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Chapter One: A Twist in the Plot.

Draco Malfoy; a proud boy with platinum blond hair, a pale face - with pointed features - looked down at the small pouch of fine powder in his hands; the powder seemed to hold it's own glow as it reflected off of the dim candlelight of the library. He had finally perfected the spell, it had taken him the bulk of his summer holidays and his first term back at Hogwarts, but he had finally done it. Now he just needed someone to test it on.

"Longbottom would never see this coming," he smirked at the thought of cornering the hopelessly useless boy. Just as the thought occurred in his head, the cowering lump that resembled Neville Longbottom was transformed into a new figure; a boy who wore round glasses over his piercingly green eyes, he had raven hair, tanned skin and a rather peculiar shaped scar adorned his forehead. "Perfect!" Draco fastened the pouch and stowed it away in his school bag, he then blew out the flame which danced on the candle's wick in a sinister way and strode out of the dark library. All he had to do now was to get Potter alone and defenceless.

'Double Potions!' Harry groaned as he examined the timetable he has still failed to memorise. 'I need that like I need a hole in my head!'

'Well you do if you want to become an Auror! Besides Slughorn seems nice.' Said Hermione in her usual chastising tone; she peered over the top of her copy of Hogwarts: A History at her ebony haired friend.

'Not every teacher is a saint, Hermione. I mean look at Snape.' Ron interjected through a mouthful of porridge.

'Snape isn't not that bad, Ronald.' Hermione reacted quickly; moving her glare from Harry to their ginger haired companion. Harry rolled his eyes and returned to his breakfast. If they were going to argue again, he didn't want to know. Harry flicked through the pages of his tattered Advanced Potion Making; interested to see what helpful tips the Half-Blood Prince had left for him.

'Don't you think you should give that book back, Harry?' Hermione gave the book the most disgusted look she could muster; it was almost as though the book had gained the ability to speak and had insulted her.

'It's not hurting anyone.' Harry commented indifferently with a shrug of his shoulders. It was Hermione's turn to roll her eyes.

'Harry, I think-'

'Leave the poor guy alone, surly he can look after himself, Hermione!' The redhead cut er off before she could tell Harry off and question the morals of the potions book anymore than she already had.

Ron and Hermione continued their pitiful bickering as they finished their breakfast and walked down to the Dungeons twenty minutes later. Hermione didn't say a word to Harry or Ron throughout the lesson, but sniffed pointedly at Harry's Potions book instead. Harry had tried to ignore her, but was finding that to do so was becoming increasingly difficult as her sniffs and tuts became louder with every alteration to the instructions that Harry used.

'I'm just saying! That book could've belonged to anyone!'

'It doesn't mean it belonged to a Death Eater!'

'I wasn't saying that! I just this he should be careful, it could possess Dark Magic!'

'Oh yeah, because Dumbledore's going to let students handle cursed objects within Hogwarts!'

'Don't you remember Tom Riddle's Diary?' Ron and Hermione's argument had gone on all day and the pair were now drawing the attention of almost every Gryffindor Student in the Common Room. Harry sat on the hearthrug, gazing into the fire whilst listening to their constant squabbling; he found himself wishing that Ron and Hermione had mute buttons to give himself some peace and quiet. Feeling as though he had had enough of their arguing for one day, Harry quietly stood up and sneaked out of the Common Room; somehow neither Ron nor Hermione noticed his disappearance.

'Finally!' he sighed to himself in a frustrated tone as he set off down the empty corridors; enjoying the silence of the corridors. He remained alone until he descended the Marble Staircase and reached the Entrance Hall.

'So Potter, thought you'd take a stroll?' Harry whirled around; whipping out his wand as he spun, to find the owner of the voice that had disturbed his pleasant walk.

'What's it to you Malfoy?' Harry spat at the blond haired Slytherin; who was casually leaning agains the wall next to the passage that lead to the dungeons.

'Unless it has escaped your notice, Potter, I happen to be a prefect and I believe you're out of bed after school hours. I'm afraid this will result in a detention.' Draco simpered mockingly, his stormy grey eyes locking menacingly with Harry's emerald ones. Harry glared at the smug, blonde haired boy. 'Maybe some points from Gryffindor are in order too.'

'You don't have the authority to take points, Malfoy. That was last year, Umbridge is gone now.' Harry turned on the spot and headed towards the Marble Staircase as Draco pointed his wand at a small object at the foot of the stairs.


'What the-?' Harry blinked in confusion as he was showered with very fine golden powder; a strange tingling sensation swooped over him and his surrounds became more and more obscured with each second. Harry was forced to close his eyes toghtly; in fear of getting the powder in his eyes.

Draco watched the fine powder glide to the floor as though it was settling snow. The Slytherin gave a smirk as he left the empty hall; satisfied with the results of his spells, with any luck Potter might not come back.

'What are you doing out of bed? Where is the other one?' Harry recognised that rasping voice. None other than the notorious Argus Filch greeted him when he reopened his eyes. The school caretaker who loathed every student the school held; only Harry could be so lucky to be caught by this old dodger.

'Other one?' Harry cocked his head to one side and cast his eyes around the Entrance Hall; where had Malfoy gone? He couldn't have ran off that fast!

'Don't play stupid with me, Potter! Where's Black?'


'Your accomplice!'

The very thought of this ludicrous situation made Harry start to laugh, 'what accomplice?'

'So you're trying to pretend you're alone to protect him?'

'I'm not protecting anyone.'

Filch ignored Harry's last comment and rose his voice to call out to this mysterious "Black". 'I know you're there! Come out now and your punishment won't be so severe!'

'Oh yeah, that's real comforting.' Harry mumbled before he could stop himself.

'I've had enough of you! We're going to Professor Dumbledore!' Filch grabbed Harry's wrist with a cold glare and proceeded to drag him up the Marble Staircase. 'This is the second time I've caught you wandering around the corridors tonight!'


'I'm taking you straight to Professor Dumbledore's office and then I'm going to look for your little friend. I'd love to know how you two are always sneaking around; maybe it would be easier to get you expelled if I found out!' Harry remained silent; trying to put the puzzle pieces together to create a picture. What had Draco done? Why was Filch acting like this? And who was this "Black"?

They finally reached the gargoyle, which guarded the entrance to Dumbledore's office.

"At least I'll can get some answers, Dumbledore might be able to tell me what's going on." Harry thought to himself with a determined nod and allowed himself to be dragged through the corridors by the wheezing caretaker.

'Sugar-Spun Quill.' Filch leered at Harry as the gargoyle moved aside and revealed a spiral moving staircase; which he proceeded to pull Harry up, with his vice like grip still clamped to Harry's. Filch knocked upon the oak door at the top of the spiral staircase.

'Enter.' The voice that Harry recognised to belong to Professor Dumbledore; the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, replied from the other side of the door.

Filch pushed the door open and shoved Harry into the circular office. The old caretaker then grinned triumphantly up at the wizened wizard. 'I found Potter lingering around in the Entrance Hall, headmaster.' Dumbledore grimaced at Harry.

'And Sirius?' Dumbledore enquired with a sombre expression. Harry looked into the electric blue eyes, giving the old man a question stare.

'Sirius?' He breathed quietly so that neither Dumbledore nor Filch could hear him; a lump formed in his throat as his memories cast him back the Department of Mysteries and his godfather's face fading away as he fell through the veiled archway.

'I haven't found him yet Headmaster. No doubt he's hiding in the Dungeons again.' Filch's voice stirred Harry from his painful memories.

'Very well, I'll deal with this.' Dumbledore announced; giving the caretaker permission to take his leave.

Filch backed out of the room, giving Harry a wicked grin as he closed the door behind himself with a snap.

'Professor -' Harry wasn't sure how to explain what had just happened between himself and Malfoy, and then Filch.

The old wizard gave Harry a stern stare over the too of his half-moon spectacles. 'James, you mustn't wander the school at night, you know how dangerous it can be.' Had Dumbledore really just called him James? Why was Filch looking for Sirius? Shouldn't he be looking for Draco?

'Professor, my name isn't James,' Harry's confused expression deepened. Dumbledore glanced at him curiously; wondering what excuse the teenager would make up today. 'My name is Harry...'

'I'm hungry, can't we just take the invisibility cloak?' Sirius slouched in the armchair before the marble fireplace in the Gryffindor Common Room poking his best friend; James Potter, with his foot to grab the other boy's attention.

'We can't, Sirius. Filch is lurking around the Dungeons and Mrs Norris is right outside the Great Hall!' The ebony haired, hazel eyed teen sighed as he examined at parchment map of the school; he watched the dot labelled "Mrs Norris" circle around the Entrance Hall as though she was cornering her prey.

'Earth to James!' Sirius moaned again at he kick his friend even harder. 'We'll be invisible! No one's going to see us, moron!'

'I swear that cat can see through the cloak.' James murmured more to himself.

'What's life without a little risk?'

'We've already been caught by Filch once tonight, usually I'd say feel free, but I don't think we should risk it tonight.'

Remus rolled his eyes at his two best friends, 'maybe if you didn't land yourself in detention again, you would actually be able go to dinner on time for once.'

'Shut it, Remus.' Sirius pulled a face at his werewolf friend.

'Or what?' Remus laughed, turning the page of the book in his lap.

'Or I'll deck you.' Sirius threatened lamely.

'Go ahead.'

'What are you reading anyway?'

'It's called a book, Sirius. I'm pretty sure that even you may have come across one in your life.'

'I gathered that!' Sirius snapped defensively. 'What book is it?'

'Hogwarts: A History.' Sirius merely stared at Remus. 'A book about the History of Hogwarts in other words.'

'Do you sleep with that book under your pillow or something?'

'What?' The boy with mousy brown hair arched an eyebrow at Sirius.

'Of course he does.' James laughed, seeing the classic argument emerging in the other two boys.

'Why would I sleep with my book under my pillow?'

'You never go anywhere without it.' The smallest of the four friend chipped in and he grinned at Remus; this boy was a plump fellow with a mop of dirty blond hair and features that resembled that of a mouse.

'You probably kiss it goodnight and tuck it in the blanket with you,' Sirius imitated kissing an invisible book in Remus' direction.

'Typical.' Remus snapped his book shut and headed for the boys dormitory without a backwards glance at his friends. Sirius snorted, sat up in his armchair to glance over James's shoulder and turn his attention to the Marauder's map.

'He's gone for a sulk... Filch has gone! Can I borrow your cloak James?'