Yo BladeofHell56 here with a brand new fic, I've seen various Harry and Fate/stay night crossovers, as well as godlike harry's, I contemplated doing one myself, but then I figured I'd prefer doing something like this.

Apostle Ancestor Master of Death Harry, Multianimagi Harry, Godlike Harry, True Magic Harry, OOC Harry

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Harry James Potter was many things, he was a martial artist, he was a battle junkie, he was an apostle ancestor, he was a genius prodigy, he was the first animagus to achieve 4 forms (Even Merlin only had three and Morgan Le Fay only had 2), he was the first person to master more than one of the five true magics, he was the the savior who defeated Voldemort with frightening ease, he was the man to create a sanctuary for almost all magical species in the wizard world, said sanctuary being an empty dimension he'd found using the Kaleidoscope and then terraformed, after taming them of course, he was an immortal, he was THE Master of Death, although his relationship with her was more along the lines of a partnership, he could take command if he was so inclined, he was the only man that could honestly claim to be in a sexual relationship with multiple aspects who've chosen to identify themselves as female (who else can say that they've literally fucked Life and Death)

And most of all he was frickin' BORED!

He sighed as he allowed himself to lean back into the warm fur of his very first familiar and partner, Bellona

"Is something wrong Harry?" A deep but feminine voice echoed through the familiar bond

"Nothing as such, just a bit bored"

The Nundu's eye cracked open and swerved to look at the being she'd acknowledged as her master so long ago, the man who'd literally gained control over death and granted her and his other familiars the gift of immortality, well the familiars that weren't already immortal, he did stop Renee from turning back into a chick every frost day though.

"That's a surprise, it seemed to me that you were always doing something, creating something, improving either yourself or someone or something else"

"Even that is no longer enough, I need something really new"

"Perhaps a trip to somewhere new is in order, ever since you became so different from all your alternates that you couldn't link with them the only thing you use the kaleidoscope for is storage, see the sights, make some new discoveries, even your other familiars have been saying you need to get out of this place for a bit, you aren't the only one who's been getting bored"

Harry shut his eyes as he contemplated her words, it didn't take long before they opened again and a smile came to his face

"You know what, I think you're right, some new scenery would probably do me some good, and I haven't been in a real fight for a long time"

He could feel her role her eyes at him

"Yeah I know, we could practically feel your anxiousness for a fight building up"

His reply was cut off as they heard a loud roar echo throughout the grassland they were resting in, recognizing it for what it was he moved from his place to allow Bellona to get up

Her 'voice' seemed to grow more feral as she rose

"It seems, Harry, that out conversation must be cut short so can deal with an arrogant upstart" She growled as she stalked off, and Harry rolled his eyes, he really didn't understand why some Nundu still tried to challenge her for leadership of the pride, if the experience and power she'd gained throughout her long, immortal life didn't tell them that it was a bad idea, then the frickin runes engraved onto her skeleton that made her stronger than her species would not be able to become naturally should

For crying out loud she was twice the size of what a Nundu should be!

Shaking his head at the stupidity of some creatures he started strolling away


In a swirl of snow a beautiful white bird appeared over his head and swooped down to land on his shoulder. He reached up to scratch under her beak and she trilled in pleasure as she snuggled up, closer to him.

"Bell tells me you girls have been getting bored, anything to add"

"Only that you can't really blame us, we're YOUR familiars, we've been along side you through all the insanity that is your life, this natural utopia for all animal life is great and all, but its too peaceful for our tastes, you've corrupted us master, take responsibility, besides Fawkes can do a well enough job leading the flock without me for a while"

"You sure about that, he was partnered to Dumbles for years after all"

He was sure that if birds could, she'd have rolled her eyes at him

"Honestly that was a good many years ago Harry, you need to stop bringing that up"

"It's all in good fun, Fawkes and I even share a few laughs about it every now and then"

"Yes, yes, so back to the previous topic, how do you plan on relieving us on our boredom exactly?'

"Activating the kaleidoscope and seeing what happens!"

"Wait wha-"

They were gone in a multicolored flash of light

Around the world sorcerers and mystics all paused whatever they were doing as they felt the largest amount of magic they'd ever felt in their lives appear out of nowhere, the surge of power vanished just as quickly as it came but some had already located the area it had appeared and had one thought running through their heads

What the hell was going on in Gotham

His feet padded softly on the ground as he arrived, eyes already shifting to take in the new sights, he was in a city, a human populated city if the feel of the energy and souls around the city were anything to go by. He paused as he sensed a presence walk up behind him and smirked as he felt the barrel of a gun against the back of his head.

"Hey kid that's a pretty exotic lookin bird you got there, you must be rollin in it eh, tellz ya what, yous gimme all the money you got on ya and you can walk away..on second thought leave the bird to, might make a pretty pen off of it" His smirk widened as he felt the buildup of power coming from his familiar.

"Renee, be a darling and take care of him for me would you?"

"Hah? What did you say bra-"

Eyes narrowed behind his mask as he observed the sight before him, a guy, some thug, obviously chose the wrong guy to mug, he was standing there confidently with a sneer on his face and his gun raised. The guy was standing, frozen inside a giant chink of ice, there was n call to the police so this wasn't the work of a hero, it seemed he hadn't even had the time to realize anything was going on, which means this happened fast, really fast, much faster than any of the ice villains he knew either, which means either one of his usual ice villains got a power up, or there was some new guy in town.

He liked neither of those possibilities

First things first, he needed to thaw this guy out and ask him some questions

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Renee means Rebirth
Bellona is a name given i reference to the goddess of warriors and battle

The names fit in my opinion

A pic of Renee, a pic of Bellona and a pic to show you the average size of a Nundu are all on my profile page