Hi! I know, two in one day?! *toss toss* I know, I'm awesome. So, if you didn't know, yesterday was Bonnie and Clyde the musical's third anniversary of opening night! In honor of that, I have decided to interview the dynamic duo! I've seen this done before and I'm loosely basing it on the-Mad-Majasty-of-Muchness' interview with the Wicked characters. Maggie, you've kinda been the inspiration for the last three of my fanfics, haha. Big fan, just sayin'…

Bonnie: You ever gonna interview us?

Clyde: Yeah… C'mon kiddo…

Me: COOL YOUR 1930's JETS YOU TWO. I'm getting there!

Bon: Can I go first, baby?

Clyde: *smirks* Sure, sugar…

Me: *dies because I SHIP IT SO HARD*


Full name: Bonnie Elizabeth Parker.

Age: Forever 23. (me: *sobs*)

Relationship status: Well, in one of your stories, Kat.. (me:….which one…?) The first one… (Oh, okie dokie!) You had us married.. So, I guess I'm married..

Me: *squeals and jumps up and down*

Date of birth: October 2nd, that's all I'm sayin'..

Favorite day: Whenever I'm with Clyde..

Me: Awwwww….

The most fun you've ever had: Well.. Roamin' the country with Clyde was pretty fun.. 'Cept when we got shot up.. I guess hangin' out with you, Kat..

Me: *blushes* D'awwwww, Bon…

Bon: You're kinda cool for a dork…

Me:… urm… thanks?

*Your biggest dream: I tell folks that it's bein' in the pictures.. But really, I want a kid.. Which you have made happen in two of your stories! Even though you killed off-..

Me: *puts my hand over her mouth* Shhh… Don't reveal the ending…

Bonnie: *muffled* But, Emma…

Me: *elbows her* SHH!
Bonnie: *still muffled* Okay, okay… *licks my hand*

Me: *yanks said hand away* EWWWW BON!

Favorite quote: "Dyin' ain't so bad, not if you both go together".. I wrote that…

Me: *between sobs* I… Know….

Likes: Clyde.. My momma (sometimes), Havin' sex with Clyde.. (me: o.O…) Kissin' Clyde… Makin' out with Clyde.. (Me: Bon, that's the same thing…)

Dislikes: Ted. Cops.. Blanche (sometimes), Momma (also sometimes), gettin' shot up… Fightin' with Clyde.. Except when it ends in sex… (me: which is all the time.)

Special skills: Let's see… Shootin' a gun.. Singin', writin'… (me: you forgot acting…) Ah, thank you, Kat. Yes, actin'…

DISCLAIMER: Me: Now, Bonnie, are you sure?

Bonnie: Yes.

Me: *gets all excited* I DO?!

Bonnie: No, baby… You don't own us…

Me: *pouts*

Bonnie: Awww… *puts her arms around me*

Me: *grins and hugs her back* Bonnie hugs are the best..

Ah, and a little AN: the little * thingy I put by biggest dream is from TSOB&C, which all of you who see this should read!