laptop*

I'm working on it I promise!