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Archie laid beside Maxie in the bed. Or more specifically, he laid with the red collar clutched tightly in his hand, the red head's strands of hair tickling his face. It would seem like a romantic setting, were it not for the fact the red-headed man in question was turned away from him and pretending to be sleeping.

"Trying to ignore me are you?" the burlier man asked, tracing his fingers on the other's pajama covered back. Maxie shuddered to the touch and pulled the blankets tighter into him. Archie only smirked. "Gonna shed any of those layers tonight?" His tone was both teasing and seductive. Maxie's intolerance to even the slightest chill was a running joke in the base.

"If you would find a way to keep the rooms a little more heated..." the slimmer man huffed.

"It's summer, nerd boy." Archie heavily rolled his eyes and Maxie's obnoxious breath of air became louder, but after a moment he rolled over. Archie grinned cheekily at him and plucked the smaller man's glasses off his pale face. Scowling, Maxie tried to tug them back.

"We are in a cave," Maxie reminded, in the matter-of-fact tone he used where he'd be adjusting his glasses if they weren't swiped away. "It's naturally drafty, perhaps that's why half the team ended up sick-and the child as well."

Archie clicked his tongue. "I think it's because the little scamp and Shelly went on a snowy expedition rather under dressed. They were the ones that got the whole team sick." Somehow Archie and Maxie had escaped the symptoms and that was a miracle since Archie especially checked on May every few minutes.

"It's amazing how we somehow haven't contracted this yet," Maxie mused and the man at his side laughed.

"Not in your case, you practically wear a parka everywhere you go!"

"I do not wear a parka! I simply wear a few extra layers than you."


"The cold bothers me!" As soon as the words left his lips Maxie found himself practically pinned under the leader of Team Aqua and flushed when their lips unexpectedly brushed. "Warn me when you're going to do that."

"Then it wouldn't be a surprise. Our relationship would have no spark." Archie flashed his teeth at Magma's leader and a slight smile tilted at Maxie's lips as he shoved halfheartedly away from him. Any further conversation was cut off by a sickly cough at the door, and Archie turned to see Shelly standing there, still hunched over from her lack of energy.

"The kid is having trouble sleeping and seems upset." She cut off with a cough and shuddered from a sudden chill. "I don't think she wants to be alone."

Maxie's brows furrowed with a scowl of annoyance but he saw the instant spark of concern in Archie's eyes that only lit for the kids. Right away, he knew that any chance of having the evening to themselves was out the window. Nothing came before his fondness for May and Brendan. "Archie..." The warmth left his body and he was left grappling with blankets to keep the cold away as Archie hopped up from their bed and stretched. "I'm there."

Maxie sat up and pulled the comforter with him. "Why can't Shelly look after her? Shelly has strong maternal feelings for the child anyway." Easy Maxie translation: 'I want to spend time with you and I don't want the pest getting in the way.'

"Shelly is even sicker than the kid," Archie reminded Maxie as he shrugged on a pair of slippers. "I don't want to leave her alone. Come on, you remember what it was like to be sick as a kid."

"Yes, my mother left me to the housemate to look after," Maxie snipped and yelped as a blanket was tossed onto his head, Archie casting him one last smirk before he slipped from the room. "She never even wants me." He tried to sound indifferent but there was a hint of jealousy.

"Probably doesn't want your condescending version of concern!"

Archie stretched as he made his way towards the room they designated for May. They had another one for Brendan just next door but it was May that had lived with them the past few months and journeyed with them for a change of scenery. They were accustomed to her presence and Brendan's as well. Archie spent plenty of time with May, but Maxie usually held back.

Archie found the poor girl laying in bed and shivering, despite the many layers of blankets over her. Her cheeks were flushed a painful looking red and sweat matted her hair. Concern gripped him like a vice.

"You look like you got caught in a stampede," he teased as he sat on the bed and gave the girl a few fond pats on the head. He felt her forehead and shook his head. Her forehead was too warm for his comfort. "Poor little scamp."

"I feel awful," the child murmured and Archie clicked his tongue and wrung out a cold cloth in a bucket of ice water next to her bed (Shelly and Matt probably had the same one by their own).

"You look like it too," the man smirked. He adjusted the blankets and her pillow, patting the child's hand lightly. "I'll be back to check on you in the morning." A warm hand touching his own turned his head back to her.

"Wait," May croaked out. "...I don't want to be alone."

The leader of Team Aqua grimaced slightly at what she was implying but those blue pleading eyes won him over like they always did. "Alright," he relented, his concern for the girl smothering his annoyance at getting his evening interrupted. Maxie probably wouldn't feel the same way, but the nerd would just have to suck it up. It wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't sick though...

Maxie balked immediately the moment he saw Archie walk in with a sick little girl behind him, and he recoiled as if the child had a deadly disease. "No."

"Can the germaphobe tendencies for a night, we've got a bedbug," Archie told him and pulled back the sheets for May with a chuckle.

"An ill one!" Maxie griped and pulled away to the other side of the bed as May wriggled in between them. He made a face as she coughed and he tried to shield his face. "What is she doing here?"

"She didn't want to be alone."

"The girl has pokemon!"

"She needs human supervision."

Maxie gave a loud grunt of frustration and turned violently away from the two. Archie made a face at his back. He turned to May and gave her back a few fond pats, giving the girl an affectionate squeeze. He passed out in minutes, snoring obnoxiously while the kid next to him coughed.

Maxie was not by any means a sympathetic man and felt more annoyance for the ill-ridden girl at his side then compassion, but when he turned to glare at May ans saw her cheeks flushed with fever, his eyebrows furrowed in concern. After a heavy sigh he gently tucked the blankets around her shoulders. "Hopeless child..."

The man nearly jumped out of his thermal pajamas when he felt the sleeping girl unconsciously throw her arms around him, her arms warming around his middle. Maxie pried with the child's arms, trying to dislodge her, but the girl only cuddled closer. Finally, he rolled his eyes and laid there in defeat, giving the young one's hands a few light pats. Her knee drew up and with a powerful kick to his back, and with a yelp Maxie found himself on the floor in a tangled heap of blankets.

"Child!" he hissed to the sleeping girl and waved a frantic hand from the heap of blankets. "Archie! Wake up!" All Maxie received in response were loud snores and the man sighed, resigned to staying on the floor for the rest of the night.