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Harry woke up to someone pounding on his door. He glanced at his clock to see that it was time for him to get up and make breakfast. There was a dull ache in his legs and back and he wondered if he had some nightmares that he had hurt himself. It was a great way to wake up on his birthday, he just hoped it did not slow him down from his chores. His birthday. He was now of age in the wizarding world and Remus and Sirius would be picking him up tonight. He just had to make it through today with his relatives, who always made his life difficult on his birthday. And then he remembered what was even more important about his birthday. Harry quickly sat up and threw back his blanket. He was relieved to see normal legs. It must have been a dream, so livid it caused the aching he felt.

Remembering he had breakfast to make, Harry got up from his bed and quickly got dressed before heading down to the kitchen on silent feet and began making breakfast. By the time the Dursley's came into the kitchen, everything was set on table with the right food on each person's plate. He stood silently in the corner waiting to be called to either refill on coffee or juice or to take away plates. Harry walked forward when he was called and ignored the surprised gasp, figuring someone was reacting to a story in the paper. However, he could not ignore when a hand suddenly grabbed his hair painfully and pulled his head up.

"What do you think you're pulling boy!?" His uncle bellowed in his face, food spittle covering him. He was shoved to the floor and when he made to get up he was kicked down again, so he decided to stay on the floor. "Room now!"

Harry scrambled to his feet and ran for his room. He did not know what he had done to deserve this, but he knew it was not good. When he got to his room, he turned to his mirror to check for any food particles before anyone came up after him. But he was stunned at the sight in his mirror. No longer did he have any a sickly paleness to him from the starvation he endured over the summer, now he had sharp cheekbones and a soft jawline that made him look highly aristocratic with porcelain smooth skin that seemed to glow. He hair was long, really long. It went down to his hips. And sticking out were two pointy ears. Did his dream really happen? He opened his mouth to find that his canine teeth were slightly elongated.

He was broken out of his gazing when his door was suddenly kicked in and his uncle stormed into the closet-like space. Harry moved back into a corner when he saw his uncle's face distorted in hatred and anger like he never saw before. Vernon rushed forward and brought his fist down hard across Harry's face causing him to crash to the floor, where Vernon continued to kick at the fallen boy.

"Think you're better than the rest of us? Tryin' to make yourself pretty for all the little boys to see? No one wants a freak like you! And I will make sure no one will never want to even shake your hand," Vernon screamed at Harry while he continued throwing his foot at every available bit he could. Harry yelped as he was grabbed by his hair again and tossed onto his bed. When he heard the sound of a belt buckle he thought that he was just going to be whipped with the belt again. He bit his tongue hard as the first blow hit across the back of his neck, he flinched not at the pain, but at the taste of blood that flooded his mouth. Harry suffered through twenty blows of his uncle's belt, he cried out each time that the belt bit into his skin. However, he did not scream until Vernon grabbed his hair and bounced his face off the wall. He begged to whoever might be listening to him to rescue him form this torment as he lost consciousness through more beatings.


Remus and Severus were woken suddenly by sharp pains ghostly throughout their bodies. Each man groaned as they tried to decipher what the pain meant, until they heard a quiet voice inside of their minds pleading for them to find the owner of that voice. They looked at each other with wide eyes as they realized they were feeling the pain of their new mate. Remus and Severus jumped out of bed and began to hastily put clothes on.

"Sirius! Get up!" Remus called out as he finished fastening his trousers. He was panicking, what was his mate going through? Who was inflicting this pain? He started growling at the thought of someone hurting his mate. "Sirius!"

"I'll get a portkey ready in the event we need one," Remus nodded to Severus and the man quickly left the bedroom as Remus ran towards Sirius's room. His collided with that of Sirius's when the man opened his door just as Remus reached for the knob.

"What's happened?" Sirius asked worriedly.

"Its our mate, something's happening," Remus replied and ran towards the stairs to get ready to apparate to Surrey.

"Harry? Oh Gods no," Remus heard Sirius mumble behind him. They gathered in the entry way where Severus was waiting anxiously for them. Sirius placed a hand on each man's shoulder because neither had been to Harry's relatives residence before and they left with a sharp crack.

They landed outside of Number four and at first they just stared stunned as they heard screams coming from within the house and all men helped break the door down. They were met by a worried Petunia, who did not even seem surprised to see them appear.

"Quickly! Up stairs, I have no idea what Vernon's doing up there," Petunia pointed towards the stairs and none of the men questioned her and ran up the stairs going to the room where they heard the screaming. Both Severus and Remus were growling now and gritting their teeth against the pain they were feeling. Sirius blasted the door opened and pulled Vernon out into the hall to allow Severus and Remus room to take care of Harry. Without any thoughts for consequences, Sirius cast the cruciatus curse against the whale of a man. After listening to the screaming for about twenty seconds, Sirius decided he wanted to take a more physical approach to punishment. He began kicking the man, stomping on various limbs breaking bones, he pulled up on greasy hair lifting the man's head where he proceeded to punch the man in the face breaking all of the delicate bones in the face. He pulled up each hand and snapped each finger, relishing in the sharp cracks and continued screams coming from the pig. As his final act, Sirius pulled out the small knife he always carried on him and swiftly castrated him, carefully avoiding getting any blood on him. He stood outside the bedroom waiting for Severus and Remus to come out.


Remus and Severus moved into the bedroom, nervous about what they would find. The air was heavy with the smell of blood, sweat, tears, and immense fear. Automatically, Remus began growling in a soothing manner and Severus started crooning. They did not want to scare Harry any further than he already was. What they saw nearly broke their hearts. On the bed laid Harry in a small puddle of his own blood, his clothing in tatters around him face down on the small cot. Severus began to croon slightly louder as he approached their mate and stood still when he heard the whimpers. A single tear escaped his eye, hearing that whimper. It was thick with fear at feeling the new presence in the room.

"Severus, touch him with your wings. Maybe he will react better to that?" Remus asked. Severus nodded and released his pitch-black feathery wings. They rustled with the agitation that was coursing through his veins. He stretched them forward and caressed one of Harry's lightly, letting him feel the softness of feathers. He continued brushing his wing against Harry's arm trying to calm him as the whimpers grew louder. Severus pulled back when it was clear it was not working. He looked over at Remus for some help. "Sirius are you done yet?"

"Yeah, what's up?" Sirius called from the hallway, panting.

"Can you turn into Padfoot and came in here? We are having difficulties trying to calm Harry," Remus looked over to the door when he heard nails clicking against the wood floors as Padfoot slowly walked in. He began to growl at the smell of blood and at the sight if Harry. "Padfoot, stop. You'll only scare him more. Just go up and try to comfort him. He may calm down more with an animal present rather than a person."

Severus and Remus watched, strained, as Padfoot walked up to Harry and carefully placed his front paws on the side of the bed. He gave a low whine and carefully licked at Harry's arm. He looked back at Remus hearing the warning growl, all Padfoot could do in explanation was give another whine and turn towards Harry. He gave another lick and nudged Harry's arm to get a reaction. He licked at the hand that reached out to pat at his snout. Harry looked out from behind his curtain of hair through swollen eyes and tried to smile when he noticed Padfoot.

Harry whimpered again when he saw two figures looking down at him, but looked back at Padfoot when he heard the animagus give a small whine. He switched his pained gaze back up when he heard a soothing growl and crooning sound coming from the two. Something within him told Harry to trust these two even though he could not seem them through the dark room and his swollen eyes, so he fell asleep unable to stay awake through the pain anymore.

"I will meet you two back at Grimmauld. I will portkey him back," Severus said as he reached forward and crouched down by the bed and placed the blanket he used to make the portkey over Harry. He said the password and was transported back to Grimmauld.

Remus and Sirius, who had transformed back, began moving around searching for Harry's things. They didn't find much, mostly the ragged clothing in a set of drawers and were about to leave when Sirius tripped over a loose board. He lifted the board and found Harry's wand, invisibility cloak, and a photo album. Quickly gathering the items, the two moved out the room to find Petunia crying over her husband's body while their son stood not moving in a corner of the hallway. Both men sneered at the sight before moving downstairs and apparating back to Grimmauld.


When Sirius and Remus arrived at Grimmauld, they ran up the stairs to see how Harry was doing. Remus followed his mates' scents and found the room Severus placed Harry in. Harry had been cleaned up and was beginning to heal thanks to Severus, but he still had large amounts of bruising. Severus turned around hearing the two enter the room and looked at his mate.

"Can you help me? I need someone to hold him up as I give him a few potions," Remus nodded and carefully lifted Harry and slid behind so he had a better grasp of his young mate. He watched carefully as Severus fed Harry several potions.

"What are you giving him?" Sirius asked from the doorway.

"Pain potion, nutrient potion, skele-grow, general healing potions to fight any infections," replied Severus as he continued giving potions. "I have already done many healing spells and worked some salves into his skin. I have also placed him into a healing coma so that he may heal faster. I have not learned what creature he is, so I have no idea what his healing abilities are."

"His scent reminds me of the ocean. Maybe he is some type of water creature?" asked Remus, still cradling Harry in his arms.

"I'll go check the library," Sirius said before leaving the room. He did not want to leave, but Remus and Snape would help him as best as they could. Also if finding out what creature blood he is, would help Harry. His first choice was going through genealogy books, since he had creature blood it would show up along the Potter family lines. But this proved ineffective because of the many creatures that had been introduced into the family line. The next set of books was on various creatures, both light and dark, to look for a rough description that matched Harry. He had searched for nearly two hours until he found what he was looking for and knew he needed to get this to Snape right away. Sirius left the library, running up the stairs and did not bother to knock as he entered Harry's room.

"I found it! You need to place him in water. He's a merfolk," Sirius said panting. Both Severus and Remus just looked down at their mate in amazement, but they quickly recovered. Severus went into the bathroom and began filling the large bath, he spelled it to include a small amount of salt so it would be more natural for Harry. Remus walked in carrying Harry and stepped into the bath as he lowed him into the water. They stood back and watched with wide eyes as Harry transformed in front of them.

Harry was beautiful to them. The long silver tail had specks of grey and white throughout it, with its wispy fin that looked as delicate as a butterfly's wing. The scales became sparse as they traveled up the lightly muscled torso. There were scales along his arms and hands, moving up his neck. Only a small amount of the silvery scales lined Harry's cheekbones, highlighting them and making them look sharper. His hair became streaked with the same shade of silver as his tail. Remus and Severus could imagine how much his green eyes glowed from the amount of silver and white that surrounded their mate, making him look surreal.


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