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(I'm thinking)
"I'm speaking"
"Demon / summon / ghost speaking"
(Demon / summon / ghost thinking)
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This is Yaoi Male x Male

Pairing: Harem – Naruto x Kiba/Haku/Garra


Minato sat in the hospital bed recovering from the nine tails when a nurse came in with a crib holding his two twin sons. The hokage looked at the baby boy with red hair and purple eyes and he smiled. The red headed boy is his son Menma and he was the spitting image of his beloved wife Kushina who sacrificed herself to Shinigami to save him.

Minato picked up Menma and cradled the infant in his arms.

A ninja appeared "hokage-sama, if you have recover enough the council would like to see you"

Minato didn't take his eyes off his red headed son as he responded "tell the council I'll be there in a minute" the ninja nodded and left.


The hokage entered the council room and sat down with Menma in his arms.

A council member stood up "thank you for coming Hokage-sama, it's good to see that you are alright. If you are up to it, we would like to know what happened"

Minato nodded "when Kushina, Biwako and I made to the hidden birthing room Biwako induced her labor and Kushina gave birth to Menma. But right when Biwako took Menma to get checked at the hospital, a masked man killed her and took our son hostage. The masked man threw my son into the air and I managed save Menma, but Kushina was taken and the nine tails was released by the masked man. I knew sealing it was the only option so Kushina used her chakra chains to hold the fox while I used Menma -"

A random council stood "so that thing is the demon, shouldn't we kill it" every civilian council member agreed that the infant should be killed.

The hokage panicked, he looked at his son. He couldn't lose another part of Kushina. That's when he remembered the other child, Naruto, and mentally smirked. Minato flared his killer intent and effectively shutting everyone up "I'm afraid you misunderstand, Menma only contains the demon's power. I managed to split the demon fox into his power and his soul. Like I said Menma holds the power and the soul is in an orphan I was lucky enough to find"

As he expected the council started calling for the death of the child who contains the soul and he was relieved. He didn't care what happened to his blonde child because it was actually Naruto who was captured by the masked man, not Menma. He foolishly blamed Naruto for his wife's death.


6 years later

A small blonde 6 year old child known as Naruto was running as fast as he could from four drunk men. The boy could smell foul stench of alcohol on the men as they got closer. Naruto got a lucky break when the drunks tripped over themselves. that gave Naruto a chance to pull ahead and the little blonde thought he was home free, but then he felt a sharp pang in his neck and collapsed.

He couldn't move ...

The drunks were coming ...

"here you are demon" someone slurred

They found him ...

Then pain ... so much pain ...


Tsume Inuzuka looked at the little blonde boy in her clans infirmary. He was lying on a bed covered in blood soaked bandages "you'll be ok little guy" she whispered as she brushed his bangs away.

Tsume's daughter Hana came in "Mom, Sarutobi-sama is here" She nodded and the two women left the boy to his dreams.

Tsume stepped into her living room and saw Hiruzen Sarutobi standing there "thank you for coming Sarutobi-sama"

Sarutobi smiled "it's no trouble, so what happened to Naruto?"

Tsume guided the elder to the infirmary as she said "Hana and I found him surrounded by drunks. They were beating the shit out of him"

Sarutobi's eyes widened when he saw the boy's lying on the bed "he's seriously hurt, why didn't you take him the hospital?"

Tsume growled and clenched her fists in anger "we did, but those narrow minded bastards refused to treat him! so we took him here and did what we could, but we want to be sure the seal wasn't damaged, the hokage is in a meeting so we called you"

Sarutobi frowned "I see" he was so disappointed in the villagers, no ninjas had a problem with Naruto except the Uchihas who were just as hateful towards the small boy as the civilians "let me check the seal" he leaned over the boy and gently moved the sheets. The old man made a few hand signs and tapped the boy's tummy. Instead of the seal appearing on his stomach as expected something on the back of the boy's neck started glowing. It was a seal.

Sarutobi analyzed the seal and went through a series of handsigns "seal release" and he destroyed the seal.

Tsume was shocked at what the old man did "what the hell did-" she stopped talking when Sarutobi held a finger to his lips telling her to be quiet.

Sarutobi whispered "I need to speak with you Tsume in private"

The clan head raised an eyebrow and followed the retired hokage back to the living room leaving Hana with Naruto.

"are you going to tell me what's going on Sarutobi-sama?" asked an irritated clan head

Sarutobi nodded with a serious expression on his face "listen carefully, nothing I say should leave this room understand?" Tsume nodded feeling the seriousness in the elder's voice "good, when I used the technique that reveals seal formulas I didn't find a seal on Naruto except for a paralysis seal on his neck"

Tsume's eyes narrowed "so there's no seal holding the nine tails soul, then he isn't a demon vessel, but why would Minato lie?"

Sarutobi shook his head "I don't know"

"shouldn't we say something?" asked Tsume

Sarutobi thought a moment before shaking his head "no, let me investigate this first"

Tsume nodded "Sarutobi-sama, I want to ask you about something about adoptions"

The retired hokage smiled "it would be clan business and no one has the power to say otherwise"


Hours later Tsume sat at the dining table with her two children, her 6 year old son Kiba and 11 year old daughter Hana.

"Ok you two, I want to know what you think about having a new brother" said Tsume

Hana raised an eyebrow "does this have to do with that little boy in the infirmary?"

Tsume nodded "yes, his name is Naruto and I would like to adopt him"

"how old is he?" asked Kiba

Tsume smiled "6"

Kiba grinned "so I'd have someone to play with YaY!"

Tsume rolled her eyes "you can play after he's healed and not a moment before, got it?" with a very serious expression on her face. Kiba nodded quickly, his Mom can be scary when she's mad! Tsume looked at Hana who just smiled "good so looks like web have a new clan member"


Naruto opened his eyes and tried to sit up, but someone gently pushed him back down "you shouldn't move yet ... just rest for now" the blonde looked up and saw a feral looking woman with red triangle tattoos on her face "my name is Tsume Inuzuka, the clan head of the Inuzuka clan and I want to ask you something Naruto, would you like to become a member of my clan? What I mean is I would like to adopt you if it's what you want"

Naruto looked at her with hope shining in his eyes "you want to adopt me?" he asked in a horse voice.

Tsume smiled "yes i do"

"I would like that" smiled the blonde