Author's Note: I got this idea from the poster Eight at the Soapcentral B&B Board. I thought it would be fun to make some more B&B themed Christmas carols, so here goes!

Away in a Mansion (Ode to B&B Holidays)

Away in a mansion
On top of a hill
The family is feasting
(except Baby Will).

See enemies smiling
And sharing their bread
And praising their neighbor
While wishing them dead.

See Pammie and Charlie
Preparing the meal.
They slave in the kitchen -
It's part of the deal.

While all of the credit
Goes to Hope alone
Where she is presiding -
A Queen on her throne.

This glorious season
Of love and good cheer
And joy and forgiveness
Is finally here!

Make peace with all mankind,
inviting them in,
to share this occasion…