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Chapter 1

Sucker Punched

"Izz? Izzy, I got your text." Angela pauses for a moment to listen for signs of life "Come out, come out wherever you are." Hearing the faint sound of the shower running, she heads down the hall to the bathroom. When she pushes open the door, steam comes rolling out. Angela is fully expecting to see Izzy taking a shower – you know, like a normal person – naked, washing her hair and her body. What she actually sees, however, is not that. What she saw made her stop dead in her tracks.

"What the heck…"

Sitting in the tub in front of her, is Izzy, still in her now-soaking wet pajamas, hair up in a messy, wet bun. Her head is tipped back, the spray of the now semi hot shower hitting her chest, and she is chugging a bag of what Angela has deduced is wine (since there is a box sitting on the floor next to the tub), while tears stream down her face.

"Izzy, ummm… what are you doing, hunney?" Angela asks as she kneels down next to the tub. Izzy holds up the 'give me a minute finger' and proceeds to chug the rest of the wine, sucking on the little spigot, making sure to get every last drop. She drops the bag and turns slightly to face Angela, who gasps at the sight of her red, blotchy, mascara-streaked face. Izzy hiccups, then burps.

"Excuse we. I mean, me..." Izzy wipes her mouth and tries to swat away the wet, matted hair sticking to the side of her face.

"Izzy, do you want to explain to me why you are in the shower, fully clothed, chugging a box of wine while ugly crying?"

"Angie Baby. Have I told you lately that I love you because I doo-ooo. To this moon and back."

"I love you too, Izzy Pooh."

"Five years! Five fucking years and for what? Nothing! That's what! You know what else? Fuck the real world! And that feeling. Fuck that feeling!"

"Five years of what? And what feeling? "

"You know that feeling. It's like a drug. This high. It trickles in at first and then WAM!" She slaps her hand in the water that has pooled around her making it splash into Angela's face.

"It hits you like a tidal wave. You are so high and it feels… it feels amazing, euphrornic… but calm at the same time. You know what I'm say'n? (*hiccup*) But the high… it fades, slow at first then ZING, circling the drain, sucked into the abyss. All that's left is this burning." She starts rubbing her chest. "Cuts you deep. And the longing.. Gawd, the longing (*hiccup*) beats… beats like a heart." She leans over the side of the tub and grabs the sides of Angela's arms.

"But just like the drugs, you can't have that feeling forever. Nope. No, you can't, Angie, because it will either destroy you or kill you before forever gets a chance to breath. Moral of this little tale: Just say NO! Thank you, D.A.R.E." She lets go of Angela's arms to only grab her face.

"Hot box wine challenge. You got 48 hours."


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Oh and HOT BOX WINE CHALLENGE. You got 48 Hours!