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Broken Hearts.

Chapter 14 – Moving on.

No one's POV

"Vega are you going to eat your food or do I have to shovel it down your throat!" Barked Jade as she briefly looked up from the latest copy of Fangora magazine.

"I don't want to eat this food. Can't you bring me some coffee? Maybe a pizza? I've been eating the same stuff for more than a week. I'm dying for something else." Whined Tori, as she looked down at the tray of food in front of her.

"Look Vega, you have an ulcer which is healing and that means a special and strict diet, probably for a very long time."

"So you're my mother now!" Retorted Tori, with a frown.

This time Jade didn't bother to look up from the magazine. "Vega, Eat. You're starting to piss me off."

"As if you already weren't."

Putting down her magazine Jade walked over to Tori's bed and glared rather chillingly at the Latina. "You have two choices Vega. Do what you're supposed to and I remain you slightly crabby girlfriend or continue to act like a 5 year old and you get the pissed off and really bitchy girlfriend. You're still number one on my shit list for making yourself sick and not telling me how you feel, so don't press your luck. I already could make thing unpleasant for you before, now that I'm in love with you and am practically joined at the hip with you, I can make things really fucking unpleasant. Do you understand, my love?"

Realizing that Jade who was overzealously committed to her recovery, mean business, Tori looking just a bit intimidated, quietly nodded and went back to eating what can best be described as, vegetable mush.

Sitting back in her chair, Jade quipped. "And don't think because you're going home in 2 days, you'll get to cheat on your diet."

Tori as she ate her bland, tasteless, mush, couldn't help but reflect on the fact that Jade ever since they had committed to each other, had come every day, making absolutely sure she did everything she needed too, from going to therapy to eating, almost to the point of fanaticism. While Tori knew it was just Jade's way of showing how much she cared and was worried for her health, she was getting a to be a bit much. On top of everything else, Jade was constantly making sure the hospital staff was giving Tori the best treatment possible. Mostly by constantly, badgering them to make sure she was getting the best care, not to mention openly questioning both their competence and treatment methods.

"That's Jade for you, she'll literally love you to death." Mused Tori quietly.

While tempted to say something back, Tori decided not to risk irritating Jade further and silently finished her food.

2 days later, Tori after being in the hospital for nearly a month, was finally being released. In her hospital room, she had dressed and with her parents was ready to go.

"Do I have to go out in a wheel chair? Other than my stomach, I feel fine."

Pointing to the wheelchair parked next to the bed, Jade growled. "Sit!"

At this point, Tori's mother was quick to join in. "Yes Tori, you need to go out in the wheelchair."

Realizing that arguing was pointless, with Jade especially, Tori got in the wheelchair, grabbed her bag and said. "Ok then."

Tori felt a great sense of relief wash over her as she was rolled out her room and down the hall. However she couldn't help but notice a similar look on many of the hospital staff, especially the ones that seemed to get nervous as Jade walked past.

They got to the car without incident and soon were on their way, with Tori and Jade holding hands in the back seat. The car ride itself, was pleasant but mundane, with Tori discussing her desire to return to school and get back to her normal routine.

They arrived at the Vega home around, 3 in the afternoon, to find Trina waiting for them. She gave her sister a hug, Jade her customary glare and left Tori to go back to her room.

Once inside her room, Tori looked around for any signs that Jade had destroyed it, but saw none what so ever.

"See Vega. I cleaned it up. Just like you had it."

Nodding quietly, Tori put down her bag and sat on the bed with a weary expression.

"Something wrong?" Jade said quickly sitting down next to her.

"No. I just feel stupid about this all. How I let things get this far."

Jade thought for a moment then shook her head. "Look. I know you feel rotten and that's why the therapy, but I can't help but blame a lot of this on myself. I'm the one that didn't see Cat's problems; I'm the one that didn't see your problems."

"I thought you were at peace about it? Cat dying and all."

"As far as Cat is concerned, I don't blame her. She just wanted to lead a normal life. I just missed it all."

"So that's why you're being a major pain in the ass about me getting better."

As Tori expected, Jade quickly scowled and then quipped rather acidly. "Pain in the ass am I."

"Jade you yelled at the janitor when he forgot to change the trash in my room. Every time the nurse drew blood, you hovered over her like you were count Dracula. "

"I was just making sure she did it right." Retorted Jade rather defensively.

"And your nursing degree is from where? Oh yeah I know….the university of, you don't fucking have one."

"Keep it up you're you'll be attending the University of I no longer have a girlfriend. Besides it's not my fault."

"Not my fault what?"

Jade poked Tori in the shoulder. "Not my fault you fell in love with a moody, mean, selfish, impatient, extremely jealous, scissor obsessed, ultra-possessive woman."

Tori half smiled. "Who's that? She sounds fun. I'd really like to meet her.

"Har de har har. Just let me catch you even considering flirting with another woman or man and you'll really see me angry."

Acting surprised Tori responded, "What you mean all this time, you're actually not angry. That was half of your appeal. You all beautiful and angry…now I just kind of feel kind of ripped off"

Jade then shrugged and in a voice sounding like something out of commercial for some new constipation medicine, said. "Sorry, no money back, no returns, no exchanges for Jade's all encompassing, one of a kind, wonderful and sometimes smothering love, which remains permanent for all eternity, with the sole exception of infidelity, which can result in great bodily harm, up to quick violent and or slow painful death."

At this point, Tori narrowed her eyes and gave Jade a rather critical look. " You know threats…."

"Promises Vega, Promises…."

"OK, then promises of slow painful death are something a normal girlfriend says."

Jade smirked and kissed Tori on the cheek. "I'm not just any girlfriend. I'm Jade."

Tori let out a laugh and slipped her arm around Jade and placed it on her shoulder. "That's why I love you."

After a full minute them staying like that, Jade spoke again, sounding rather emotional. "Vega, you're everything to me. I'm sorry if I get a bit overzealous sometimes, but I can't lose you."

"You won't. Ever."

Tori's pov

It's been 2 months since I've gotten out of the hospital. Jade and I are now officially a couple. I will have to admit that being girlfriend's and friends is different and somewhat more difficult. I had this idolized version in my head how we'd be. We'd always be pleasantly bickering or just quietly holding hands or rolling passionately in the sheets.

But life is different and certain realities have surfaced. We do get on each other's nerves from time to time. We fight and have at least 1 full blown argument and sometimes we just want a bit of space. We're closer and have to deal with each other more often.

But that's a real relationship and like Cat having to confront the realities of her weak heart, we have to confront the realities of our relationship. The good and the bad. But we confront them, we don't hide them and we make every effort to confront them and talk. We can't hide away our feelings and other flaws. Both times things were hidden, both times disaster struck.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade Jade for the world and I know she feels the same. It's hard work sometimes but the reward is more than worth it.

Today is Cat's birthday and I think I'm feeling her absence just a bit more than normal. She loved birthdays, having a big Cake, funny hats and all the trimmings. Jade's feeling it too, probably more than me as she's rather quiet today.

We decided to visit her grave today. The first time I've been there since her funeral. But at my suggestion we decided to make it a happy occasion with a picnic lunch, small cake, pointy hats and a of course the singing of happy birthday.

Jade's driving and I'm holding her hand, it's a beautiful day and we've just entered the cemetery.

"You think she sees us." I mused out loud.

Jade nods quickly as she pulls over to the curb near Cat's grave. "She's watching over us. I know that."

After parking we gather our little basked of goodies and as we do almost always, take each others hands and start walking.

I can say it's not easy living with a broken heart. But my heart physically is fine so in all honesty, I can't really say I know what it's like.

But I know secrets, though sometimes kept hidden for good reason can eat away at someone. It ate away at me and did so with Cat. Life like relationships isn't perfect and we must face and deal with our problems.

Jade and I will go on with our lives together, a happy one I hope.

After a few moments of walking we reach the small pink granite tombstone that marks the grave of one Cat Valentine; dear departed friend. It will be sad moving on without her, but it's something we must do. Cat would want that, to move on, be happy and not be trapped in the past.

After gazing silently at the tombstone, Jade looks to me with a smile. "I love you Tori."

"I love you Too Jade." I say back, feeling special and wonderful just for saying it. I always do.

And I always will.

Both of us smile for a moment longer and then turn to Cat's grave and say.

"Happy Birthday Cat."

I wanted to wrap up this story and I'm sorry the last chapter is kind of short. I just wanted to give it a nice close. Hope you enjoyed it.